Aracely's Restaurant & Market

1903 D St, Antioch
(925) 407-3113

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Sandra Perez

I can find stuff I cant anywhere.. some medicines I can't get nowhere else I get there.

Daniel Caldwell

I have been coming here since I was in highschool over 10 years ago and its still the same family. Food is spot on best green salsa prices are fair. After so many years of being in business and coming here for great food I finally had my first bad situation. When we went in they argued with us over a price of something that we had just got the day before cuz there was someone different there and they told us they would do it upon getting the food when we got home opening our burritos both of our burritos had a dead spider inside of them cooked into the food needless to say my dog got to eat our burritos that day and I will not be coming back to this location.

Imelda C.

Beef soup / caldo de res was so good my Mom was impressed, it tasted homemade! My combination fajitas were very good along with the homemade tortillas, super delicious! Definitely going back for more.

Tyler Hathor

The food is absolutely delicious!! My now go-to spot for ceviche ?????

Daj J.

The burritos are really good and they are huge long as my forearm! Small on inside if you don't like small spaces best to get you food to go

Elvira Rodriguez

Every time I buy food at aracelys I’m never disappointed their food is delicious!

Brittney L.

Even better at home too SHEEEEESSSH! Like how can you not like this place?! It's honestly the best in the Antioch area for Mexican food dude.

Frank Alvarado

I'm from Houston, and I think this is the best Mexican Food I've eaten since I've been out here, I will come back and eat here again


Food is delicious .Carefull about the fly. All over the place.

Annice F.

Everything is seasoned perfectly. Honestly the best Mexican food I've ever had. Our go to spot for sure.


They are good food. Sadly they raised their prices and all they did was post a page stating it and they have alot of stuff posted all over that not many people can notice it. The main menu still has old prices so you won’t know until you pay. Some stuff went up up to 5 dollars per item. Good luck.

Claudia C.

Haven't been here in years decided to have some lunch the other day. It does not disappoint. Very good authentic Mexican food.

Carlos Castillo

Burritos went crazy. You can compare it to the feeling of being at your 2nd tia’s party, you just got out of the bouncy house and your Tio who can actually cook some mean carne comes to the table with a pound of the juiciest asada or something. Then you throw some beans, rice and some other stuff. El Preso is playing in the background. That’s what it felt like eating these burritos. Come with your appetite though this isn’t anything to play around with

Yvonne G.

A tiny place with an amazing inventory,friendly service,fresh food and clean area to eat or take out


This place deserves 5 stars the food here is delicious any plate that you order you be satisfied.

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Aracely's Restaurant & Market

1903 D St, Antioch, CA 94509
(925) 407-3113