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211 G St, Antioch
(925) 481-2068

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Marcus J.

Always good food and great vibes. I recommend this. An overall great experience. Smothered pork chops are my favorite. Very tender

Jessika Tate

The food is delicious. It was super busy when we went, because there was a wine walk going on. Unfortunately the kitchen lost our ticket, and we didn't check in until about 30+mins after we ordered, because they said it would be about 20 mins. They were super apologetic, and worked quickly to get our order made once they realized the mistake. We eventually got our food, and everything was so delicious. The nashville chicken strips and their mac and cheese was *chef's kiss*. Mistakes happen sometimes and I was appreciative of their great customer service. I will definitely be going back for more of that deliciousness. Trying the jambalaya next.

Quenjetta M.

Just mf go !!!! Listen I go for games and sometimes Sunday dinner and it's always a vibe. Of course there can be a wait but it's worth it. Just wait and get a table. You gone be happy you did. I only get the two things listed as I'm a creature of habit but the way that taste I know everything gots to be alright. Yella and hedi are the cutest most fun hosts. They make my visits even better and the vibe is just always a good time.

Barry M.

Absolutely delicious. I just tried the stuffed turkey leg, and it changed my perspective on life! I'm so glad I found this

Zoe B.

Loved this place! Urban decor, music, tvs to watch the game, hookah, delicious drinks and yummy food; definitely a vibe. I went on a Sunday early evening, our waitress was really sweet and our food and drinks came out in a timely manner, I will be going back.

Keisha J.

My husband and I enjoyed the honey chicken over garlic noodles. The noodles were so flavorful and the honey chicken was paired so deliciously. I could decided if I like the noodles or the chicken best. I also got the fried zucchini and they so crunchy and flavorful as well. I definitely will be back!


Man this place was good, $15 for burger and fries but well worth it the sandwich was huge. Usually I’m still hungry but I was full and had some fries left over which never happens lol. just wish they had some sauce to go with the sandwich. You won’t be disappointed coming here and I will be back in future

dm dm

Food was garbage. fish was over cooked, gummy, stretchy, dry, and rubbery.chicken was the same. only this that was good was the fries. Fried mushrooms were alright I guess. thank you, but we out.

Pamela Torres

I have been to Tease on G Street in Antioch three times so far and every time the meals have been delicious. This last time we ordered the T-Rex! The scrumptious T-Rex is a drop off the bone, melt in your mouth smoked turkey leg-yes it is that good! And if that wasn’t enough it comes overflowing with cajun crawfish and sausage Alfredo which was creamy with a kick. The T-Rex was so good that I only had a chance to get one photo before we dug in!! So if you haven’t been down to Tease I highly recommend that you try it.

Alvin Jackson

Food is great. Only reason for three stars instead of five? I ordered the Nashville + Honey chicken sandwich combo with fries/drink ($17 with tip) and my food looked nothing like the picture. The chicken slice was so thin, it felt like I was eating seasoned bread. The fries were a little soggy and some were undercooked. I am a returning customer too. So to have my food come out to me like it did was not a good representation of the kitchen staff because my experience was different before. Not sure what happened. Maybe the inflation prices have effect service a little bit? Overall experience was a turn off. I wanted to order their lobster meals in my next order for a family of 4 but Im not convinced my $70+ would be worth it, sadly.

Legend Means

Very tasty food. All I can say is they have skills. Very good customer service. I ordered a custom mac and the wrong sauce got put on it, the chef was so kind about correcting it, I felt bad. BOY WAS IT GOOD. My son just kept saying this is so yummy! My daughter tasted it and said lets go back soon! I also got the seafood loaded fries and my son tore those up too. I hope they open a location in Brentwood! That would be so convenient. Either way I'LL BE Back!

Cheryl P.

Excellent food. We've always come by here when they were closed. Today we came when they were open and we will definitely be back. Honey chicken garlic noodles were delicious and filling. Good sized portions.

nina s.

This spot has a lot of potential. It needs to maintain quality & preparation. We had a Mimosa Cabana for 8 on 03/13/2022. Food: Salmon bites were YUMMY! Brussel Sprouts half burnt but you can taste the deliciousness in them. Potatoes, you know when you eating potatoes and they are bomb but some are not cooked all the way. We got our food in a timely matter, however some folks I know came later on in the day and were not able to order food because the kitchen was backed up! Hookah: NO COMPLAINTS! Mimosas: GAVE US ALL HEADACHES!!!! (very cheap cheap champagne) Cabana Space: Cute & enough space for 8, if they add more seating you can easily fit 10-12 people. Music: The DJ inside was playing way better music than the outside area. The music is pretty low, so in your cabana you can barely hear it. They should invest in mini speakers for each cabana so we can hear the music. YOU CAN NOT HAVE A DAY BRUNCH PARTY WITH VERY LOW MUSIC Service: 2 servers for the entire outside area. Which means there is some waiting for a lot of things. My suggestion for the owner is as folks are seated to their area the champagne bottles should come out first to get the drinks flowing before taking the food order. I felt bad asking for things like ketchup because you can see the poor girl literally running around. Also maybe getting runners, to refill water, clean up areas etc. Especially with not enough table space for drinks, hookah, bottles and food. I will say the waitress I think her name is "Star" corrected any mistakes and was 100% accountable and made sure to take care of it! YES!! I will go back! Hopefully the owner hears at least the repeated complaints.

Jovan S.

Beware! I was given food cooked in old burnt grease. Quick to reply to a negative review with no resolution. No one has money to waste! I try to patronize a black owned businesses but if it's not right it's not right. I was nice enough to remove the initial review but wasn't even given a thank you. Never again.

Emanuel L.

I'm from Texas. When it comes to southern cuisine they either got it or they don't... Fried Fish - 1 outta 5. Overcooked, rubbery & unchewable. Of the 4pcs, I was able to eat 1/2 of one. Fried Chicken 1 outta 5. tasted old & freezer burnt. Garlic Noodles 5 outta 5. Some of the best I've ever had. Fried Shrimp 5 outta 5. Perfectly cooked, moist and well seasoned. They need to add cocktail sauce as a condiment. Every real southern restaurant that sells seafood has it. I may try them again one day. Based on my experience and other reviews, they're hit & miss.

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Tease Southern Kitchen & Catering

211 G St, Antioch, CA 94509
(925) 481-2068