Naan and Kabob Bazaar

5035 Lone Tree Wy D, Antioch
(925) 470-3912

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Stella G.

I feel like I just got ripped off. To premise this, I'm an occasional customer meaning I only go to this business every once in a while, but always for the same thing, their naan. Before COVID, for a single naan, it costed $2. This was a reasonable price for me to give their naan a try. Also for full disclosure, I am not of the people group who traditionally/"usually" eat naan. I wanted to give it a try and for $2 I did. My entire family enjoyed the naan (which was the white variety with sesame seeds on it). While the pandemic was subsiding, the price of the naan went up to $3. During this time I learned that they offered wheat and white. The next few times that I went there I was given one without sesame seeds and I just figured that they stopped using them as a cost saving cut, but I was wrong. I asked the the person who helped me if they stopped using sesame seeds and was told that they had both with or without sesame for people who are allergic to sesame seeds. I thanked her for the information and paid the $3 for white naan WITH sesame seeds. This brings us to this morning around 10:30. I went into the store with a $5 bill to buy a white naan with sesame seeds for $3 like before. The person at the counter was nice enough, but gave me a dollar back as change. When I noticed this, I asked if the prices went up and was told that it hasn't. I asked her about my change and was told that the naan WITH sesame seeds cost more. Yes. I know I could've told her to forget the naan, got a refund, and left right there, but instead I begrudgingly left with the $4 naan. The ONLY reason why it played out like that is because I bought that naan for someone special to me to enjoy. Do I feel still ripped off? That would be a big fat YES. It's mostly because I believe that the person at the counter most likely would NEVER charge an extra dollar for the naan with sesame seeds to their regular customers or someone who can read the sign (written in a non-English language) which I am neither/or do and I was not charged extra for naan with sesame seeds in the past, so this was unusual (remember, I asked if the price for naan went up and was told that it hasn't). Not cool!

Mohammad Elham tokhay Tokhay

This store is perfect, I like the Nan. My advice is just try this the Nan once. You will not use other store nanKid-friendliness: PerfectWheelchair accessibility: Good

Ramin Ahmadi

Dear customers,This place is a scam. I am an Afghan, i used shop here for more than 3 years now i drive all the way to Concord because I don't want to get robbed anymore.This nice lady in the front and all those greetings are all fake. What they are doing is keep you busy while you are about to pay and there where they charge an item you think $8 but they charge $11...when you catch them doing, they will say ohhh i am so sorry i didn't know. THEY KNOW.

Saad A.

The food here is excellent filled with so much aroma and taste. I have not tasted the chapli kobab anywhere this good. The staff is so hospitable and always shows so much love and respect. The place carries so many cultural things from Afghanistan / Mediterranean side. I love this place, would highly recommend it.

William Scott

Has a small restaurant added since I was last there pre-pandemic. Fresh meat was in the refrigerated display case but there was no price list or labels on the meat. Pleasant staff.

Sam j J

Great local store! Very clean and always stocked up with high quality products and the freshest meats. Customer service is the best! We always shop here!

Faruq L.

Been shopping here for a while now, they started serving food after a while. Since they were new to their food was decent. The thing I love about them was they asked people what they thought about their food and how they can make it better. I went back and got some bolani last week and oh my God this was one of the best I have tasted. They really listened and made everything taste so delicious.

Angel Wan

We like this store because on top of the good supply of cooking ingredients and spices, they sell all sorts of interesting eastern goodies like turkish delights and indian sweets. (Forgive my lack of knowledge on eastern cuisine. Haha) On top of that they have their own bakery serving fresh flat bread and cookies. The bonus is their little kitchen serving fresh tasty Kabob and Curry. We had chicken kabob which is good before and this time we tried their curry chicken. It was very tasty served with generous portion of rice (Sorry forgot to take picture). We bought their freshly bake bread which is a large flat bread good for the whole family and tried their salty cookies right out of the oven and all are exceptional. Would definitely return.

Madinster The Mortal

Nice shop, they have fresh Afghan naan. They have a good selection of basic Afghan necessities. They have an attached restaurant. The boolani is tasty as well.

Jos C.

Delicious food! Ate-in once and did take-out once... both exceptional experiences. Big portions and tasty... will keep going back and trying new things.

Deba Aminyar

Love this store, the lady at the front she is so kind and always has smile on her face, their bread is the best bread by far in the east bay, used to travel to Fremont to get my bread and meat from Maiwand.

Gary V.

It was and interesting visit amazing that they have a unique store here in Antioch, CA we got some food an order the 3 combination combo it was a big portion my advice is to get the three combination combo. Will definitely recommend for people to check it out!

Sandeepa Nayak

Super clean and nice store - owner is super friendly and will go out of the way to share how to use stuff. I even got the bolani the extra big bread and wow it was amazing.

Danielle S.

Very friendly and attentive service from the chef. He regularly checked on us, ensuring we had all we needed. We tried the qubili (lamb shank) and the mantoo (dumplings). Both dishes were super flavorful and the meat was perfectly cooked. The rice included with the lamb complemented the meat very nicely. Highly recommended!

Mohammad Q29Roastery


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