Mac's Old House

3100 E 18th St, Antioch
(925) 757-9908

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alagoory agoory

Foods served family style, with limited menu, but prices are xcellent and foods good. Customer service is good and everyone is friendly. It's a good place for all ages .Bar along one side for those who enjoy drinks and want to relax and hang out. I would eat here more often but restaurant is small and there is usually a long wait and no reservations.

M B.

Great place to come for a cheap Dinner. Great value for the price. You get fresh warm bread, soup, small salad and entree. Negative is that this place needs a good update, cleaning and Rude staff! Staff unprofessional and sloppy.

Chris Cooper

This place is really cool. The drinks are cheap and good. You get alot of food for a good price. Always crowded, that's a good sign it's goodFood: 4/5

Kristen G.

Stars for a unique family-style restaurant with a cool history, amazing servers like Julie, and a huge following. Julie made my father-in-law's 89th birthday so memorable by getting the entire place to sing "Happy Birthday " to him! On our way out, customers went out of their way to wish him a happy birthday. Genuine, friendly people..

Laura “BehaviorMomma” Matlock

We heard about this spot from many people and finally got to check it out!Service was good. Family style is a unique twist nowadays. Food was excellent. Price was amazing -- but be aware CASH ONLY. (There is an ATM on site )Calamari steak ($3 extra on the side), salmon, prime rub, minestrone soup was all a hit. Hubs LOOOVED the horseradish...he called it stallionradish ??Recommend checking them out!

Munpriya Samra

Lovely place to get a solidly well made dinner with a friend. My elderly friend loved the meal and I enjoyed the ambience and great service, plus the multi course, nutritious food. We brought our own wine and the corking fee was $6 per glass.

Aileen M.

Old time favorite spot... great food great drinks great service. Cash only establishment

Constance Rubio

Wonderful dinner great service very nice. Prime rib salad soup pasta bread and veggies all for $25. It was great. Nice drive if you go by the river to Antioch. By

Terri Schur

For vegetarians and vegans go else where. They have a set menu and they don't bend. All dinners come with salad, soup, pasta, and bread. I had the pasta. But, their sauce has meat in it. They don't even have olive oil to use. Their vegetables are over cooked and their salad is less than okay. Their soup also has meat in it.

Clinton P.

Mac's old House is definitely divey however the food is always good, the ambience is everything you would expect and it is literally an old house. The minestrone soup comes family style and can be taken to go. Important fact about this particular soup if you bring your own vessel you can have it filled to go. The cocktails at the bar are served old-school with just a splash of soda if you choose.. The beer selection on tap is limited however they have one of my faves hazy little thing by sierra Nevada and it is ice cold, pairs well with the food and definitely goes down good on a hot Delta day. This is a great place to stop in after a day of boating or anytime you're in the area. you could call this one of our regular spots in the Delta hope to see you there. We enjoy it not only because the food and cocktails are great however it's just a simple place all around. Important note is bring cash as you do not accept card or any type of other electronic payment they do have an ATM on site should you need to grab cash.

Jeannie C.

My absolute favorite place! Bartender is the best! Food wonderful and always a great comfortable place like ur own home! I have a great experience everytime we go there! Great laughter and I enjoy it very much!!!

Heidi B.

I have to give a star but tonight dosent even deserve that! 10oz steak was more like 4oz over done tough rubber. My husband order prime rib medium, can we say so over done barley could cut through. Ask for waitress to take food off and gave plates back still full of food. She still charged us for the soup and salad which by the way wasn'even a whole bowl plus the soup has done straight down the hill. If Gary Kinigjt was still alive he would be ashamed of what they have done. When he wa chef the food was so good. Don't think we will ever come back! So disappointed

Lina W.

I visited twice to try the famous prime rib and cajun red snapper. The quantity of food you get for the price is unbelievably cheap, but that also means don't expect high quality food. The meal came with a big bowl of soup, bread and butter, salad, and the entree of your choosing. The food and ambiance seems very 80's or 90's style. The warm bread and butter was the highlight of my meal! I couldn't stop eating it. The soup was thick minestrone soup that is most likely canned or bagged. The salad was crisp and well dressed but maybe a tad too sour for me. I've tried the regular and the extra thick prime rib medium rare. For some reason the extra thick one was very grisly and fatty and had to cut away most of it. The regular one I had was more tender. For both , the beef flavor was not very prominent. The red snapper prepared cajun style was a tad too greasy, but at least it wasn't dry. The sides that come with the meal are the butter boiled veggies and boiled pasta topped with marinara sauce (probably from a can too), which were fine. This restaurant is practically in my backyard, so I'll be returning if I am too lazy to cook or go out far for dinner.

Betbo A.

This place reminds me of the restaurant in Italy. Like a small family house with good food and reasonable price. Can't go wrong with $21 extra cut prime rib. Love the food the place and great service. Definitely will come back. FYI....CASH only....

Dave Montoya

Just can't be a 5 unless you have been there and understand the place then its a 5. Don't want bougie dummies seeing it's 5 stars sayin let's go and being disappointed and leave a weak review. Let's face it. It's a 3 star restaurant with 5 star experience. Prices, quality and drinks make this place must visit. Local river Town staple. You will come back.

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