200 E 18th St, Antioch
(925) 206-4510

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Christina Lopez

They don't allow customers to sit in the restaurant, so it's drive thru only. Drive thru window are covered with paper so you can't see inside. Pretty sketchy all around so just get your food and go....Food: 4/5

Janet A.

They never give you chili on a chili dog, it's just a little bit of the sauce, but there's no chili on it? why don't they stir that damn thing up and bring it from the bottom instead of just giving you a little teaspoon of sauce on there, s*** as expensive as they are! $10 for two hot dogs and a small french fry, what the hell is that? Because God forbid they let you use the phone coupons oh no they don't accept phone coupons that's BS with their greedy ass and then they want to take their coupon when you do have a paper coupon, oh yes, you got to give it up, but like I said they want to give you a little teaspoon of some chili sauce, but no chili, where the hell is the chili that's why it's called a chili dog?????????

tyjah gulley

The the fries were hard and the food was good but it was Lukewarm. it looked liked it was shut down and customer service could have been better but overall it was good food I just didn't like the fries and the customer service I felt like it could have been betterDietary restrictions: also i think the the cheese was milk I forgot to say that I didn't want cheese and it made my stomach hurt

Lissa Fink

Wanted to try the chili cheese tamale. It was pretty good.The place looked like it was closed down though. Customer service could have been better.

William Scott

The Chili Cheese Tamales are great but only available until Christmas(Why?). A coupon offers 2 for $6 per order and you can get 2 orders. Last time I went you could buy a can of Wienerschnitzel Chili for $5.00. I'm not wild about the hamburgers.

Tiffany Strohm

I am giving 5 stars, in spite of some disorganization & inaccurate pick-up estimates, because let's be real; it's Wienerschnitzel & their chili cheese fries are THE BEST!! Plus, it was National Chili Day today & there was a promo with purchase, so WIN, WIN, WIN!!!Delicious food, increased menu variety (something yummy, for literally EVERYONE) & reasonable prices. Beyond happy they are back in Antioch!

Stephanie Gray

The food was good. Not sure if you can dine in yet.

Arturo Flores

Only drive through, if you do an online order, you have to go through the drive through

John Comfort

It took me almost 35 mins in the drive thu they on work 2 people so if you go there be prepared to wait awhile but food was fresh and good but very expensive.

Dorothy Ornelas

False advertisement on coupons they dont take them saying they are $25 not $20 for family packs although coupon says $20 which means its false advertisement an they don't honer it .I will never go back again an there chili dogs are skimpy on the chili frys were cold too I give them thumbs down

Reginald Celestin

Looks scary as COVID-19 control is in place, and dining room is closed. Looks a little run-down, but at least I got good food.

Angela W.

Came at 6pm on a Saturday and it wasn't open. They have a big sign blocking the door but the lit up window display says drive thru open and it's not.

Mary Rose

I'm giving 4 stars for the Southern lemonades, which are amazing. This is drive thru only and my order was wrong. I went back to correct it, but it took a long time. This place needs more than one worker.

Pj Robinson

It's okay the drive-thru window is so dark you can't even see what they're doing with your food which I really dislike they take forever to bring you your food but it's okay the food is good always hot and fresh


On this visit I had to return my fries. They were cold. I have had issues with cold food before. They made me new ones. Just a little annoying.

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