Delta Dispensary

2101 W 10th St suite j, Antioch
(925) 303-2072

Recent Reviews

Royal B.

I appreciate the deals everyday of the week, the early morning happy hour right when they open. Great brands of flower for the best prices. Definitely in my top 3.

kalle w

Love the rotating promos/deals they do here. If you keep an eye out for the right days, you can save so much and get a lot of free extras. Hector is particularly helpful, he’s made amazing recommendations and improved our experience with his great service. Good selection, good prices, great staff

Vince Maccario

Was my place to go, now they want to be rude and act like customer service doesn't exist. Maybe explain to people how your POS is tricky and make sure to read, I stead people constantly make mistakes and get overcharged. Then get mad at the customer first being frustrated. No apology just attitude.

mansa shaka

Fine place with an eccentric yet rewarding interior that demonstrates the product. A huge inventory on a great many things for everybody’s unique needs or desires.Plenty of discounts and offers. I especially like the discount for veterans and the satisfaction of knowing the taxes garnered will help better Antioch in the long run. To that end I would recommend visiting this place to see if it can satisfy you as much as it seemingly has for many others.

Kathy Wollert

I just love Delta Dispensary because they have a wide selection and reasonable prices. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. You can't go wrong with Delta.

Jay West_42

I was a long time and frequent customer here, only to be treated like my business doesn't matter to them! I've had numerous issues with this places from being overcharged, bad attitudes, and having to bring my carts back to this place(leakage) more than any other dispensary! Never being compensated for having to bring back their product SEVERAL times! But today takes the cake! After looking around and finding the two carts I wanted, I get up to the counter only to be told they won't sell me one of the carts because "it's the last in our inventory"?! Even though I've bought the last cart here before SEVERAL TIMES, but now they have a "new policy" against selling the last product?! Just know that this is common with this place ALWAYS changing policies without any notification to customers! So just know, what might be okay one day at this place, might not be tomorrow or the next week! Since when does a BUSINESS not sell you something because it's the last one?! Especially being that I am a long time customer! So understand your repeat business is not values at this place! Not only have they lost my business but also my wife's and mother's as well and any one that will listen! Go to Lemonade or Coco Farms you will be treated better and less issues!


Lily, Jordan, jerika, Brett & terry are the best budtenders here. Always hook me up and show love!! Good atmosphere and positive vibes here. Appreciate you guys always treating me like family

Lori Dent

Love this place. Always professional. Staff seem to enjoy working here. As a consumer its really nice to see a company that seems to respect their employees! Refreshing. Keep them happy guys. Theyre great and well worth it.

johnathan ball

It’s a cool place to get weed. The delivery service is good they show up on time. Deltas never too crowded so one can get in and out fast. There website can use some improvements and I don’t like how it’s like low quality weed for normal price or higher quality weed for over price there’s no middle ground and they are limited on products and security is too restrictive.


I always drop in here for online pickup, always have an awesome, fast experience. The staff are polite & usually willing to help out or provide input if you’re looking for information or maybe specifics. The displays that they have here are really well done, its almost fun to go walk & look at how they have everything assorted & set up. Up until a little while ago they actually had Drive-thru around the back of the building which Im hoping returns because that was absolutely flawless the way they were doing it as well!

Aaron Garcia

So I have been here a few times now, probs wont be going back. The staff is friendly enough, and decent selection, but there are no real benefits to choosing this dispensary. I spent almost $300 bucks here today, on my birthday, and didn't even receive any type of discount or gift or sample or any type of freebie, nothing whatsoever. In fact, I felt it was pretty expensive for what we got. With no rewards or loyalty program for their clients, I don't see any much reason to return here. The other dispensaries in the area offer much more benefits including a couple of the delivery services, don't expect anything here except to pay full price.

Tam G

You will spend on average $100 more per Oz the you would going anywhere else after I got 8 eights at 32 a pop and 2 packs of Nanos at 21 a pop my total was $356 on the buy 2 get the 3rd 50% off.8 @$40 is 320 if tax is actually included.When I called to confirm the guy on the phone was In awe that I even got one of the discounts he thought I got like I was the one getting over on him.

Jeff Howard

Awesome place to shop. Bud tinder’s are super friendly and always helpful.

Tiffany Barnes

Bradley is a liar and 100% should not be in management. Reiterated by multiple reviews. I've been a loyal customer since the beginning. We had our order cancelled on us because the driver hit traffic. When called in to find out why we were lied to about the driver calling and getting no answer. Lies. I know for fact 100% that they lied several times. If that's how management is allowed to deal with customers, then no. Strongly feel if the owners do not fire him, they will continue to lose business. It's truly sad cuz the owners are nice people. They need to pay attention to customers, reviews and not the word of a lying p o s. But hey. We will be sure to tell everyone to go elsewhere.

Aaron H.

Garbage customer service and management. That is 100% a reflection of ownership unfortunately. These people will deliver already smoked dabs, and thats if you deliver driver doesn't cancel due to traffic. Try to address concern, and employees will lie. Then, management will perpetuate said lies, and make you out to be the problem, for knowing you've been lied to, and treated with pure condescension. Then, if you have someone else call to ask more calmly, why they lied, they lie. They slander. This is 100% not a professional establishment. I had high hopes when they opened, and the owners actually acted concerned for customer base. Now, we will be telling everyone to go elsewhere. And the nerve of management to act in such ways. Apparently, the employees are superior to clients in every fashion. Garbage. 1 minute away is a cheaper place anyway, and they deliver all day. I wanted to give my business here, but not anymore. At 1 point, the management bradley, even mentioned that he had his products, and laughed at me while mentioning how they denied me of mine. This place needs new employees that understand their position. Period. Garbage

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