Ramen Yukinoya

1423 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia
(626) 821-0901

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jenn meows

Small but clean interior. I’ve dined here many times over the years as this is the closest ramen place to my home that is enjoyable. They still offer their garlic and garlic press but you need to ask instead of it being available table side. Good food and service. The spicy tonkatsu is not spicy for me personally.

Hocus Focus

Friendly staff, big bowl of ramen! Great place to eat ramen! I had better ramen but the price gap between this place and those places are big, for the price you can't go wrong!

Miley Yu

I gotta say this ramen place is the best around this area. Perfect seasoning and fresh cooked ramen ? plus the humorous waiter service?very satisfied with what we came for

David Chile

Food was surprisingly very good, service was great, overall very pleased.

Chloe S.

Ramen here was very yummy. I had the tonkatsu ramen. I loved the thickness of the noodle they used and broth was flavorful though less creamy than other tonkatsu bases I've had. Toppings were sufficient and egg cooked right. I also appreciated they offered a small size because I'm a light eater. I liked that they opened continuously from morning to evening bc most ramen places close in the afternoon usually. Also huge plus that there was a huge plaza parking.

Lia W.

always been satisfied eating here. they have really good ramen and service. i always get their shoyu or shio ramen. so clean and delicious. i love how everything compliments together. noodles are nicely boiled and the soup is refreshing. definitely a solid ramen spot in 626

Julie M.

Been coming here for years. The owner loves his business and it shows through his menu, recipes, and care. The food here is delicious. Can't say what's my favorite because it's always been top knotch. Be prepared for a decent sized wait during dinner, but it's worth it!


This Tan Tan Men is to die for, creamy with the exact right amount of spice that leaves your mouth feeling just a little warm but not numb. The pork gyoza are perfectly seared. Everything is seasoned just perfectly.

Mark A.

if you like it spicy, i recommend the tantanmen! it's the best! one large bowl is not enough. :)

S W.

If you crave for Japanese ramen, this is the place. I ordered a large Tonkotsu, and it was very filling! The soup was milky and tasted great. This place is small, its great for seating 2-4 people per table.

Ken Tao

Good food. Bring your own napkins. These recycled product could go straight back to the recycle bin. They stink. Prices reasonable. Wait time not so much.Post pandemic visit:. Things are holding together well. Prices held. $13 for a large. Super reasonable now a days! Tastes the same. Good deal.

Hiromi R.

This place came SO close to a full-star rating, but I had to take one away because the marinated egg wasn't right. I am very picky about the egg in my ramen, and it didn't have the umami flavor that I had hoped for. The outside needs to be slightly browned because of the marinade, and the inside needs to be a yolky-orange. Unfortunately it wasn't brown, and it was just yellow inside. I always get the same item in everybody ramen place: tonkotsu ramen with corn and gyoza. I always try the broth first, and this one was very good. The chashu pork was soft and delicate, and the "men" (noodles) and a nice texture and flavor. Plenty of parking in the lot. It was a bit crammed and air was cold inside. And the radio music that was playing was a bit annoying. I feel they can pick something different to play, at least not radio music. Despite the egg, I would come back. But I'm still searching for "the one" restaurant for my perfect ramen spot.

Steven W.

This is easily my favorite ramen place! The food is absolutely fantastic here and the amount of food that you get for the price that is paid is superb. Money definitely well spent. Whenever I come, I either get the Tan Tan Men or the Shio Ramen. The Tan Tan Men broth is stunning. It has a perfect blend of creaminess and spice that go extremely well with the noodles. The vegetables that it comes with - bean sprouts and bok choy also give it a nice texture to the dish. I love also how you get the option of choosing ground pork or chicken as the protein for this dish. This is an absolute 10/10 dish that everyone needs to try once when visiting. The Shio Ramen is also a great item to order here if anyone is looking for something that is on the lighter side. The broth is very clean and the addition of chashu, bamboo, green onion, fish cake, egg and bean sprouts go really well with the broth. This is my go-to if and when I am craving something less heavy. I'd give it a solid 9/10. Overall one of my favorite places to go to whenever I am craving ramen or if I am in Arcadia. Will definitely be back in the future!

Haylie T.

I found Ramen Yukinoya a couple of years ago and have been coming here every time I crave shoyu ramen. Their shoyu is not too salty and has a nice umami flavor. We also ordered the pork rice bowl which was ok, nothing too special. The chicken karaage was really good as starter/appetizer.

Brian C.

Tried this place 2 times (one time to-go and one time dine-in) and I would have to say it definitely tasted better dining in. Got the tonkutsu the first time and it wasn't bad, but since all the ingredients came separately to-go, you had to heat up the soup separately and mix it in with the rest of the ingredients and for some reason just didn't really taste all that fresh. Also, the broth just felt really heavy that I couldn't finish the whole thing without feeling bloated. The second time coming dine-in, I saw that the Shio utilized a light, clear broth which I opted for instead, and I would say that it was a significant improvement in heaviness of the broth. It probably helped that eating dine-in, there was no prep work on my end and I got to eat everything freshly made. Some things to note though. SEATING: the place is pretty small. I've always noticed that this was the busiest restaurant in the plaza with lots of people waiting outside, but realized there really isn't much seating inside (just a couple tables and a narrow bar). Luckily we came at a random time in the middle of the day and didn't wait too long, but I expect there to be a wait at peak hours. At least the turnover rate of tables is pretty quick. PARKING: has a pretty big lot that is shared by an Aldis, CVS, and some other restaurants. Definitely would say this is one of the more popular restaurants though. Still had to circle around the lot a couple times before we were able to find a spot though. Overall: I would come back with the ramen tasting pretty decent for dine-in, but I don't think I'd wait a super long time to get seated if it was crowded.

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