Hazel's Drive In

1820 W 10th St, Antioch
(925) 757-4772

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Erik H

My first time back after they reopened. The Linguiça sandwich is delicious and huge with pretty good fries, enough to send me into a food coma!Prior to today, I hadn't been there for a couple of decades, back when there were waitresses that called everyone Hun.The selection is greater now with more variety but, same fast service and filling burgers done right!The Willy Burger is the 1 lb. Texas size burger with fries that would feed someone for several meals...Not sure if they have a contest for those that can wipe the plate clean?

GT Kid

Burger patty was pink not well cooked been coming here for 3 yrs this the first time I had seen not a cooked patty very bad made me throw up

Karen B

I can't believe I haven't tried this place sooner! Highly recommend and you definitely have to go for the Willie Burger!!


The cheeseburger I had was delicious. Would have appreciated a sign on the entrance door stating take out only. Sign on window is easily over looked.

Michael O'Donnell

Great burger stand. Like the Western Bacon. Onion rings are awesome. Only the fries are a little weak. Didn't have room for as milk shake, but they looked great too.

Mickey D.

My kids and I found the is Resturaunt when I was pregnant in 2018 and fell in love with their food! Customer service prices and food were always great! We moved after I gave birth and when we come to do our monthly shopping in Pittsburg we try to stop and grab a burger and no matter how much time has gone by the food and service are always great! If anyone has a bad thing to say about this place they must just be having a bad day because it's literally nothing wrong with Hazels. I love a Hazel burger plain with only grilled onions and their delicious ranch! Give it a shot you won't regret :)

Linda S.

Fantastic burger and fries. Very juicy and delicious. Service is excellent and the food came promptly. Will definitely come back again.

ed ezra

Went and had a willy burger,my old favorite! my gal and buddy got one also,enough burger for a couple of meals.Awesome as always,Thank you Sam and staff.New owners taking over soon but leaving the menu as is...I'll be back,have a great retirement Sam!!

Lorrie H.

I just love that one of the places i remember from my childhood is still standing. Their burgers are the best and always have been!

Jevon Montague Calisette

Finished a hike and went to Hazel's for a Willie Burger (XL cheeseburger) and the Fran Fries (Jalapeno Cheesesteak fries) - biggest burger and BEST Cheese fries by far (seriously, each fry was covered in cheese sauce). Great malted shakes and amazing prices (all this for less than $20).Good ole fashioned burger stop with other sandwiches and fried goodies. Definitely recommend if you're in or nearby Antioch.

Taylor B.

Good food, especially if you grew up eating old school its a great feel for older times. Cute, small scenery too!


Yummalicious! Hazel's is a consistently good burger joint. As of March 2022, they have still not opened up to inside seating. But, the quality of their food is still top notch. Yumm-a-rino!

Tommyboy B.

Just not very good is the short read, though you do get a lot of flavorless meat for your money. So, if you want quantity and not quality then this would be your Antioch burger spot, as the amount of meat provided for the money is quite good. And quantity is the only reason for the second star, added solely for those eaters where That is the most important thing. Note that they do not allow dining inside the restaurant, but you can eat at the outside picnic tables, your car, or elsewhere. Also an interesting concept on the combo burger meals, as there are No combo savings and separate menu items cost just exactly the same as ordering the same items separately.....just very weird. The several reviewers who said that the food tastes like they don't season it are apparently correct as the taste of my double cheeseburger reflected that bland fact. The burger was also a messy, slopped-together mess in terms of its construction and additional contents, apparently made by someone who had no concept of how to do it. As to the crinkle-cut fries, they had a decent external texture, but an unpleasantly kind-of mushy internal texture, and, not surprisingly, they too were not salted after they were fried so that the salt packets provided are not of much use as it does not effectively adhere to the fries after they leave the kitchen. Maybe they made better burgers and fries here at one time, but not at the present time. I heard them say that the owner is trying to sell the place, so, with any luck, maybe the next owner will show some skill in food preparation.

Peter O.

Finally came to see what all the hype was about...turns out the food here is not anything special. The deluxe cheese burger was large but had no flavor. The fries were crinkle fries...enough said...why does any place even serve frickin crinkle fries...they suuuck. I'm giving 3 stars because the dude at the front counter was friendly. They are not allowing any dining inside which you can see by the chairs on top of the tables and the blank walls are not really inviting either. I wish I just went for In N Out instead.

Elisa F.

Heard about this place on a community app and decided to try it out with my husband. We love a good burger and this one was great! Burger is pretty big and lots of fries. It can easily be saved for dinner later. Price is good and the workers were very nice. Glad we came here and will be going back for sure.

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