Da Nang Tourane Vietnamese Restaurant

4393 Hillcrest Ave, Antioch
(925) 206-4412

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Gasul Aseoche

5 stars for the food, it so delicious it's our first time and it's good we found this place and it's only 5 minutes drive from my house... but our server forgets a lot of things (soup spoon, smoothies, bread... etc) I'm the one who gets exhausted for him???Food: 5/5

Mark Pangilinan

they have a nice selection of traditional & vegetarian selections. Their spring rolls are fantastic!!

Kurtis Beatham

Staff here are great very friendly very comfortable and clean the food very reasonably priced very good food this is my 2st time here

Robert L. Frick

I have eaten 7 Vietnamese sandwiches in the last two weeks. I get pork with extra meat and they are soo... Good

Brittany G.

Seriously love this place. Never disappoints. Consistently really good pho. Spring rolls are very good too!

David A.

I have been eating here since the first week they opened. They have the best pho in the area and are always professional in service and cleanliness. I miss seeing the original two owners but they have trained their staff week and deserve to enjoy the benefits from afar.

Dwuna E.

They have some of the best Pho in the area. We discovered the restaurant when our daughter couldn't stop talking about a sandwich she had from Da Nang. So we tried their Bahn Mi. It was yummy! We have been back many times and we have never been disappointed.

Veronica Lin

The food here was amazing!! I got the vegetarian lemongrass tofu noodle bowl and it was filled with perfect flavor, textures at a generous portion size. We also got Thai tea and it was on point!

Whitney Spence

Always our favorite place to eat! Since moving to Austin, TX we have yet to find a better Vietnamese restaurant. The first thing we do when we first the bay area is go right to Da Nang! We are actually moving back soon and we will be sure our first stop is Da Nang!

Linda H.

Service is really fast I eat there all the time I love it Love all of yall muah!!!!!!

Nia C.

very helpful i definitely recommend this place. nice staff and customer service. food is also very tasty. 10/10

Princess B.

I always come here for pho and I absolutely love it. When I dine in, I like to order a side of fried tofu. This time I was really disappointed. I ordered my normal pho yet the waiter added the tofu in the pho. When I let them know it was incorrect, they pulled out the wet tofu and put it on a separate plate maybe thinking I wouldn't notice or be able to tell the difference. Another waiter had the nerve to say that's how they cooked the tofu which was a lie because I've ordered this a number of times previously. When I told them it was okay and to just remove it, they tried to give it back to me.. same exact pieces refried. Really disappointing as I've always been a huge fan of this place.

Heidi V.

I usually come here for the pho never disappoints. Today I got Pad Thai decided to take a chance. Honestly the worst decision ever. I should've stuck to what I know. I'm sorry but How do you guys call this Pad Thai? I paid almost $17 for A literal mushy mess of noodles with vegetables. No flavor, no peanut toppings, no sauce just bad all over. DaNang do better... at this point don't even offer Pad Thai if it's going to be made this way. Customers get your Pad Thai fix elsewhere...

Allie Kat

Fresh spring roll with pork and shrimp:3 small roll for $11 *SteepLettuce shredded falls out.Pork must be last night's left overs because it's hella hard and chunky not the normal thin sliced.Sauce ok,but added chili oil to spice it up.Flavor bland no cilantro or thai basil.Shrimp was moist.

Chantel E.

Went here for the first time for a quick bite. I called the order in and it wasn't a wait at all my food was ready as I walked in. The dine in service although they were busy looked pretty good they had plenty of seating if you want dine in. The food, I love shrimp wraps with peanut sauce, although they call them salad wraps they were delicious I will definitely order again. The emperial rolls on the other hand I could pass they were a little greasy and mushy for my taste.

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Da Nang Tourane Vietnamese Restaurant

4393 Hillcrest Ave, Antioch, CA 94531
(925) 206-4412