Chop Chop Restaurant

1115 E 18th St, Antioch
(925) 978-2885

Recent Reviews

Michael M

I have been going here for over eight years. Great local business, it’s been the same guys all these years. The food is always great and they definitely don’t skimp on the portions. Thanks for years of awesome food!

Eeryt BloodGood

The best Chinese food I've ever had in years, plates are massive and prices are awesome. Well worth it!!! ?

Tea's D.

Great dry fried ribs, and BBQ Pork Fried rice.. two of my favorite dishes. Try them thry remind me of the little place that use to be in MB Mall in Oakland back in the 90's... But good food there

Jean-Marc Coussinat

Straight ?. Everything is good here and I love that sweet and sour chicken...yeah baby!

Sean H.

Yummy yummy food! Bang for the bucks! Best Chinese food in town! They carry the good coke! Bottle!!!!

Ms J.

We tried Chop Chop because our favorite Chinese restaurant closed permanently. We were not disappointed! We were, however, unprepared because we didn't know it was cash only.

Shantell Mitchell

Love the eggrolls, housefried rice, also they combination plates. Everything fresh and good and they give you plenty for your money.

Lee Z.

For 4 years now, this is our family's favorite asian takeout! The owner is friendly and always attentive to our dietary needs & allergies. We absolutely love it!

Tony F.

Man where do I start this place was a whole in the wall but was the best place I taste in many years everything I ordered was so good I was in a food coma sheesh lol

Rebecca B.

Chop Chop is everything you could want from a hole in the wall Chinese food place. The food is very tasty, very affordable, and the portions are huge. I see a lot of reviews complaining about food leaking out of the containers and that's absolutely correct, I've never had a non-leaking experience here and it's because they pack so much food into each one that I have to wonder how they even break even because it seems like if I were to make this much food at home I'd spend the same amount or more just on the ingredients. One container of rice or noodles could probably feed a family of 4 for a few days. I love the bok Choi beef and it looks like it has about 3 or 4 whole heads of bok Choi in it which costs more than the dish itself not to mention the beef. If you are on a budget with a lot of mouths to feed and want some tasty food, this is the place to go. The guys are super friendly and easy going and we've never had a single bad experience here.

Hub Hubner

Been going here for the last 10 years plus.. And we'll go here for as long as hes there hes a hes a very good guy makes great food and gives you so much food you think what is going on.. I can't explain to you how much he piles the food on thick the flavors delicious everything about This Chinese spot is the best in Antioch and surrounding cities for sure.. It is a must try the dry fried ribs Or the meal on the erase board the green onions and and beef And the general sow chicken is the best

Lizz E.

First timer We ordered takeout and the food was super good! They really pack the meal so it was definitely worth what we paid. We got spicy fried rice and other sides! And they were quick too.

Gregory G.

Been coming here since 2005! Hole in the wall! Carry out always, not a place to dine in, because it's small place. The food is amazing, it never disappoints, and HUGE portions! They pack your dish full of potions.! I usually get beef chow mien, honey walnut shrimp and orange chicken and I usually have left overs for seconds and sometimes even 3rds! They take cards and cash! Been supporting this owner for the longest same Two dudes in the back since 2005! If that doesn't show you longevity idk what will!! Enjoy!

Raf A.

Best Chinese in Antioch ever - hole in the wall, been supporting the owner for a minute. chow fun and Mongolian beef is legit.

Maria Ana Fernandez

Some people are complaining about their fried rice but for me its one of my favorite (beef). The smoky flavor gives me the nostalgic vibe plus its loaded with beef. They give big portion so I think the price hike is still worth it.

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