Myung Ga Haejangguk

1220 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia
(626) 447-7988

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Noemy Mendoza

Yummy food!This place is very good to split the meals. One soup of yukgaejang could feed 4 people or 2 plus leftovers.Pork cutlet was a bit think but still excellent quality!Tukbaegi buglgogi was my favorite! Class noodles with a sweet and savory marinated beef.It was definitely understaffed, a help wanted sign was seen on the doors. Although it was a stressful environment for the servers we were seen with quickness, curticy and yummy food. It did take a hot minute to get and pay for our order ay the end.

Sherns Wang

Decided to give this spot a try since I’ve been craving Korean food! It’s a small shop and you can park in the “back”. It’s a parking lot and I do believe it is also their front door. They have 2 doors. Either one works so you won’t have to walk all the way around!When you sit down, they’ll give you a menu and then you order. After ordering, you get 2 side dishes. Both are delish and can get more if you ask. Sadly we couldn’t bring any home.#13- very sweet! Lots of meat! Not enough noodles in my opinion. But I did like the sweet broth. Comes with rice!

Andrea C.

We're becoming regulars here. We love their Sullungtang, Galbitang, Spicy Galbitang, Spicy Pork Gukbop, Gamjatang and their Bossam. Lots of places use too much MSG so we feel too thirsty after the meal but this place isn't like that. You add as much salt to your food as you want (they separately box it), they give you side dishes packed nicely so that if you can't eat it immediately, you can put it in the fridge and take it out later on all fresh. High ratings at this place is well deserved.

Diana D.

Wait is long because their yelp wait list doesn't work and if you don't know about it you will be waiting forever. Food and service were great though! Galbi tang was delish! Would definitely go back

Ben A.

Solid place when my sodium levels reach dangerous lows, and/or I want to see if, after all these tries, ANYONE at a Korean soup place will hook me up with some native-level spice. MGH is not on the regular rotation with the family-- two of my three kids are not spice junkies like their mom and me, and we can stretch our food dollar a little farther at other spots. But when you get a hankering for some good Haejangguk or a savory bowl of Soondaeguk, I will make a few of those dangerous left turns across traffic to find one of the limited parking spots for my big truck here. My last time here I ordered the spicy Soondaeguk, the Mixed Haejangguk, and the Spicy Galbitang. We asked for that native hot... hurt me, tell me my nose is running half way through my meal, and don't offer me any water or extra paper napkins no matter how much I scream and cry.... Alas, while the soup dishes labeled "spicy" indeed have a little tingly follow on the pallet, that elusive "floor is lava, you're standing on the sun wearing a Speedo soaked in gasoline" spicy heat wasn't there. I know, the menu is for a broad audience, but just once, I'd like me a legit spicy bowl of Seoul-food.... I'll totally be back here eventually, and if they read this review, they're going to get their chance. Let's just hope some madman is growing some mutant Chung Yang chili peppers somewhere, reads this review, and brings me in to floor me with an endorphin-inspiring Donkatsu or something. Can't wait! I want to be hospitalized after my meal!

Emily L.

Really cool experience! This was our first time having this style of Korean food, since we've only had kbbq or tofu soup. We had both the pork belly and pork hock slices(bossum and Jokbal) both so flavorful! I personally liked the pork belly more because the texture is more tender. The soups are all so good and different, you can't go wrong, the portions are so large as well, you can definitely share with two people. They give you empty bowls with tongs and scissors, but didn't really explain. We just watched the other tables use them to cut the meat and throw the bones into! Our server was very sweet and helpful. I had booked a reservation on a Saturday on Yelp; however they said they don't acknowledge weekend reservations... so we had a slight issue with seating, since we had 8 people. But we were able to get over the kinks! Great experience.

Gabriel C.

I've always wanted to try bossam and I can officially say I was not disappointed with Myung Ga Haejangguk. After a long hard day of golf came here with a friend for lunch. This place is a hole in the wall gem. I live 5-6 minutes away and have never seen it. The restaurant itself is very clean and you can tell its kept well. First off the plate of Bossam was huge. You can probably share it between 4-5 people but it was so good that the two of us finished it. The pork wrapped in cabbage, filled with garlic, jalapeños, and pickled veggies. Mmmm so refreshing but at the same time such a blast of savory goodness. We also got this herby sour soup that I can't pronounce. I've had a lot of different Korean soup but this one takes it! The perfect balance between a really meaty bite and a mothers hug of warmth. Lots of meat and lots of flavor! The food was great 5/5 The service was ok. The staff was there when needed and got us sat down, menus, water really quick. Nothing amazing 4.5/5 Restaurant design and cleanliness 5/5. Overall great place to try some delicious feels like home Korean food!

Whitney W.

Delicious Korean place specialize in soup dishes. They have limited kimchi (only cabbage kimchi and daikon) but both are very good quality. Bossan dish is really big, better to share among 3-4 people. Soups are great for the cooler weathers. The place gets really busy around 7 on Friday night.

Stevo O.

My wife was craving Korean food and I found this restaurant which was hopping busy during lunch and filled to the rim of diners and patrons. This was a good sign for me, as I was taking out lunch home to the wife. All the take out items were air-tight sealed, including the ban Chan and soups we ordered. My wife's favorite was the spare-rib soup and once opened, the aroma filled the entire kitchen with the richness of the soup and intensity of the flavor. Now I know why the restaurant was packed on this Veteran's Day Friday, and all the happy faces on the patrons. We will certainly try and dine here for lunch, to appreciate the service and food served directly to the table.

Marc B.

Enjoyed the dinner tonight. Good help. Had a non spicy beef soup and there pork dish. The beef bone meat was delicious and the soup was pretty basic with noodles. Might order the spicy the next time since the broth was a little boring. The pork dish was good, but since there is 2 of us, there is to much food for a $44 dish. I would "copy the competition"and offer a smaller portion for 2 people. This is definitely a 4 people dish for the table. Kimchi and other condiments were great.

David Kha

Walked in and waited a minute before a worker pointed to a table at us. We sat down and waited for anyone to acknowledge us to give us menus. Judging from the two groups standing at the back, the waiter might've mistakenly given us the table. However, we sat and waited for anyone to either let us know of the error or to give us menus. After waiting 5 minutes of feeling awkward and not getting any ounce service we got up and left.

Youngjoon Han

The kimchi was fantastic (could be too spicy for some people) and the gukbop complemented it well. I think it would have been better if it was the other way around, but overall, a good place to have a warm bowl.

Travis P.

Been wanting to try this place for awhile and came at 5 pm on a Monday and was the only customer there. The food was tasty and everything is filled with flavor. Bossam - it's pork belly what can you say? Fatty goodness with a balance of veggies, garlic, and jalapeños. This is a great get to share if you have a group. Serves 3 people so they say. (10/10) Sullungtang - this has a light broth that isn't really seasoned so you have to add salt yourself to make it tasty. It taste healthy and really smooth. A really clean soup dish that taste great! (9/10) Spicy Galbitang - this was my favorite dish and would totally recommend. It's like a Korean beef stew and it's actually pretty spicy. You should get the non spicy version if you can't handle spice because it's definitely up there. (10/10) Yukgaejang - this was quite spicy as well but had a lot more veggies than the Galbitang. Was pretty good overall! (9/10) Gamjatang - this had a bit more carbs than some of the other soups but it's also another hit. Tad spicy but overall well balanced. (9/10) There is some kimchi and pickled daikon as side that are refillable. They won't let you take the leftover side dishes togo so be sure to finish it. Parking is easy to find. There is a parking lot behind the restaurant. I would totally be back here when I'm feeling soupy! Come thru!

Wendy T.

Wanted some seollongtang after a Sunday mother/daughter shopping day at the nearby mall & have heard of this place. Mom got the galbitang (beef short ribs in beef broth) and I got the gamjatang (pork neck bone in spicy pork broth). My gamjatang took quite a while to come- but two servers came to me to apologize for the wait and offered me soft drinks, which was kinda cute. I didn't mind the wait since I had some of my mom's galbitang and luckily wasn't in a rush to go anywhere. Later, an older server came and offered me blood sausages as an apology for waiting. Staff were all super sweet. Both soups were super delicious. Really hit the spot & warmed my soul on a cloudy day.

Brian T.

This is a breath of fresh air for noodle soup lovers. There are very few sul lang tang (Korean broth with brisket) places in the SGV. The only other one I know of is in k-town. They have the tastiest ox bone soup I have ever had. It must have taken hours of saturation for them to get the soup to this level. I ordered the Tukbaegi Bulgogi which is the marinated beef /w glass noodles in soup. The bowl had a hearty portion of beef in it and plenty of soup. There wasn't as much glass noodle though, but that's okay because you also get a bowl of rice (and kimchi) with your meal. Sul lang tang broth is supposed to be eaten with scoops of rice, so feel free to just pour your entire rice bowl into the soup or take small scoops at a time. The inside is clean and well lit. The service was good. I will be visiting this place more in the future.

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