Las 3 Marias

2734 W Tregallas Rd, Antioch
(925) 706-8860

Recent Reviews

Millie M.

Love their food. Enchilada , Fish Tacos.. and nice friendly service whether it's to go take out or dine in . Thank you to all staff at Las 3 Maria's :)

Wes L.

Amazing as always always feel like family here. Great atmosphere and food. Definitely a weekly outing

Jason G.

Nope never again good customer service tho but the burrito was not great gotta try new spots but this one wasn't good to me.


I specifically asked for a shredded chicken burrito with sour cream, rice beans onions and cilantro and this is what was provided. And the excuse is that the guy is new. How do you miss the entire order when I gave you exactly what I told u. HORRIBLE PLACE HORRIBLE BUSINESS !!!!!! The d*** lady taking the order just didn’t care for that we were upset. She is super unprofessional and I really recommend you go elsewhere for your Mexican food needs!!!!

Susan Tse

The BEST restaurant in Antioch, IMO. Great ambience, fabulous staff, and delicious food! If you go, I highly recommend buying the flour tortilla chips (they are freshly fried!) and the bean dip to go along with the free corn chips and salsa.Kid-friendliness: If you need to occupy the kids, play I Spy with them. You'll never run out of things to find!Parking: Parking lot is quite large. Never a concern.

Alyson Boyd

Love Las 3 Marias. I have been going the past 18 years. Food is fantastic!

Lashaun Johnson

My go-to place for Mexican food. Everything is good.

Michele S.

The food is OK to me, bur know many others who rave about it. Try it for yourself once and see what you think is all I can say.

Cambria N.

If ordering-- you must try the soft carne asada tacos with a side of shredded cheese ! Delicious!

Krystel H.

I hate to leave a bad review because the service was quite wonderful, however I don't know what people were referring to when they said the food is good. As a SF native I grew up eating some of the best authentic Mexican food. This food was lack luster to say the least. I ordered the shrimp and steak fajitas, one carne asada super burrito, one chicken super burrito and one shrimp burrito. All pretty disappointing, the food lacked flavor, the texture of the steak was not as tender as I would expect and had no flavor! The texture of the rice was choppy and soft, no flavor! If you've ever eaten Mexican food in SF THEN YOU KNOW WHAT A SUPER BURRITO CONSISTS OF, all three burritos I ordered came with rice, beans and meat. One with the guacamole on the outside and one with sour cream on the outisde!? And all had melted cheese on top...(not wet I know what that is) I was so confused it seems if you're native to Pittsburg/Antioch you'll love this food but if you grew up eating Mexican from Frisco/Oakland just pass this place right on by. My search for good Mexican food in the Pittsburg/Antioch area continues.

David A.

You know exactly what you will get a 3 Maria's. Courteous friendly service, simple but well executed and affordable Mexican entrees... consistently every time.

Paula M.

I was disappointed after hearing it was good food. A lot different that what I expected.

Diane R.

So this is our go to restaurant after church on Sunday. We love the staff and they treat you just like family. Food is so good. I enjoy the asada green chillaquilles. The burritos are good as well. I've tried the Posile and it tastes so good. I highly recommend.

Gladys Morales

I ordered the steak fajitas and for the price of $16.50 there was very little steak in there, it was mostly onions and bell peppers. The beans and rice were ok.

Bri K.

Always good food, good service and quick too. Great authentic Mexican food. Definitely a hidden gem in this area.

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