Monica's at Riverview

1 I St, Antioch
(925) 757-2272

Recent Reviews

Frank Louis Zrinski Jr.

My chicken fried steak was the best I’d ever eaten. Monica, the owner, is wonderful and even gave my little ShadowRay some biscuits to enjoy out on the deck. Jesus’ service was excellent . I will definitely return to this fine establishment!

Henry Cox

Went there for dinner today food was not very good service was terrible would not recommend this place play anyone

Michael Moran

Great atmosphere. Service was exceptional. Food was awesome! Highly recommend, I’ll be back for sure!

Diane Ferguson

it's a little pricey but worth it for the view and atmosphere! Place was hopping, very friendly service!

Gilo Kim Ahumada

Wonderful atmosphere, yummy food, excellent service, great LIVE music Thank you

Robert Plummer

Great atmosphere, great bartenders, awesome views,awesome food.

Michael SF Bay Area

Great place to eat, great staff fantastic food. Live music was fun.

Bob Katin

Antioch does not have enough fine dining restaurants. We have too many burger, pizza, Chinese, and Mexican restaurants. I am very pleased that Monica's has opened. We have had breakfast and lunch here. Food was good and plentiful. We have not tried dinner yet. Like any restaurant, service depends on the waiter or waitress. Yasmin was very good. When we ordered an entree, only to find out the had already had run out after she took our order, she brought the side dishes that we requested with that order along with our new order without charging us for the side dishes.

Lisa Malinao

Got even better service this visit. I really enjoyed the live music especially on a Sunday for brunch.

gloria p

We did a last minute brunch and the timing was perfect. We got a window seat (they don’t call it Riverview for nothin’!) and a happy and efficient server. I had a coffee question and she grabbed the barista (they have a barista!) to help. The restaurant was closing at 2pm so that their staff could enjoy New Year’s Eve. That speaks to how the owner treats the staff to me. The food/drinks/service were first rate. It was pricey, but we got our money’s worth.

Jennifer Rich

Place looks great but terrible food. My scrambled eggs were served cold w/a wierd ORANGE color. Staff did not seem to have it all together. Terrible spot for a restaurant, way to windy to enjoy outside.

Michael S. Copeland

First time here since redone and new owners. I like it a lot. Food is good quality and big portions.

Alma Long

It is over priced and the food was not very good and one of the things the original Riverview Lodge had that was a favorite was fish and chips and I'm sad to say that the new fish and chips were the worst I've had and for $30 it is just sad . I wanted to love it because Riverview Lodge has been a part of my life since childhood but there was nothing left of the original Riverview Lodge .It looks nice but I'm not sure that will be enough for all the people who have great memories of the original Riverview Lodge and the great food it served.


We went to the Riverview with friends. The restaurant had just recently reopened. The atmosphere was okay, not anything special. I assume the view is nice, but it was dark when we arrived, so I couldn't really see anything. As a vegan, I would NEVER GO BACK. This restaurant offers only one dinner on their menu and believe me, it isn't worth it. Either because of the cost, or the taste. The meal, which I use the word lightly, consisted of over steamed vegetables, and a portobello mushroom that was equally overdone. The menu states that the portobello mushroom will come grilled with rosemary. I never saw nor tasted rosemary, and as for grilled, NO! It was very wet, and tasteless. There was no bread to even fill up on. Why is it that restaurants can't offer a real meal to vegetarians and vegans? They assume that we only eat vegetables. Well, we need protein, too. This meal was so horrible, I wouldn't go back even if the food were free. As for the others, they had burgers and fries. The fries were very good, as I ate some to ward off the hunger I still had after I stopped eating the overcooked vegetables. I just couldn't stomach them. The meat eaters said the burgers were good. Take your chance if you want, but don't invite your vegetarian and vegan family and friends.

Lois L.

"Riverview Coming Soon - Monica's Livermore - Bakery in CA"

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