Big House Beans

1925 Verne Roberts Cir, Antioch
(925) 679-7687

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Felipe Gonzalez

Really good coffee. Game changer is a real game changer. Best

Angel A.

Nice coffee and nice surroundings. Employees kind of human. Owner is not a zombie. The roaster a tad hyper. The machine roasting coffee beans cooked fun to see. People living in Antioch no longer need to go to outside Antioch to buy good coffee. Those visiting antioch can serve good coffee in their own homes finally once a roaster decided cooking beans is a lot of fun and profitable if the employees smile always. And, most of the time they smile.

Jessica D.

I would come to this place anytime I would be in the Brentwood area bc honestly they have the best avocado toast around!! I even tried going to their Walnut Creek location working out there but it wasn't open bc of covid. But.....Trust me you will not be disappointed!

Lynn M.

I was in Brentwood the other day and decided to treat myself to a Big House mocha-they're SO good here! I had heard rave reviews about the avocado toast (w/egg), so I decided to try that for the first time. I am happy I did! (I usually make my own "ok" avocado toast at home, and really haven't enjoyed a few other I've tried) Big House's IS SO GOOD and the BEST I've had! If I lived closer I would be here once a week, or more, for their coffee and that toast-it's pretty fancy, and very tasty! Still trying to figure out what those yummy "crunchies" are sprinkled on top!

Jamin Evans

Just left Big House Beans and I must say that customer service is top notch. Emma spent at least 20 minutes talking to me about their beans, shop, roasting and other coffee stuff. I really appreciate her willingness to listen and share. I picked up 2lbs of Game Changer Espresso beans and will add to this review once I pull a couple shots with them.Support your local roaster!11/5 Update - Pulled my first espresso shots yesterday and the beans are spot on! I have found my new bean supplier!

Jamin E.

Pulled my first espresso shots yesterday and the beans are spot on! I have found my new bean supplier.

Novelette Witt

I am not a coffee drinker, however, I am always on the lookout for great coffee, especially when I travel, as my husband loves coffee. We were camping near the Delta so I telephone the Antioch location confirm the address and to make sure they were open; my call was sent to a voice mail so I left a message. Shortly thereafter I received a call from Emma, who was very helpful, kind and professional. We drove over to pick up the coffee and Emma was even more pleasant in person. She offer me a sample freshly brewed for my husband, who was waiting in the car, I watched her closely, it was lovely how she took the time to get the water temperature just right and slowly poured the water over the freshly grind coffee beans in tempered circulation motion as it filtered through— it was pure art… As it turns out that particular brew was a bit strong for my husband. So, I chose the Ethiopian and the Lock & Key, an Ethiopian and Guatemala(?) blend, not sure exactly. My husband LOVES it! Both of them! They presently do not have any locations in Southern California where we live, but fortunately, I can order on line…

Casey S.

I got a 12oz pack of Big House Beans at the Alameda Marketplace, unsure of what to expect. I figured "The Classic" would be a good place to start, so I went with that. Paired with a French Press, you can definitely taste the hints of Bakers Chocolate they hinted at. I'm not too sure how well this darker roast would pair with a pour over, but I did like the richness this method provided. I'll have to check them out in person if I'm ever in the area.

Nene Gunson

Great coffee! Even better people!

Mark Boddy

Not open to the public at this location

John Lafferty

Went there this morning for the first time. After telling them what type of coffee I liked, the guy told me to start with "The Game Changer" blend. Am drinking it while I'm writing this. Excellent coffee! Nice people to deal with. Will definitely go back. If you go to Costco in Antioch, it's only a block away

Jessica M.

Stopped in for a few minutes before a meeting and ordered a chamomile-lavender tea and a bran muffin. Both were excellent. The bran muffin had great texture and a subtle sweetness. The tea was so aromatic and delicious, I want to know where they source it from! The inside setup is stylish and cozy. Would definitely stop by again if in the area.


Apparently is closed on Fridays

Lou Driver


Sarah D.

This place is such a gem in the community the coffee is amazing and I really can't say enough about how great the service was I definitely plan on coming back especially for the lavender latte I do plan on buying all the coffee for my house here from now on because it is so good.

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