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Emily Morales

Ok here's the break down:1. I suggest putting a tip cup/Venmo sign/or ask your friends to bring cash2. Take a picture of the menu for posterity3. Have an amazing time!Celebrated my 36th here in the big big roomThank you Moxie!!I had a blast!!

Joey T. (curlysaltandpepperLA)

Overall great vibes, but I would give it a five star if the music selection was a little better. Otherwise, awesome.

Big Peanut

Good rates for the rooms. The smallest rooms had 2 microphones each. Song Selection was very wide and recently updated (a couple months maybe?). They charge 18% service fee/gratuity for karaoke rooms and dine in tables 6+. Food was good but pricey for the portions.

Bob Rood

Do sushi tonight only Yakitori and their appetizers. I think the meat could have used a little more salt and pepper on them but they were good anyways. But of course I had a bottle of Soju which could have helped

Stephanie C.

Went for bday dinner. They really hyped this place up like we needed a reservation. We got there and we were the only table of four. Another table of two came in a bit later. It was good for us because our food didn't take long and full attention of service. There is a button on the table to call for service, which is so convenient! The walls were animated screens of mostly underwater scenery which is cool. We got the plus menu AYCE for $39.99. Which came with a few "premium" items. We ordered a multitude of food. Especially the salmon and everything was great! Oh.. don't get the pork rinds, feels like it came from a bag. You also get a nonalcoholic beverage which the butterfly tea w honey lemonade Wes refreshing! I'd come back again for another special occasion. Just not to sing, because I can't sing to save my life!

Jessica R.

This is the perfect place to do karaoke they have food and drinks which is a plus. The price is not bad. I would advise people to bring ssweaters it can get chilly inside. FYI There is parking on the second floor. The service is amazing! The song quality is on point! You can't go wrong with this karaoke spot......

Lana S.

This place is great! I came here a few days ago with a couple other friends. The staff were super friendly and helpful, and the place was clean. It was a weekend and it was pretty busy so I'd recommend making a reservation first. I'm definitely coming back next time with a larger group so we can get one of the larger rooms with the projections on the walls!

Alexis R.

Went here for a night out with a large group of friends for the first time! After going to the same cheap karaoke joint for maybe over decade already, we figured it's time for a change. I found Moxie on Yelp thanks to the great reviews and very promising photos and wow -- it did not disappoint! I made sure to call ahead and reserve a room a week ahead of time. They confirmed my reservation the morning of and also provided the address and other helpful instructions for how to find them in the shopping plaza. Let's start off with the fact that the shopping plaza it's located in is HUGE and has a RIDICULOUS amount of parking. This isn't Koreatown -- you can certainly leave your parking anxieties at home if you ever come here. The facilities are very clean and the karaoke rooms themselves are just like what I saw in the photos. The aesthetic is artsy and energetic. I really enjoyed the projected art graphics that were constantly changing; I thought that was creative and dynamic. We also loved that the the screen actually displayed the music videos associated with the selected songs and not just some random drama playing behind the lyrics. And let's not forget the little stage with the old-timey microphone (yes, it works!)!! The karaoke room already had our hearts, but then we ordered food and that also did not disappoint. The food was pretty yummy and there were plentiful selections. We came on a Saturday when they require a $10 minimum spend per person for the karaoke rooms and, with their menu selection, that was absolutely not an issue for us at all. I would have to say that summing up our wonderful experience at the end of the night were the lovely service staff who worked the joint. They were all so SO friendly and so SO attentive. My entire party had a blast and we're already looking forward to our next visit! P.S. I forgot to take a photo of the itemized receipt before I paid the bill and I tried very hard afterwards to fairly split the bill amongst my party since some of us ordered way more than others, but it eventually became too difficult. I emailed Moxie in hopes that they could forward me a copy of the itemized receipt and I received it later that evening. Can we please get another round of applause for the service at this place?!

Austin C.

I enjoyed the karaoke with my friends, however I only went karaoke and I knew the rate of $40 an hour going into it... however what was not disclosed was an 18% Gratuity... I did not order any food, nor did anyone from this establishment provide me any time warnings or courtesy check ups to deserve a 18% gratuity... I feel scammed from this lack of disclosure and lack of service to think you deserve 18% when I didn't order anything else other than reserve a room for a few hours of karaoke...

Ann T.

Came here for the AYCE. Rules are: -29.99 for AYCE appetizers, shared plates, main, & all sushi -34.99 for all above & sashimi & yakitori -2 hour limit -All party must order AYCE -Any leftover will be charged $5/oz including rice -5 menu items per round per person -No leftovers when ordering the next round -18% gratuity auto added for dine - in parties of 6+ The 5 menu items per person per round thing was confusing, since we had 3 people we thought it was 15, but apparently it's just 5 per round regardless? Never figured this out. Anyways, we were seated immediately in the big lounge room with the trippy projections in the background (kinda neat, like some old school 90's random screen savers), a juke box to select songs to sing to or listen to in the background, and there's a mic if you want to sing. Lyrics are also posted on screen with the music video playing in the background. Lots of songs to choose from, sucks I couldn't figure out how to navigate it because it would have been awesome to get some anime music playing. There's a call button on the table for summoning staff. They were pretty attentive. We got the: 1) Truffle Edamame: -Not bad, pretty garlicky and buttery. 2) Truffle Fries: -Just tasted like regular fries to be honest. It's not bad, but it's a whole big serving of fries. 3) Baked Pacific Oysters: -Huge oyster shells, small meat. Kinda sandy, but it had enough sauce. 4) Tako wasa: -Pretty good, super fresh octopus with strong wasabi taste. -It's a good kick to the sinuses and pretty unique. -Had the extra as a dip with the spicy fried pork rinds. 5) Shu mai: -Small deep fried shu mai. Reminds me of what you can get from the freezer food section. Comes with sweet chili sauce. Filling is pork. -I'd skip this. 6) Tori Kaarage: -It has a grainy batter fried layer and chicken inside. Huge full size portion, hard to finish this. Really salty on the outside and the cream sauce was just whatever. -I'd skip this. 7) Spicy Fried Pork Rinds: -I thought this would be a small amount but it's a whole basket of pork rinds. Kinda like the stuff you get from the bags. Not spicy at all. -Nice side, went great with the tako wasa lol. 8) Takoyaki -Really good, nice crisp outside. Moist gooey inside. Great toppings on top. - I would get these again. 9) Yakitori: -We got the Grilled Chicken Gizzard, Grilled Filet Mignon, Grilled Pork Belly, Grilled Kurobuta Pork Sausage, Grilled Shiitake Mushroom, Grilled Periwinkle meat. -Each order is 1 skewer. Most of them are alright, not a fan of the texture of the shiitake mushroom or the chicken gizzards, but that's more of a me thing. My bro's gf liked those. -Favorites were the grilled filet mignon (very tender) and grilled periwinkle, reminds me of a crunchy grilled clam. 10) Seared Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail with Truffle Ponzu Sauce: -Glad that this allowed EACH of us to get whole servings. Really should have just only ordered this. -Nice tender sashimi that went great with the acidic flavor of the ponzu, subtle truffle taste, and the crunchy chili garlic (I think?) they put on top. -Good stuff. 11) Tuna & Salmon Nigiri: -The fish part wasn't too bad. Fresh, buttery salmon. Decent tuna. It's cut pretty thick though. -The rice part was HUGE though. Around the size of my entire thumb. I've never seen such a big fish to rice ratio for AYCE sushi. -This was a big pain to eat and really mediocre honestly. VERDICT: The skewers were alright, sashimi was good and glad we didn't get a limit on that, SKIP the nigiri, and the appetizers were hit and miss. A LOT of it was SUPER salty and this didn't help the fact that it wasn't AYCE portions we were so surprised to get FULL sized order servings, making it difficult to down to not incur a fee. Also at a certain point, the AC was BLASTED and this made everyone really cold, even with jackets on. If I had to go back, I think I'd only east a select amount of items on the menu, not AYCE.

Fernando C.

First time coming to this AYCE sushi place. The price, considering inflation and rarity of AYCE, is reasonable. I had baked mussels, salmon, tuna, yellowtail, albacore nigiri as a main course. I supplemented these dishes with miso soup, spicy salmon and cucumber roll, and edamame. The fish and rice were fresh and tasted of high quality. The only complaint I have is about the edamame. It tasted a bit old (stringy and chewy). This is the least of my concern though, as the fish is the most important piece of the meal. They have delicious sushi and yummy miso soup! Finally, the service was perfect. I was treated with respect and every staff member was attentive.

Kim S.

It was my first time at a karaoke bar with my two sisters. We had a great time there. Their snacks/ appetizers were pretty good and came out fairly quick. The place is really clean and had a good vibe to it. I would go again but with a bigger group next time.

Rosetta C.

Came here for karaoke on a Friday night and it was pretty busy but service was still quick and efficient. The karaoke system was easy to navigate and they have a good selection of english, chinese, and spanish music. They also have a wide selection of food and alcohol. I'll definitely be back!

Edison Y.

Poor communication, did not explain to me and my party at the beginning that today (5/29) was going to be a holiday eve until we were an hour into our karaoke session that we were forced to order food to equate the $10/person minimum ON TOP of the karaoke room price. Keep in mind at this point we already finished our one hour session and now need to order food which means that we have to stay even longer to finish our food with the ongoing karaoke session timer. We came in at 6 only wanting to spend $40 for 1 hour and ended up spending $129 for 4 people. 18% added gratuity by the way. Plenty of other places to go to that will disclaim everything before leading you to your room. Not coming back. Unlucky.

Anney L.

I've been here a few times and the rooms and clean and spacious. The service was great and even on a busy night they were super friendly!

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