Bluerock Center, 4045 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch
(925) 778-2974

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Nikki Alford

My absolute favorite Starbucks, with the best staff ever! They are the friendliest and always make the perfect macchiato!

Karla Cash

This is my #1 go to Starbucks. The morning crew is amazing and always provide fast friendly service. That's difficult to do at 4:30am. Judy, Taylor, Jasmine Harley, Alex and the rest of the morning rotating shift are definitely an asset to this location and bring just a bit of sunshine to your morning before the sun ever rises.

Nick Lindsey

The best coffee with two pumps of pumpkin spice and snow man cookie I ever had!

Melissa Leon

Customer service sucks!! Managers especially have nothing but attitude every time. Unfortunately it’s closest to my house. I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt we all have bad days. But no. Every. Time.

Peter Nixon

Great staff!\\n\\nThere are a couple of changes in process that have me rethinking Starbucks in general.\\n\\nThey no longer brew decaf at any time of day.\\n\\nIf you order just a coffee, it goes into the queue with all the other drinks so rather than just getting your coffee, you have to wait 10-15 minutes whilst all the fancy drinks (albeit technically ordered ahead of you) are made. I can just go to Peet's.

Love N Gratitude

They are very nice and I like the light colors of this location. There’s a drive though, a nice sized seating area and an outdoor patio area.

Jamie Martinez

I love starbucks and today is my birthday so you know im going

Manuel R.

Was a bit busy , drink was okay. Should keep backstock of high demand items that way they aren't sold out at 9:30 am

Lady L

New renovations make this place comfortable; but again, Do I like paying $5 for a beverage when it’s half ice? Why don’t they just put venti sized bev in the large cup? Rip off!

Loretta A.

Ordered a refresher and when I went to pick it up it had lemonade in it. I didn't order it with lemonade, just a plain berry hibiscus refresher... When I told the lady, she was very rude to me like I ordered it wrong. I showed her my app and she rolled her eyes at me. Im sorry the associates can't read. Don't be rude to me because you made the mistake. I was very kind and the attitude is unnecessary. These associate need some customer service training.

Fonda D.

The girl who took my order in the drive thru was so rude. First she tells me my total for 3 venti drinks was $12, so I ask if she got all 3 of my drinks and she said I only ordered 2. Then I repeat the order and told her she added something to the wrong drink and she was like whatever. So I try to repeat the order 1 more time and she said they would fix it. I pull up to the front and notice it still has the sweet cream in the wrong drink, so I tell the guy that the drink is wrong and I hear that girl say it's made right. So why I'm I getting charged $1.20 extra for the sweet cream that's not even in the drink.

Lucky Thammalangsy

One of the better Starbucks in the area. Never really too busy and the service is fast. Also inside is a good place to get remote work done or just meet up with friends

Leilani D.

the WORST Starbucks I have ever been to in my life. I went through drive thru and told them my order would be a little long and they said it was fine-- obviously it was not fine by the fact it got messed up and they gave ME an attitude for messing it up. The first thing was the cinnamon powder was missing and when I mentioned it, they asked if they could just give it to me in a cup to do myself, which was whatever to me but odd at the same time because it's a quick fix. the next thing was the messed up my whole coffee order with the milk I requested and I turned around and walked in to let them know and the barista from the drive thru said "what's wrong now?" Like that's not the kind of attitude you give ANY customer, especially when you messed up. And the girl who saw me before she did had an attitude, and the one who fixed my drink made it overflow and I had to clean it up. Someone in another review said they're attentive and nice, but I don't see it and never will because I will NEVER be back and will tell anyone who tries to go that there's 3 other BETTER locations within 5 minutes. Do better Bluerock Starbucks.

john j.

Quick service, consistent drinks and lots of little snacks. Always a great place to stop to make everyone smile.

Kelly L.

Terrible service. Barista KIANA was extremely rude while taking my order and very passive aggressive. I feel bad she has to work at Starbucks and is clearly unhappy. Anyway, I will never come back here.

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