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5019 Lone Tree Wy Suite 1A, Antioch
(925) 978-9398

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craig weinberger

This was the first time eating here. The food was perfectly made. The presentation was great for just being a burger place. The staff was friendly and helpful. We will be coming back to try different things out.Food: 5/5

Leroy Barlow

Best burgers in town, what can I say. My favorite is the Black& Blue burger added with roasted mushrooms and topped with roasted, diced poblano pepper. They have beer on tap as well.

Cameron Brown

Good but they keep getting my order wrong recently. One time they gave me my to-go order and forgot to include 2 burgers with it. Got home and called and had to drive back to get the missing burgers. Also be warned that their online menu sometimes has different prices than in the restaurantFood: 4/5

Tatiana W.

Initial turn off! Called to order for the very first time, they gave me my order total and it was outrageous. Proceeding to go through each item and it's price as I was looking at it on the website and they told me it wasn't updated and all the prices I was looking at were wrong and things were much more expensive as every single thing had it's own separate price. Man , we are in a recession! Lower them damn prices! $18 bucks for a damn regular burger! Get out of here

Sporrt S.

It's has been Always a Good each and every time I go there ! Keep up the Good Work and I plus others that I have shared the good news with will continue to come Back

Caroline.r. Castano

First time going. Staff very friendly.I ordered the Candy Bacon Burger and it was out of this world. ExcellentIt's definitely a mostFood: 5/5

Sam I.

Did not have a burger here yet. Will definitely be back for it Overall 4.5/5 Prices: 5/5 My order: Philly cheese steak 5/5 Ooey gooey cheese and perfectly cooked meat just the way I had been craving it for the last several days. I'm glad i ended up at HD burger to satisfy the craving My dtr's order: caprese chicken panini 4.5/5 and chili cheese fries 4.25/5 The house sauce on panini is awesome. Chicken was juicy. This would be 5/5 except menu doesn't state it has tomatoes which my dtr didn't want but I personally liked it better with the tomatoes. And I told her so, because I am a Dad, and this was an opportunity I couldn't pass. Lol Chili cheese fries were good and I really liked the fresh garnish. Chili has beans and meat just the way like it My family and I have been talking of trying HD Burger since it opened. Five years later, finally tried it. I am totally embarrassed I didn't try it sooner. Shame on me! Prices to portions ratio is better than other comparable places at first visit so that is a big factor in my rating. Hoping my next visit and trying the burgers will push this to definitive 5/5. Please try this place at least once if you haven't gone yet. It's a family owned business that I will definitely return to. No pictures this visit because we ate it at home and forgot to take pictures. Next time

Charles R.

My wife and I eat here once and awhile We enjoy their food. Some of their choices on the menu you can't get at a regular hamburger place.


Got a classic burger and added bacon, avocado and pepper jack cheese. One word for this.... SMACKIN! Defiinitely going back

Dre TrunkSlump Drizzah

Their burgers are good, the cheesesteaks need some work lol... Overall great place to eat.

Kirk K.

Very great tasting burgers. Not your normal burger. Will be back to try a different burger. Very friendly staff.

Jay Mousavi

Great burgers and Salad . I highly recommend the Falafel salad.

C A.

We have become obsessed with their Cobb salads. Maybe because of all the BACON and the freshly grilled chicken. They grill the chicken before it gets put on the salad so it's nice and warm :) what I really appreciate is - because I'm also addicted to their fries - is that even though I just pick up my order, they drop the fries when I get there and they're crispy and hot!

Denise N.

Had a quick mid-day date with my hubby to celebrate his birthday. This restaurant was recommended to us because their burgers are good. The customer service was excellent, when we walked in we were greeted and handed a menu. You seat yourself and when you're ready to order you go to the cashier and give your order. They will serve your food at your table and I must say I was definitely surprised! These are gourmet burgers, good quality meat, bacon and the home made aioli sauce was amazing! Definitely worth every penny! Come with a big appetite! We went in the middle of the day on a Monday so service was very quick and the food was made in a timely manner. I'm definitely going back!

Jasmine G.

I just left this place and honestly can't wait to go back to try out there salads burger was amazing so happy I found a good lil spot to bring the family when they come to visit from San Jose if you are craving a hamburger or even a salad I want to say this is the place to go!

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