New Fusion

1227 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia
(626) 821-0899

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Kim T.

What an awesome find...from the hanging duck and crispy pigs hanging in the window (a little taken aback, but I got over it!) - please take a look at the dim sum photos. The servers were perfectly kind, the French coffee strong and delicate at the same time, the crispy pork belly couldn't have been any crispier and sun was divine! I was too full to eat the pork bao but it was a crowd pleaser as was the tofu with bean sauce and the egg rolls. This is my new favorite place for dim sum! Oh! Plenty of free parking and we had no wait at 12pm on a Saturday.

Jon J.

Went here for Dim Sum which was okay. They charge you for hot tea which is fine but I'm not a tea drinker so I ordered a glass of water, we were still charged for the tea per person, whatever is not a big deal. What put the icing on the cake was when I asked for mustard with my chili sauce the waitress brings me a bottle hotdog mustard LOL! Last time coming here. A good Dim Sum restaurant will give you hot spicy asian mustard.

Dustin F.

I know that there's that rule where if an Ethnic food place is 3.5 stars it's probably authentic. You're right. As foodies we are there for the food and the service can come second; however, in special cases sometimes service does matter-- hear me out. My family initially came during the peak of lunch so it is expected to be busy. Upon entering we are welcomed and actually got escorted to a table fairly quickly if not immediately. This is our second time coming to this restaurant so we had some expectations of what is to come. The first time we came there the noodles we ordered were the wrong type, but the food was so good that we were willing to try again no matter the mistake. On our second visit things were completely different. When we ordered our beverages it was the wrong tea, but since the tea was fine my family let it slide. We initially ordered chicken fried rice, roasted duck, roasted pork belly, sesame ball and pork shumai. At first the chicken fried rice and the pork shumai were great. After a while we were able to get our roasted duck, but upon arrival it was already cold. We asked for the servers to send it back so it could be heated up (normally my family does not do this but this time it was actually really bad). They seemed fine with it and were understanding--when the roasted duck came back a second time it was still cold. It ended up taking so long for it to come back warm my family and I had to order another serving of the pork shumai and it was only until after that we were finally able to get our roasted duck warm. What really made this experience sad was when we finally got the roasted pork belly-- it was cold. By that point we were really tired, it took three times to get a roasted duck heated up just for another dish to be served cold. My family was pretty frustrated so we ended up having to get all the dishes that came to go. When we asked for the check we realized there was still missing one dish-- the sesame balls--that came legit at the very end right as we were signing the check. Overall I'm really am disappointed, I truly enjoyed this place and love the dishes but that does not override the poor service. Honestly the only reason why it's not 1 star is strictly because of food.

Jason K.

This place could do so much more business if they had better logistics. It's always chaos at the cashier trying to order and pay. They never answer their phone if you tried to make a pick up order. Other restaurants like Ho Kee are way ahead of the game because they have a solid online ordering system and people can easily come and pick up the food when ready without having to interact with a slow moving human being trying to collect payment.


Went to get a whole roast duck, came home and found out that half of the duck breast was missing, both wings were missing but there were 3 small drumsticks??!! First duck I knew that had three legs. Amen!! Do you think I will go back to a restaurant that steals from its' customers?

Salina L.

My son came home from Seattle for early Christmas gathering, he said he missed the food in LA, so we went to New Fusion restaurant that used to serve pretty good food, but we were very very disappointed. I ordered dim sum, the shrimp dumplings were not cooked, still raw, so the waitress took it back, 5 minutes later, we got an order of fully cooked shrimp dumplings. My son ordered baked pork chops rice, but it turned out to be pork slices in tomato sauce. We complained about not getting pork chops. The waitress that was their way to make it. My son took a few bites and told me that it didn't taste good, so we packed it for our dogs. Do Not go there to waste your money. The dishes are expensive and do not taste good, the dim sum dishes are small and expensive too, $4.5 per order. The pork slices in tomato sauce is $15.

Winn H.

I visited New Fusion for breakfast and tried a variety of items. The first was wat dan hor (noodles with egg and shrimp) which had a thick sauce almost soup-like. It tasted alright though more like chicken boullion and salty than a remarkable base / taste. The beef noodles were sweet though on the on the oily side. The broth was very watery and nothing extraordinary. Between the drinks that I've tried here, I didn't care too much for milk tea or coffee, and service was pretty lacking. I felt pretty ignored the whole visit, and there is also no attention to drink refills. If you don't finish your food, that's fine - you can get a container for an extra 50 cent charge. Given their service and that they have a to-go section near the entrance, I would recommend getting food to go to avoid the subpar service.

Ray L.

Have been looking for a good dim sum place around Arcadia area for some time and finally tried this place. I avoided coming here due to the rating and this place did lived up to its reputation, a 3 star rating. The ambiance is a very typical Cantonese restaurant, loud noises, dirty cart dishes on the side of hall way, etc. I didn't mind too much of that but the service is not too attentive. Took some time to get served and they seem to be too busy. The dim sum menu is small selections but most of the essential stuff are there. Also you can order full dishes and has variety of HK cafe style food that I crave for from time to time. Food was decent value, fairly delicious but took a while. I'd would try this again but probably will give another place a go before coming back.

Perry Brunette

Excellent food, Great service.


Our food arrived pretty quick, my only complaint is that our waters arrived fairly late mid meal.

Andrea L.

3.5 star Review for dim sum takeout on 9/28/22, from the deli area. This surpassed my expectations. The egg roll has sizable chunks of shrimp, with daikon radish and Chinese mushrooms. The egg tart is also delicious-- the tart is nicely flaky like laminate pastries should be (like phyllo or a croissant), rather than crumbly. Beef balls were also tender with some crunch (I think it's daikon or water chestnuts). The classics were also good: shrimp had gow, pork and shrimp siu mai, and shrimp rice noodle (chiang fun). The bbq baked pork bun was also a good meat to bun ratio. Pretty solid dim sum takeout. Parking is easy because this restaurant is located inside a large strip mall, off of Baldwin Ave. They accept credit cards for purchases over $20. They do charge per takeout container, and those containers are styrofoam rather than reusable plastic or compostable. Front of house impression could be neater/cleaner, but the food taste/quality is what mattered most to me.

Jessica G.

Do you like great Chinese food? Hate the long wait?? Well New Fusion is the spot for you. They are busy but not overly crowded where the wait can be over an hr! Their food is really good and it's spacious! Portions and huge and the price is right! Only con would be the parking. Between all the other stores, restaurant and gym. It can be a pain to find parking.

Aileen H.

What I love about this place is that it serves dim sum all day from 9am to 5pm! So if you have a dim sum craving in the last afternoon, you can still satisfy that craving. Each dim-sum item is under $5 which is a good value considering the higher dim sum prices in nearby restaurants. The food is not fancy but definitely hits the spot. In addition to all the classic dim sum items such as ha-gow, shu-mai, bbq pork baos, we also love to get their Ma-po tofu, roasted duck and stir fry water spinach with garlic. They have a huge menu with morning specials and also afternoon tea specials featuring classic Hongkongnese style dishes. The reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is because the interior is very dated. The food is consistently delicious, and the prices are reasonable. Overall, a good value.

Serena Kim

Always good dimsum, delicious entrée and fast service, reasonable price. I love their Hargow, pork shumai and pork bao, chicken corn congee, peking duck.

Geneva L.

Came here for lunch in a Monday. It was not busy but the staff were not attentive at all. There is no lunch special here except for a list of drinks at a discounted price if $2.50. We ordered the red bean ice but they didn't make any for the day. We ordered the seafood chow mein and lemongrass pork chop & chicken steak. Each at $15.99 an order. The portions are a lot smaller than before (I haven't been back since the pandemic). When our lemongrass & chicken steak order came we didn't get any sauce or rice/spaghetti. I ended up asking for those items which they then brought out. They also charge $0.50 for each to-go box for food that we couched finish and had to pack. I don't think I will be coming back. This place was disappointing before from their terrible service but it's even worse now.

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