Thanh Binh Restaurant (Phở)

2119 E Ball Rd, Anaheim
(714) 635-9531

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Wendee Theilemann

Delicious food, very clean, staff is great. The broth was some of the best I have had.Vegetarian options: Tofu, veggies etc..Kid-friendliness: Open restaurant, not fancy and fine for kidsParking: Lots of one level spotsWheelchair accessibility: Flat open area. Double doorsDietary restrictions: They are flexible if you have dietary restrictions.

N Njay

Their pho are in keeping with the traditio al taste but the appetizers like the bahn xeo leaves a lot to be desired

Isaac Esteban

Good pho. These are one of the pho restaurants where they guarantee your water glass is never empty. So great

Darci L.

This place is so good! Or should I say pho good? We stopped here on our way home from Disneyland, and everything we ordered was fresh and delicious. Service was excellent. My son had the beef pho, I had the Bun (#28) with pork & egg rolls. We also ordered the combo fried rice and spring rolls. I wish this place was closer to where we live.. highly recommend!

Jaimee D.

Amazing service!!! Nice lady helped me!! Thank you!! First time and it's close to Disneyland, so definitely stop by here!! Food is amazing too, authentic quality pho. I appreciate you guys ty!

Ms D R.

The pho broth was amazing! I'm very picky as I've been exposed to home cooked Vietnamese food. I prefer the oxtail to be shredded but even on the bone it was delicious. I asked for extra sausage in my fried rice combo loved! You Definitely will not be disappointed

Jack C.

This place is like the In and Out of Pho places. They don't have a big menu with tons of options. But, they do the few things they have very well. The soup has a depth of flavor expected of Pho broth. The spring rolls are made well, and nice portions. I would recommend this mom and pap place.

Leonard S.

Immaculately clean mom and pop shop. They must have just picked the basil and sprouts for the pho, they were so fresh. Tender ox tails! Tasty! Nice people! 5!

Andrew Choi

Good price, Great service and good amount of foodI would rather get better quality meat, noodles with less quantity.Egg rolls don’t come with veggies or pickled radish

Bernadette C.

Love their spring rolls! This is my favorite place to get spring rolls. Also tried the chicken curry with rice. Very flavorful. Very polite service. First time in a restaurant to sit down in ages. Definitely will be back!

Kimberly L.

It just okay in my opinion. I try their pho special and seafood noodle (hu tieu) it was meh nothing special. The broth for both was a bit salty and the meat seem like it slap on from bun thit nuong meat that you would eat for that dish not for hu tieu. The pho broth was okay. I lived near by so that why I was happy that I can go here often since it close by Instead of going to little Saigon.The service was fast and friendly. Hopefully when I try this place again that there are some good dishes for me.

Robin B.

Staff was super polite and helpful. Store front was clean and very inviting. I was greeted almost immediately when I entered, very very customer driven. I placed my order by phone and it was ready when I arrived. Overall, the noodle bowl was good. The presentation was lacking, the veggies seemed kind of old and the chicken was dry. The flavor was good though, the egg roll was yummy. I might try it again to see if this was just a rough day for them.

krishna nayak

This was my second visit and got the special #8. The broth is properly seasoned and the portion is large. Good and friendly service. I recommend this Pho anytime.

George Lemus

The best place for Pho! I stop by once a week. Family owned and friendly staff. I highly recommend!

Scott W.

Honestly one of my favorite locations to order Pho! Always fresh and always flavorful. When you are craving a great bowl of Pho, honestly look no further!

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Thanh Binh Restaurant (Phở)

2119 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 635-9531