Tao San Jin

Empire Shopping Center, 5867 Lone Tree Wy, Antioch
(925) 777-1883

Recent Reviews

Jan Sanchez

Crab puffs, sooo good!!Gonna miss this place.

Jillian Stone

Wow!!! These guys sure went downhill. I used to love their food. Unfortunately what I ordered tonight was basically inedible. My chicken was so tough I couldn't even chew it. Very irritating especially when I paid so much for it!! I will literally NEVER be back!!! Somewhere I liked since I was a young kid ruined it with their terrible dry crusty inedible chicken!!!!

Michele H.

Absolutely the best Chinese food in our area. Honey Walnut Prawns always delish! Always fresh ingredients and quality food. We've never had a bad meal. Our family is sad that they are closing because not only is their food wonderful but the people are too! We've used their catering on many occasions and the food never disappointed. We will miss you.

Olga R.

This is not a review but a farewell, to TAO SAN JIN aka TSJ, it saddest me that after 33 years of serving delicious krispy chicken with garlic sauce (the only place you could get this delicacy) they are closing their doors on October 2022, due to seems like rent issues. Just wanted to express how grateful I am with their workers, and all though if you go right now they only offer to go, it used to be such a treat to go eat there. Thank you for everything, thank you for All these 33 years, I have so many good memories, so many lunches at their ok'd locations or bday celebrations, they always provided a pleasant , and welcoming environment. I wish them success on anything they do after TSJ.

Lon S.

So sad that your restaurant is closing, this is my go to restaurant for so many years... lots of memories and milestones that we celebrated here and the one in Antioch(closed) ,I hope you will open in some other place.

Janice S.

So good!!!!! Highly recommend!! Love the hot & sour soup especially!!! Great service!!

Lily O.

One of the best Chinese restaurants in town. I ordered from them yesterday and everything was amazing and very authentic. Definitely recommend to try, the chow mein and sesame chicken is delicious. Dine in is closed but I don't mind taking out.

Anthony Banks

Terrible Chinese food! The bbq pork was dry and hard. Considering this place is supposed to serve premium Chinese food, I was expecting so much more

Vivian P.

Crispy chicken with spicy garlic sauce & steamed rice is our go to order. Hopefully indoor dining opens up again soon. I enjoyed the little ice cream dessert they would give after you finished eating. Food is still good with takeout but the experience isn't the same

Richard L.

What can I say,The food is great and very consistent. I wish they would open up the dining room, but with Covid precautions I understand. I like that I get a good amount of food on takeout. Highly recommend this place, one of my favorites!

Joe K.

Took takeout .. went home .. got first 2 bites .. WORST chicken chow ming ever!! Man this noodle has no flavor!!! If you want Chinese... you gotta try WAH SING in Pittsburg .. way more delicious and way more flavorful. Will never order here ever again. I regret spending $22 here. The 2 stars because place is clean and owner was friendly.

Tony Allen

The last time I was here was about four years ago and had always had a great experience up until now. I’m not sure what happened. We ordered take out this time. Not sure if they got new ownership but the food was terrible. The chicken and beef entrees were overcooked and stringy, the sauces were weak as if they were watered down, the rice and fried rice was dry and all in all it was a terrible waste of $97 of food. I would give ZERO stars if i could.

Marilou Y.

Disappointed I was looking forward to a good MooShu duck and I got deep fried burnt duck with slices of cucumber and green onion and hoisin sauce. Also ordered singapore rice noodles and another dissapointment! No taste seems like they forgot to put salt. For two entree I paid $41.85 not worth a try....sorry. One star for friendly staff but food is not good at all.

Mary A.

We love this place. Their vegetable chow mien is so delicious. I love that meal and my husband love their seafood soup. The broccoli (spicy) is awesome. Wish they would open up for sit down meals. Really a great place.

Rossi Maldonado

Sadly I was very unhappy with the food I ordered to go. I ordered the Hong Kong Fred rice and the Chicken Chow Mein to go.Fried rice looked like plain white rice with no flavor or color. Smell was strong. The chicken, pork and chicken added to the rice had no flavor ($11.30)Chicken Chow Mein was flavorless, chicken chunks were generous but had no flavor either. ($11:75 )Cashier told me after I had paid, “no receipt”. I asked why, she said “don’t know”.Worse Chinese food I have tried in years!

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