Samurai Japanese Restaurant

5007 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch
(925) 206-4644

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OpenTable Diner

Celebrating a birthday


Yummy food! Awesome Chef William ! Wonderful 17th birthday for my daughter

Jethro Charles Hogg

Three of us sat at hibachi table with another family of five. Service began a little slow but picked up when the food started coming in waves. Our steak, shrimp, scallops, chicken, vegetables, tempura, garlic fried rice, and California rolls were consistently tasty. My only complaint is the weak, bitter ice tea. Still recommended!

Diodeny Van Allen

My family and I went to have dinner and got there around 7:50. We all order bento boxes with katsu chicken, teriyaki salmon it came with miso soup and we ordered green tea. First of all one of the cup was extremely dirty. The miso soup was cold and old. The food tasted old and re-heated. We all got food poisoned. I am pregnant and got very sick. My 2 children and husband were very sick. I will never go back there ever. We usually go to Misaka in Brentwood and the food there is always unbelievable delicious and fresh. We decided to go to here cause we wanted to try something different. It is 11:39 pm and I am still very sick. If you ever go there please make sure your food is fresh and your cups, plates utensils are clean.


Celebrating birthday

ray bam

First time visiting and the staff is outstanding and the rolls and soup are really good. We will be coming backFood: 4/5

OpenTable Diner

Excellent service and high quality meal. Chef was extremely entertaining and wait staff was efficient. Manager is doing a great job. Very nice place. Extremely nice staff.


The chefs performance needed some work. The rice was under cooked. The chicken needed more flavor. The waitress was very nice and checked in often. Also they removed empty bowls and plates quickly leaving the tables clean and uncluttered.

Jay Tee

Love this place...! Got they're own lil Benihana thang goin on with the Chef trick shot style cooking performance! Nothing like good food and live entertainment. If you ain't sure what to order I suggest trying the Benz Roll ??it's FIRE! You gotta request the grilling experience, they don't seat you there automatically. So let the waitress know that you want the chef show when you first get there.

Tasha V

Went here recently for my 50th birthday dinner with my family. They always make ya feel special. The food and sushi are really good!

Sutam Biswas

Let me start with the fact that food is top quality and I don't rate low (and never a 1 star). I think the service and the attitude towards the customers needs a huge improvement. The service isn't poor because of the servers, but rather lack of them. They clearly need more of them. The manager (goes by Kelley) on the floor clearly need some lesson on client centricity. I requested for a repeat of my drink and I was refused one because I was 1 minute late. I think that's fair. If the bar is closed, it is closed. Still, I requested the manager (Kelly) to accommodate my request and she didn't bother to. Which was also OK. Things got bad when they forgot to put my full order. When I enquired if it was all, the server confidently said "Yes". Then, I reconciled and found that 2 of my orders were missing. When I cross questioned, the server apologized and promised to fix it right away and leaves. Now, the manager (Kelley) comes out after few minutes and tells us that the kitchen is closed. She offered me 20% off my check, which I declined. After some time, the manager (Kelley) sends the server with a fine single malt to compensate for the mess with the order. So now, the bar was open all of sudden. I was completely shocked with the series events and hence the review. I think, "say do" should be met for a restaurant with such high average rating.


Always great food, drinks, and show!! Service was with a smile and the food was delicious.

Leilua Legion

The food is beyond amazing. They have quite a large variety of Japanese Cuisine. The staff at the door, the greeters and the people that take your order over the phone are extremely rude and very unprofessional. I believe they need more training but the food, the chefs, and the cooks are absolutely beyond amazing. Well worth it if you don't mind the latter.

Nicholas Scarbrough

It is hard for me to rate this any higher not because of service or food those are above average, it is because of price it is extremely expensive and hard for some people to afford. I really like this place however prices make it hard to go sometimes. Definitely worth the experience though

OpenTable Diner

Great food good times.

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