4532 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch
(925) 206-4377

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Arturo Flores

Fast, open late-ish and deliciousFood: 5/5

Matthew R

Great boba tea. They have a million varieties and I'd love to try them all. The taro and Tai tea are just what you'd want from a boba place.Parking: Lots of parking.

Jenica Hadley

Great customer service Serena took care of me and remade my drink thank you!!!

Olga R.

I looked around for Boba drinks and I'm pretty positive this one is the only one on this side of town in Antioch, they make pretty good drinks, I come here every time I crave boba, the customer service is ALWAYS OUTSTANDING, the drinks are super good and consistent on flavor, they are pretty much a five star, except they do not have a place to sit to wait for your order or to drink your drink or eat your snack, they also sale snacks! Is pretty much to go!

Tine Reyes

Drinks n snacks r fabulous!

Berenice L.

Milk teas always taste amazing . This place is always busy but they're quick on orders. I highly recommend calling ahead and placing your order if you're in a hurry.

Carina M.

I love the selection. But not consistent with the drinks. I order two drinks - rose milk tea and the avocado smoothie. Sometimes it's really good and at times it's just okay. Not sure why it tastes different at different times when it should be the same recipe. Also have them repeat your order when calling it in - I've had to pick up incorrect orders several times.

Paloma R.

Always a good visit, I prefer the staff have more knowledge about the ingredients they use in their tea though.

Brandy L.

Was drinking my Thai milk drink and chewing on boba when my tongue was entangled with hair. I was horrified, I rolled my car window down and spit out the boba but the hair was still wrapped around my tongue. I pulled over and took this hair out my mouth and instantly took a picture. I called T4 in Antioch and asked for a refund the " manager" refused and offered to make me a new drink. Thank you but no thank you, I have trust issues now. Ugh!

Anna Leontine Ortiz

Came here the other day, there was no seating so we sat at the tables in front of Starbucks. I ordered a Honey Peach Smoothie and Deep-fried Gyoza. Both were amazing and came out fairly quick. The price was okay for the size of the drink. I was unsure until I saw how big it was, bit it was definitely worth it. The gyoza was delicious, big recommend.I'll probably be back here whenever they bring back seating so I can relax while enjoying my drink

Mo Harrison

Reliably good boba, and a wide range of options makes them one of the best places to try something new, or even remember one of your old favorites.

Leslie L.

I always get brown sugar milk tea with pearls. I'm seriously obsessed with this drink. So freaking delicious and the popcorn chicken is so good. Definitely my new boba tea spot.

Kamaya Barrera

The service was great and they had good smoothies!

Mary W.

I didn't even know it was in the shopping center until I searched for a new boba place on Yelp and it popped up . It was a little confusing because on the door there is a sign that says you can only call and order over the phone . So I called from my car and was told that I could come inside and order . Once I went inside it was cute , clean , and has a good menu . I normally get coffee with boba but I didn't see any so I got a strawberry smoothie with boba and a mango smoothie with boba . Both were very good . Would come back .

Cindy N.

If you haven't visit this spot you Must try! All boba drinks are beyond delicious and not to mention !!!!!! Try the popcorn chicken it's the BEST!!!!!

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