La Sierra Taqueria

901 H St, Antioch
(925) 755-8151

Recent Reviews


I bought Dorito nachos there, They gave me broken up chips from the bottom of the bag, a small amount of,chips, no gloves no mask, the cashier was very rude when I asked for my money back, I even tipped her.I will Never go there again

Angela Crabtree

My son told me about this place. Not bad at all. I just might go back soon.

Sandra Perez

Super asada burrito ? and tacos is what I go for and I'm never disappointed


i just spent 7 bucks on bean and cheese burrito. It was half rolled, and most of the contents exploded out. It was (by the standard of most mexican restaurants) a tiny burrito. Infact, for $5 you can go to california burrito and get a bean and cheese twice that size.

Serg Soto

Great food I’ve been eating at this place since they were on 10th st in Pittsburg ca asada burrito with everything is the best burrito in coco county my opinion

Stephanie Dagostino

I love this place.Really good food.Gotta try

Juliette G.

Everything that I've had air is very good. The way they prepare the different types of meat is exceptional and makes for a good Taqueria food ok

Mick Taylor

Just a little dive but good food and reasonable prices.

Dashia S.

I've always like this place. The food is always good and seasoned well. The burrito could use bigger pieces of meat but it's good and the quesaberrias were so damn good I will most definitely return to have them.

Austin Farr

Excellent Mexican food. Everything is good. I live a block away and eat here at least once a week.

Eric V.

I can vouch for the Doritos Nachos Quesabirria & Consome Chicken Quesadilla Super Chicken Burrito

Aroyia Hill

The best

David Winn III

Great ceviche!!!! Wet burritos a delicious as well! Great service.

Marcus A.

Literally the best carne asada quesadilla IN THE WHOLE BAY. All facts no cap. I've been to all the best spots no one will beat their quesadilla. I drive 25 min home and the quesadilla is still hot steamy and melty even after all that time. Perfect amount and type of cheese. Carne asada is flavorful af. The doritos nachos smack too.

Monica Jones-Ellis

Super nachos with shrimp really hit the spot.

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