Mike's Pastry Shop

1872 A St, Antioch
(925) 757-3333

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C Jefferson Sr.

Excellent, best pastry shop in the East County Area. The lemon cake is crazy good. Took one to work and people complemented on the flavor. They took pictures of the shops card I left on the top of the lid.

Sharon S.

I admit freely that I'm very fussy and demanding about pastries and baked goods. My daughter is an amazing baker, and I'm spoiled by fresh bread, cakes, and pastries she makes. For her birthday, however, I didn't want her to have to bake. Upon recommendations from work colleagues, I ordered a fruit tart from Mike"s Pastry Shop. It was delicious! The base is light and crispy, and it's topped with a delicate sponge that helps to keep the pastry light and moist. Atop this is a smooth and creamy pastry cream (not too sweet, either), and then gobs of fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and kiwis, glistening with what I'm guessing is an apricot glaze. We enjoyed every bite, and I will definitely order again, as well as trying some other of the freshly baked items they carry.


Well I guess I have a different opinion than others. First off, I stood in line a half a block long because everyone said it was that good. I purchased three things: the Cannoli, Tiramisu and a cupcake. I make Tiramisu every Christmas, so I know how its made, what it should taste like and I have been to Italy, twice. First let me say that this shop just fills everything with some sort of heavy whipped cream concoction flavored with various things, so who doesn't like that, right? So with that said, traditional Tiramisu is made with Mascarpone Chesse and rum or brandy. This Tiramisu was the worst I have ever had and it was made with whip cream. The Cannoli was just is bad. In Italy, it is made with a sweetened ricotta cheese blend. Again this tasted like the same horrible heavy cream filling used in the Cannoli assembling line as it was in the Tiramisu. Now the cupcake. I must say it was the best cupcake I have had in a long time, with a cream cheese icing which was excellent. Even beat the famous cupcake place in DC. Instead of standing in line for fake Italian desserts, go to one of the nearby Italian Restaurant's, that is known for their authentic Italian desserts and have the real thing. Don't waste your time standing in line here. Sorry Mike!

J G.

New to the area and have been looking for a bakery, I think this is the only bakery in town, besides Dore (Brentwood) and Monica's bakery (Antioch). Customer service was good, nice and welcoming lady at the counter. Fair prices, each pastry was under $5. Eclair was okay- I've tried better (Schuberts in SF makes the best, Copenhagen Burlingame also good) the dough didn't taste fresh, maybe they were a day old? Whipped cream had kind of an artificial flavor, not like fresh whip. Chocolate on top was okay. Cannoli was great! Nice crisp texture, not soggy, marscopne with orange zest filling was delicious and chocolate was nice! Lemon tart- hard pass. The lemon curd had a jello texture and crust was too soft. Dore's lemon tart is better. They had lots of other options, cake slices, ready made cakes, muffins, other pastries. Might come back to try other things if I'm in the area, but wouldn't go out of my way to come back.

Bill S.

Ever since I moved to Antioch six years ago, I have used Alpine Bakery in Concord for any cake I've needed. Don't get me wrong, there cakes are very good, and I have left them great reviews, so I am not knocking them. This time we decided to give Mike's Pastry Shop a try, here in our town. We ordered a nine inch chiffon cake, with lemon filling and whipped cream topping. When I picked it up the girl was very friendly, went to the back and brought the cake up, and I was blown away by the decorations on the cake. I honestly thought the blue roses were plastic they looked so darn real. She said no it's frosting. Whoever make's there cakes and decorates them, is unbelievable. The cake was in one word, "Perfection " that's all I can say. The last time I got one at Alpine the baker's forgot the decorations so the girl did the best she could, but it didn't look good. Mike's has earned our business from now on. I can highly recommend them, the girl said they can make any cake you want. For us, we also noticed that they make Portuguese sweet bread, with a two day notice. Now I don't have to drive to Fremont to get it.

Cherie M.

The strawberry chiffon cake was delicious! I decided to try it for my birthday and now I don't see myself getting any other cake. For the people that don't love overly sweet icing and cake, this is absolutely perfect.

Dominik Suter

Tried a couple of pastries, average results.Service was good

Linda C.

Mike's Pastry lacks good customer service..to me they were rude. The cake I ordered tasted old..I should have went to Raleys. The price I paid for this cake I was expecting something more tasteful...blah... Never going there again.

Carolyn Pust

I have died and gone to eclair and cannoli heaven this place is absolutely amazing

Bre C.

ABSOLUTELY the worst, They can't design anything and make you email an image so they can print on a sugar sheet. They hound you for the image and then come to find out they hadn't even made the cake yet on the morning of pick up. The older woman is very unprofessional and rude had my mother in tears . Their hours are extremely inconvenient for someone who works 9-5 making pick up a hassle. They got two stars because additional baked goodies were tasty and despite the appearance the cake did taste good! not worth the price tag

Reya Grimes

Mike’s Pastry Shop made my wedding cake & it was absolutely delicious! We got tons of compliments and it was exactly what we asked for! Thanks again.

Diana Repp

My husband has always used this bakery for all his family and friends occasions unfortunately when we ordered cakes for our friends 60th birthday Mike’s was a big failure. Although my husband kept in touch the week of the party to make sure the cakes were going to be ready and being reassured by Mike himself that they would be they were not. Through his efforts (phone calls and text messages)the day of the party to make sure that they were ready for us we never got a response or call answered so we show up at the bakery to find Mike the owner standing outside his door and told us that there were no cakes because he had put down it was for the next day. Half hour later my husband received a text from Mike telling him “My mistake it was for today” REALLY??Needless to say my husband and I had to run around and buy random cakes from Raleys to take to our friends special birthday for 200 guess. We will not ever be using Mike’s bakery for any of our occasions again nor will we refer him to anyone anymore.So if you choose to use this bakery just beware unless you are calling or making your presence at this bakery to keep on top of your order you may never get.

Katie Love

Delicious Bakery. The Danishes are AMAZING. Cakes are delicious. We love this place!

Reya B.

Mike's Pastry Shop made my wedding cake & it was absolutely delicious! We got tons of compliments and it was exactly what we asked for! Thanks again.

Paul Case

best apple turnovers yum.

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