Fork Over Pork

1431 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia
(626) 574-2077

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Kelvin “Kai” Mok

Food and service is ok. Nothing special and the menu is somewhat sparse.

Natalia J.

They don't have a huge selection but everything they offer they make well. This was the only place in Arcadia with mool naengmyun (cold noodles) and it was the perfect escape from the summer heat. Great portion size for the price ($15) and it's always relatively empty. They also give you all the free banchan (korean side dishes) which are so yummy.

Elaine L.

Food is always so delicious and the servers are always so nice. Love their kimchee pancakes! Always order that when we're there and even order it to go. It stays hot for so long even as a takeout order. So good!

Eileen W.

Cute mom and pop shop to get your Korean fix. I came here for the lunch special which is such a great deal. Bulgogi, spicy pork and the sides were all yummy. Will def be coming back!

Charizma M.

I have been to just about every Korean bbq around Southern California. This place is not bad. We had the spicy noodle, kimchi fried rice , and Galbi. The portions were generous and flavors were good enough.

K. C.

My favorite dishes here are bibimbap and chicken soup. The ingredients in the bibimbap are very fresh and the portion is very large. The chicken soup is very tasty and rich in flavor. This is my go-to Korean restaurant for bibimbap and chicken soup.

Wing C.

I ordered the dinner special. It was a choice of meat with salad, miso soup, and more. The food was good but the price is pretty up there.

Amy H.

I come here a lot for their cold noodles and their service is great when you order Togo. However, if you order at the restaurant to sit down and eat, the service is slow because there is only 1 server/waiter at this place. I always order their cold noodles , which is serve it with mustard and vinegar. But this time it was my first time having kimchi fried rice and it was amazing. I would suggest coming here if you are ever looking for Korean cold noodles.

Melanie H.

Love their pork ribs which is considered their specialty. A must try! Only wish they offer seafood for bbq...

James W.

I have pretty mixed feelings about this place. In general, the food is good, but a bit pricey. It's almost on-par with New York prices without being in New York. With that said, this review is for their weekday lunch special. The prices for the lunch special isn't that much different from the normal price (+/- by about $1). It also seems like they raised their prices. Another Yelper posted their outside menu. In January 2022, the price of their "Ox Born Soup Noodle" was $11.99, but a month later they increased it to $13.99 (about a 16% increase) which is kind of a lot. But, I'll say that you're probably paying similar prices for a bowl of pho next door at Vietnam Kitchen or for ramen a couple doors down (next to Baskin Robins). I ordered their "Ox Born Soup Noodle" which was pretty tasty. The lady who took my order was friendly, and I waited about 10-15 minutes. Takeout includes banchan which makes it a pretty hearty meal. The soup itself is just noodles and a few pieces of meat and some chopped scallions. The broth was light, which makes this a great dish for a rainy day or when you're feeling under the weather. Otherwise, I wouldn't normally order this. I will say though I saw someone order the Umma's Lunch Box ($15.99), which looked really big. I would probably give this place another try if I'm craving Korean food and don't feel like traveling far outside of the area.

Khue Tina G.

They have really good pork belly. We ordered the pork belly trio over the table grill. They are excellent. The rosemary is stronger than the garlic so I would recommend grill them separately. Kimchi pancake is also very tasty


Really great tofu soup. The flavor is spot on with rich, savory broth with the right amount of heat. Good value with friendly service.

Julia W.

The tofu soup and special lunch menu bento box is amazing. The tofu is always super soft. Their kimchi is also extremely delectable unique.

Josephine C.

On a Thursday afternoon in January, I wanted to try this place for lunch. I ordered on third party app and tried to do a pick up. I arrived there at 12noon mentioned from the app and my food wasn't prepared. I tried to explained that I ordered from app and I didn't think she understood me. Then the owner arrived with produce and she cleared up my order. So I had to wait 20min more. I finally got my order and drove safely home. The beef rib soup had 2 big ribs inside the tasty broth. It came with few banchan items-cucumber kimichi, sweet potato bites, broccoli, and rice. It was a delicious beef rib soup and the rib was chewy if mixed with rice. Next time I should go inside to make the order. 3 stars for the confusion 4 stars for delicious food.

Aileen H.

I like to come here when I don't want AYCE Korean BBQ. It's never too crowded and I can always expect to be seated right away. I like to come here when I'm hungry because usually there is no wait. And I don't want to get hangry! I like to get Umma's dinner box because I think it's a great value! For now $16.99 you get rice, salad, bulgogi, jap che and a mix of the side dishes. The fried egg is $1.50 extra. Their hot stone bibimbap is good too. There is free parking but the plaza can get crowded.

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