The Blind Rabbit

440 S Anaheim Blvd #104, Anaheim

Recent Reviews

Greg F.

I've been here a couple times. The atmosphere is AMAZING. First off alll secret door entrances are a great way to start, then the interior is very appropriately lit for the mood. the bar staff has a great attitude and is amazingly skilled. The first time I went, they made me the best old fashioned I've ever had. The next was on a theme night with a friend and it was sooo fun. Great place, great mood, great people, great drinks!

Jasmine H.

Great atmosphere! The bartenders and servers are all very attentive and friendly. Normally there's a dress code - no baseball caps, no logo or printed clothing, no shorts - but at the moment there are exceptions. As there Traditions state - Please Be Patient - Great drinks come to those who wait! We love our drinks from the menu and our bartender suggested great drinks to follow. Normally reservations are required, at the moment they are first come-first serve. Stop by and support a local business!

Monica H.

The Mac and Cheese!!!! The drinks! I've only been here couple times but each time I just love it! Not a fan of big groups that come here, as it is a more intimate setting and not that big. Love the cocktails! Old fashion all the way! Reasonable pricing :) I would recommend a reservation :)

April H.

Finally was able to make it to The Blind Rabbit during Christmas time. I have been wanting to check it out for a log time and was able to go during the holiday pop up. I don't know if it is supposed to be a super secret or what but nobody that works at the other businesses seemed to know or want to tell us where the entrance was. Obviously we were able to find it and we were able to get a seat at the bar. The bar is tiny and cute. I like that it was quiet and had cool decor. The drinks were amazing and the holiday pop up had fun Christmas tiki mugs. The service and skill the bartenders put into each drink is fantastic and appreciated.

Julia E.

Great place with good cocktails. The bartenders and wait staff are awesome. Ask for a bartender's choice for your next cocktail and be pleasantly surprised... I forgot her name but one of the bartenders there is competition-level and will make you one of her personal concoctions.

Brian M.

We accidentally discovered this place. It's one of those rare finds. It's a secret speakeasy hidden within a larger indoor food mall. The food was generally excellent except one of the beef plates was getting cold. But that happens. Otherwise, the food was delicious. Be prepared for Tapas size portions. Since the place is a speakeasy, you'd expect the drinks to be good ... and they are ... some very unusual and spectacular surprises. The ambiance is what sets this place apart. Perfect for a romantic date or a few friends hanging out. You must make reservations and do NOT be late. Also, you will have 2 hours to enjoy yourselves, then you must leave ( to make way for others). It only seats 35 people. The servers and bartenders and friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place.

Crystal L.

Chill vibes all around. I love this lil gem tucked inside the packing district. Dark, small, & exclusive --speakeasy. The Blind Rabbit has delicious drinks that are well crafted and presented. Some drinks have mini shows. It's awesome watching your drink be made. My favorite is the hole in the floor. Lavender blossom is second best. These drinks are very fruity and sweet. SUGAR! You can tell the bartenders and staff know their drinks and food really well. Tried quite a few that night, which were all great, but those two I'd definitely go back for. Their menu changes so it may not be there. Foodwise, I wish the dishes were warmer. We came during last food call so that may be the reason, but who knows. The cheesecake is delicious :) Overall, super dope place for date night or catching up with a friend. Not well suited for bigger parties. Also, the service was great! Everyone was having fun including the staff. Also, don't worry your eyes will adjust to the dark hehe.

Auriana J.

I've been here a few times but only for drinks. The drinks are unique, creative and priced appropriately. Expect to spend about $50 on 2-3 drinks. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME HOW AMAZING THE FOOD IS?!? I went back on a Sunday and ended up enjoying the Duck Mac and Cheese, the Chilean Bass and NY cheesecake. My date legit had tears in his eyes after tasting the bass. We savored every buttery bite! All three were perfectly flavored and impressive. I'm a foodie by nature but also by habit so I've eaten at some places that have rave reviews, but disappointed me. This place def lives up to the hype. I have to give it a 4 1/2 star rating, unfortunately. The service via the hostess could have been better. We had a 5pm reservation and she sat us down 10 minutes late, which went into our time. Then she incorrectly approached us with the check at 6:12pm, which is a sign that our time is up. We knew that was incorrect but we kept our cool. She came back 5 minutes later and admitted to her mistake but it still left a bit of a bad taste in our mouths (unlike the food!). Other than that, I find myself craving the food, now that I've had it. Overall, the entire experience was $150 with tip. And you pay for exactly that: an experience. We will be back.

Maria V.

My bf and I had a reservation here for dinner and drinks on my birthday. We arrived at 6:30 PM and made our way to The Blind Rabbit. The Blind Rabbit is located downstairs near a hot pot place. The entrance is covered by Japanese wooden barrels and the door handle is a rabbit. :) We checked in with the hostess at the front of the entrance and were seated promptly. We shared the potato cakes as a starter and I had the Chilean sea bass, while my bf had the braised bourbon pork belly. We also had some cocktails -- Hole in the Floor, The Infinite Tsukuyomi, Islands in the Heavens, and Boulevard Flip. Everything was well executed! The potato cakes highly resembled "smashed potatoes." The skin-on potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. They were covered with cheese and a light aioli dressing. It was very tasty! The Chilean sea bass was cooked perfectly. It melted in my mouth! It was plated with a variety of vegetables, which were pretty good. The braised bourbon pork belly was a good 3-4 inch chunk. My bf sliced the pork belly into thin slivers, which made it more enjoyable. Each of the drinks were unique and mixed well. The ingredients were fresh and the cocktails were aesthetically pleasing! All in all, we had a great dining experience here. The place is a bit dim, but the hostess did offer some portable clip on reading lights upon request. Service was spot on! We will definitely come back again to try the Old Man and the Sea drink! :) We spent ~$100 for dinner and drinks which was expected.

Tom C.

Double date night with some friends and decided to check out the Blind Rabbit. This speakeasy is cozy and cute. The place is pretty dark and very small but you are given a book light with your menu so you can see what you're ordering. Our server was very friendly and And had great recommendation. Ended up ordering the lemonade cocktail and also a cocktail with berries and honey, both very delicious. My husband had the old fashion which had a very nice smooth kick. We both also ordered the burger that was average and actually when it came out it was cold. Highlight was definitely the atmosphere and drinks but would skip the food.

Jan Lockhart

Had a great experience. Definitely a unique experience, and the other shops were just as nice. Food was delicious. Drinks were extremely tasty as well.

Ada Dixon

This place is simple with character and real music. For me when I walk into a place named The Blind Rabbit with Blues music showering the street outside, I only expect a dark, run down, tavern with cheap cold beer and as good of times as you can have. This place fit that bill perfectly!

Jessica Mrno

This place is amazing! The whole experience is unique on it's own. Their drinks, I fell in LOVE with their Boulevard Flip, dont let the whole egg on a drink deter you,. This one was hands down the best drink I I have ever had in my life. All the other drinks we got were good, there's something for every palate.

Wallis L.

A really hyped speakeasy located inside of the Anaheim Packing District. Roughly 2 months after first knowing about this place, I was able to reserve for two on a Monday night. Let me tell you, it's worth the hype! Strict dress code (no logo etc.) Drinks are fair (3.5~4/5) but the bartenders were extremely helpful and would not hesitate to introduce all the drinks for you! Speaking of the drinks, they were unique. Got the cocktail with coffee (forgot the fancy name) and it was bomb!

Chantelle L.

We came to the Blind rabbit last night and Frank was our bartender! We really enjoyed our first visit we had two rounds of drinks and shared the potato appetizer and were out of there in about an hour. It wasn't too busy but it's very small they do require reservations. The cocktails he made were phenomenal they really put love and make it really worthwhile. The food did take some time to come out but Frank was very helpful in selecting drinks and with the menu he was a really great staff member there! I would come back for the Richie rich drink that was super great and my husband and my brother really enjoyed the whiskey selection that they carried.

Alvin Luna

Good date place. I like the "seediness" feel of the restaurant but with the HIGH class dining. Priced moderately and the intimate and special surrounding made my force to this place well WORTH IT. I am definitely coming back and would recommend this place to friends/family

Em H.

Definitely a speakeasy place. Love the ambiance, friendly waitress, and their piano player. Food was really, but very little choices to choose. Had their Chilean Sea bass --- phenomenal. Hummus for appetizer--- a must to try for if you want something light. Wait for it cocktail (flaming cocktail)- love how the bartender put in a show. Kind of pricey...same price as my Sea Bass $25.00. Berry Peachy Tea - in bear shaped cute and good. Definitely coming back for drinks.

Shane Schaffer

This was a fun speakeasy experience. I like that the entrance and exit were discreet in speakeasy fashion.

Micah Navarro

The Blind Rabbit is the best little "secret" speakeasy spot in Anaheim. Great for a first date, wonderful to bring friends to, great place to grab a drink and reflect. If you are fortunate enough to meet the owner or his wife (and you might not even know it because they are the most humble people my wife and I have ever met) they will let you know some of the best drinks and concoctions that they have on (and off!) the menu. The food is always prepared perfectly and when we brought friends for the first time, they were absolutely blown away. Well worth your time so make a reservation today and make some memories with a date that will last you forever!

Eileen N.

We all love secrets and exclusivity! A hidden gem, exotic drinks, drii I ed ice and flaming goblet! It is a definite yes!

Debbie M.

If you're looking for an unusual adventure in drinking, dining and service check out The Blind Rabbit. Located behind a hidden wall of Saki barrels at the ANAHEIM packing House on the lower level, this exclusive speakeasy has an incredible ambiance, reinforced by the strict dress code and behavior policies. Reservations are highly recommended if not required, as there is very limited seating, especially for parties if 5 or more. I counted 6-7 tables. Yes! Even for bar seating reservations are required. Vanessa provided a superior experience by offering cocktail suggestions or brought surprises, spot on food choices and not to be beat ... outstanding service! Plenty of Creative cocktail choices together with nice wines and spirits selection. Celebrating us girls, our night started with potato cakes and duck confit as shared appys (yummy!) and entrees included irresistible bison meatloaf, a huge burger with tater tots and delicious Chilean sea bass on top of small red potatoes. Limited menu but one that includes vegan options. We passed on dessert and at the 2 hour mark... we were politely asked to give up our table for the next round of service. We left completely satisfied through the library door. What a fun experience- one I can't wait to replicate with the hubs!!

Christine L.

Came here for the first time for drinks this past weekend and loved it! A couple things to keep in mind: -RSVP only and not at all a great spot for a big party. -Read over their guidelines before coming (Dress code/etiquette etc.) -Parking here is incredibly difficult but there is valet -We came here on a Friday night and just the packing district itself was PACKED so keep it in mind as this location is located inside. We just had drinks this time, but there's also food available here. There are so many cocktails to choose from (average price was about $15) but the one that stood out the most to me was "the lemonade". Definitely recommend to try! Overall loved the vibe of this speak easy and great cocktails!

Tyler T.

Given that Orange County doesn't have all the amazing options New York has, this is one of the top notch speakeasies you can find. I heard getting reservations was quite hard but I went with a friend and enjoyed it a ton. The place is located behind what looks like a shelf with containers, and seating is a bit limited which explains why it's so difficult to get a seat. That being said the drinks here are quite delicious and while the food is just average, I think it's only fair to rate a bar off of their drinks. My group tried a variety of drinks, including some off of their Christmas menu and they were all done really well. Well made, proper glasses and ice, which is more than you can expect at many of the other cocktail bars in OC.

Ali B.

I was pretty disappointed with my first experience at the blind rabbit. We came for the miracle pop up bar and dressed up for the "ugly sweater night" they had promoted. When we arrived for our reservation no one else was dressed up, so that was a little disappointing for starters. There were not many people in the place so we were seated right away. The booth we were at was extremely uncomfortable for starters. It was hard to sit on and hurt my back. We decided to order the drinks off the miracle menu and I had an off the menu drink. All were fantastic and why they got 3 stars and not lower. The real problem was when we ordered our food. They already have a small selection and we were with someone that had a food allergy to gluten. So there was only one thing he could really have on the menu - another bummer. Our server forgot to put one of our orders in, so 3/4 meals came out together. She said she was sorry and would rush the 4th order (a burger). I am not exaggerating when I say 40 minutes later - still no burger. At this point our friend that didn't get his food said he didn't want it anymore and he was just going to go somewhere else. Then the check took forever. I will say though between the check and the food the server did try and make it right by giving us all a free round of shots. I think the check took forever because they wanted to send us with the burger to-go. My friend took the burger home but it was still a bad experience getting it almost an hour after every one else's food. I definitely will not be back for food, but if you are going for just a drink then it is probably safe, just expect a long wait for your drinks too!

Rae A.

Make sure you make your reservations. I was able to get a table seat but I know that if you get a bar seat- you don't get to switch it out. The theme felt very woodsy and bar-like It didn't really feel like exclusive and secretive but felt like we had stepped into a cabin in the woods. It was of course, a great experience. The dim lighting and holiday drinks made it feel very special. Glad I was finally old enough to make a reservation and grab a seat.

SurReel Entertainment

My brilliant daughter took us to this wonderful and unique restaurant as a birthday surprise. She would not tell me anything about the place other than to not to dress too casual - no coat & tie, but nice. As far as my review I won't give away too much as much of the fun is in the discovery of this hidden gem! But here's what I will say: The food is delicious, well presented, fun and inventive even if the portions are on the small side. The service is top notch. The Atmosphere is outstanding if you like eclectic, dark, romantic and mysterious - all at the same time!!! One last note - There are plenty of other food and drink establishments all around for cocktails and other treats! Enjoy!

Jenny Dorman

First timer and forever fan of this super unique and fun venue. The ladies that work the bar were fabulous - thank you so much!! This is where the adults hide from the kids outside.

Shane Jones

Very cool atmosphere.

Jarrett Turpin

This place is the bomb. The coolest bar ambiance along with great service makes for a wonderful bar visit. The food was good and complimented the experience as well. Would definitely come back as much as I can. Reservation only but is not a problem as customer service makes it as easy as possible.

Hanna R.

Got a reservation for 3, for my baby sissys Birthday and was super excited to check it out upon reading many great reviews! We got here 20 minutes prior to our reservation and got super lucky with finding street parking. We had about 20 minutes before our 5pm reservation, so enjoyed checking out the plaza given this was only my 2nd time here. It took about 10-15 minutes to actually get seated, which wasn't a problem as there were several parties before us. The host will check your ID prior to going inside the "secret" door. We got seated at the bar, the lights were dimly lit and the bartender greeted us as we got seated. We were able to order our food + drinks immediately. The drinks were SO good, and the food we ordered was also delicious (Duck Mac & Cheese + Gnocchi & Steak Medium Well) The food portion was smaller than I expected, however, the flavors were sooo amazing we couldn't complain! I would go back to order these (2) dishes without a second thought. We ordered a total of (5) drinks and the bartender was kind enough to give us (3) Birthday shots in honor of the B-day girl. Each drink was packed with flavor, but also not watered down! The drinks were quite strong given the deliciousness. The drink we wrapped up the experience here was the "Wait for it" -- oh man that was quite the show! The gal making the magical drink was so cute and bubbly, she made the show that much more entertaining. The drink itself was the best mixed drink I've ever had in my life! :) So worth it, but IDK how many times I'd put the bartender through the hot The table next to us made an order shortly after seeing ours, so we got to enjoy the fireworks 2x in one night! The 2 hours went by SO fast, I can't wait to go back here. This was such a pleasant surprise in the OC area.

John Maguire

We accidentally discovered this place. It's one of those rare finds. It's a secret speakeasy hidden within a larger indoor food mall. The food was generally excellent except one of the beef plates was getting cold. But that happens. Otherwise, the food was delicious. Be prepared for Tapas size portions. Since the place is a speakeasy, you'd expect the drinks to be good ... and they are ... some very unusual and spectacular surprises.

Matt L.

An amazing speakeasy experience. Would highly recommend for a date night out. The drinks are phenomenal and smooth, tasty combinations that have both a fun and clean presentation. The food is beyond satisfying; it is incredibly satiating and exceeded my expectations. Every bite was a slow pleasure. Highly recommend the duck confit Mac and cheese, since it seems to always be on the menu. Make a reservation in advance since the place is small but would probably only hold no more than 10 parties at one time.

Vernizy L.

This is definitely one for the books of places you must check out. It's hidden inside the Anaheim packing district lower level. You have to make reservations after 5 pm to go inside 12-4 pm you are free to walk in, seat and eat. I ordered the burger (mind you it's $20) but let me tell you it was worth every dollar literally mouth watering, tasty, and just amazing. I would definitely go back again.

Stevi B.

I love checking out new speakeasies... and this is one I've had bookmarked for quite some time. Fortunately we were able to squeak in during non-reservation hours... but I will say, what a challenge to find!! Especially considering I had no idea what the Packing House was to begin with! We didn't have much time so no food items were tried (though we plan to do as such when we return in February!). I didn't go for a signature cocktail because the Austerity Chardonnay sounded just too good to pass up... and the pour was generous. My friend had the Meihana, which was a perfect balance of citrus and rum. Looking forward to checking out some of the cocktails when we return... and the mac and cheese. Intimate bar (as speakeasies are!) with great service and chill vibes. Reservations needed after 5... but walk on in Saturday/Sundays from 12-4. Be sure to check their website for dress code though.

Rhonda W.

Drink was incredible. Completely dislike all the rules they give you. Two hours ??? I am a picky eater but all I could find on the menu was tater tots and went out to eat something else. We won't be back.

Shea S.

So, I've been here a couple times now to finally be able to give a review.   Food: portions can be on the smaller side, so if you want to get your money's worth, go with THE burger or duck Mac and cheese.  Hands down the best items on the menu. Atmosphere: 1920's speakeasy atmosphere.  Low lights, candles, and smells like Christmas. A great date night place! Drinks:  Make sure you request to sit with Nikki. She is always on point with the drinks she creates for me and my guests I bring to the rabbit, has a wealth of fun facts about different cocktails and has that addictive personality that puts you in a good mood and keeps us coming back.

Jasmine L.

This is hands down one of my favorite speakeasies in the states! Not only are the craft cocktails perfectly made, but the experience is one to never forget! I'm going to section this out, because every single person here contributes to the awesome experience at The Blind Rabbit. Hostess/Entrance: The first time my boyfriend and I came to this bar, we had no idea what to expect. We found The Blind Rabbit on TripAdvisor, and had no idea how to navigate Anaheim Packing House or how to even find it! When we did, we were greeted by Becky, and oh man did she make us feel so excited about the place. We came on a weekend and naturally it was busy! She told us about the reservation policy, and gave us some history on the place. She was SO polite and nice about everything, we just couldn't help but wait and hope we get in! We had no problem with doing that because she made us excited for it and we knew it would be worth it. After some waiting and checking out the rest of the stores, we were able to get in and Becky gave us the introduction and walked us through the hidden door into the best speakeasy around. Since that first time, my boyfriend and I have been back COUNTLESS times, and I honestly can say that if it hadn't been for Becky impressing us so much from the very beginning, we probably would've not come in, and would have never discovered how amazing this place is. Thank you so much Becky. Bartenders/Mixologists: We've been back so many times since our first experience, and every single time it's still as wonderful and fun as the first time. We've gotten to meet more of the bartenders over the visits, and each one is a true master of their craft. You can clearly see these people know what they're doing, and they love doing it! Irwin, Nickel (Nikki), Vanessa, and Alisha have been a few of our absolute favorites. They are true gems in this industry! We love bringing our friends here, and these people make such an impression on everyone we bring! Setting/Decor: The entire inside is decorated with the Speakeasy vibe. From entering through a hidden door (and hidden Rabbit handle) to the piano, books, and Bookcase exit... this is such a cool experience! The checkbooks are actual books! Some of them even have stamps from years ago and it's so cool to see which one you'll get next. I've been to a few speakeasy style bars all over the US and this one is definitely a top contender. Overall, this is definitely an experience you should have. Make a reservation, talk to the bartenders, be adventurous with cocktails, and try the amazing food! And to those reviews about "racism"... GROW UP! Make a reservation like an adult and stop relying on your looks to "get you in ahead of the line". If you haven't read those yet, go have yourself a laugh at this girl who clearly has no idea what racism is and has way too much privilege on her hands. But know that absolutely none of that nonsense is true.

Ish P.

This place has the decor and vide that oozes class and sophistication. 1) On Yelp, they respond in a very timely manner. 2) go with there suggestions on drinks. The bartenders really know how to make a proper drink 3) reservations are tricky so it'll take some work. (Don't be lazy and give up)

Drew P.

Awesome to have such a cool place in my hometown. Great place to take family & friends for a fun, classy time. Love that they have a dress code. I had the Tater Tots, Hamburger and Pie-Scream Sandwich (dessert). These simple dishes were cooked to perfection and elevated to their highest status. Creative, delicious Drinks. Friendly, chill waitress. We didn't feel rushed even though they were booked solid. Me and my friends will definitely be back!

Kaili T.

For starters: CHINA, WE ADORE YOU! Our bartender China without a doubt sets the bar by which every other bartender should strive for. She was utter perfection and thus, the drinks were out of this world! She had such a great personality, made GREAT boozy recommendations and definitely knew the heck out of her menu; all while flawlessly multitasking making servers other complicated drinks, and helping out her coworkers simultaneously (!?). The drinks (and China) earn ten stars alone at this swanky secret establishment. The food on the other hand, I would give a generous four stars at best for what dishes we dabbled in. It wasn't at all bad, let me be clear. I think I just expected more 'WOW' which we didn't get during this visit. Our favorites of what we did try were the duck confit mac & cheese (easy to share...also easy not to if you're hungry enough), the potato cakes (surprisingly very tasty), and the tater tots (not as surprisingly, very addicting). The lamb lollipops (quantity: three) were ordered as well and personally I thought they were overcooked for lamb and on top of that far too tiny for the price you're paying, when in comparison the cheaper duck mac and cheese could literally pass for an entire meal. But alas, their menu does change each season and we DO look forward to visiting again to see what else they have to offer. Enter through the sake barrels, and exit through the bookcase !