Restaurant Josephine

1226 Lincoln Way, Auburn
(530) 820-3523

Recent Reviews

Colleen Chen

Attentive service, fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, clean, friendly and worth returning to explore more daily specials.Tip- if you can't schedule a preferred time reservation, add yourself on the wait list and put the time preferences you want in the commeng box on reservation page. The restaurant will call you the same day to confirm if they can accommodate you. Have your phone on you for their call. If you miss it, your table will be given away.

Steve Heard

Charming little place in an old building in downtown Auburn. French cuisine with an Eastern European twist. The pumpkin dip was surprisingly amazing. The cheese fondue is okay but nothing to write how about. It was still fun and a nice presentation. Loved the mussels and the half chicken. Excellent cocktails. Our server was great and made suggestions. During cold weather I'd suggest trying to get a table far in the back to avoid the cold draft when whenever the door opens. A little pricey but for the overall quality, atmosphere and service, worth a visit.Kid-friendliness: I wouldn't call it a kid-friendly establishment. The tables are small and close together and I think it would be hard for kids to be kids in there.

david banar

Wonderful experience, great staff, they have some Russian inspired dishes that were pretty good. We enjoyed the coup & piroshka. The lemon tarte was excellent

Brigid Dodge

Gorgeous, warm, exquisite attention to detail from drinks, appetizers, table-side service, main courses, dessert. Amongst the finest dining experience we've had anywhere on this planet! WOW! Get ready for a dining experience you'll never forget. Thank you so much!!

Norm H

Pro: Unique dishes and specials. Good wine and beer selections. Amazing cocktails. Friendly and attentive staff.Con: Expensive, tables a little too close together for my tastes. Loud due to small size of the restaurant.

Brendin B.

Wow! Such a pleasant surprise. First off, you are invited in with a smile like it's someone's home. All the staff were extremely kind and warm. Very family feel. Food was amazing! We had the duck and a ravioli dish. They have the local Sterling caviar which is always a win. Fantastic wine list and fun cocktail menu. I can't wait to come back!

Bill W.

Exceptionally cool bar. Can't wait to come back for the food, which looked delicious. Totally hip bar tenders. Big cocktail menu. Good times.

Kristina M.

I waited 3 years to find a restaurant this good in this area. Top notch the drinks are amazing The appetizers are amazing and the food is amazing and the service is amazing go if you want to be spoiled.

Zach Sterner

Chef Eric and Courtney have created an amazing spot that I keep visiting and enjoying over and over again. Being a chef, I find it hard to be truly excited to eat at most places, this is not the case at Josephine. I have enjoyed delicious dishes like their duck liver mousse with baby pine cone, turnip and brioche... the caviar plate with an amazing horseradish vodka...the simple yet perfectly executed half chicken...anyway the kitchen puts out their pork chop or their vareniki pasta or whatever dip they do with flatbread...the delicious and seasonal cocktails, Courtney's delicious desserts, I could go on and on and on. A true gem of our area, I'm so stoked to be dining there again this evening as well.

Janet S.

My friends have urged me to dine here multiple times. They love it! I wasn't very impressed. The ambience is really cute and charming. The wait staff - phenomenal. The food? I ordered the mussels and was so underwhelmed. My husband ordered the French onion soup and the pasta starter. Both were just okay. The duck liver mousse was to die for but other than that, I don't see a reason to return. Maybe we "ordered wrong" ‍

T C.

So happy that a quality restaurant has arrived in Auburn, finally! Food is amazing. I haven't had a bad meal yet. The cocktails are even better. Tony was one of the bartenders at Hawks in Granite Bay, which is another great restaurant. Can't believe Auburn has Tony! He is amazing, creative and definitely knows what it takes to make a wonderful drink. I haven't had a Mai tai in years (resort in Hawaii). It was a typical mai tai - sweet, resorty, not good. Tony talked me into letting him make me one and Best Mai Tai ever!! Nothing like the resorty junk I had years ago. But don't stop there. Order all the different menu items and cocktails. Warning - if you are all about quantity (Buca di peppo or Cattlemen's), Josephine's is not for you. If you are into true quality, I promise Josephine's will not disappoint. Thank you, Josephine's for landing in Auburn. We definitely needed you!

Binh Dao

Our party of eight had a very nice meal last night. The restaurant is small but well laid out and very cute with its quaint design and non matching dishware. Its loud in there, so if you're looking for a quiet meal, this is not the place for you. Cocktails were creative and tasty. All the dishes we tried were very good, nothing blew my mind, but I would guess this is the best restaurant in Auburn. Our servers Sophia and Robert took great care of us. Nice sized whiskey selection for a nightcap. Definitely a very good meal and a nice place for a celebration or an elegant date night.

Binh D.

Our party of eight had a very nice meal last night. The restaurant is small but well laid out and very cute with its quaint design and non matching dishware. Cocktails were creative and tasty. All the dishes we tried were very good, nothing blew my mind, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the best restaurant in Auburn. Our servers Sophia and Robert took great care of us. And there was a nice whiskey selection for a nightcap considering the size of the restaurant. Definitely a great meal and a nice place for a celebration or an elegant date night.

Pete J.

Auburn had a superb French restaurant years ago. We saw Josephine about a year ago, but COVID... We finally dined for my wife's birthday. Our expectations were high. The food blew away our expectations, it was phenomenal! We started with beautiful martinis, duck liver mousse and Waygu beef tartare. Main courses were Moule frites and pork loin on creamed corn, roasted green chiles, roasted red onion and an incredible sauce. We finished with a glass of Champaigne and small scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. We looking forward to returning soon.

Caesar P.

Heard great things about this place. Made a reservation 3 weeks in advance Not even close to a real Caesar. That's fine, just don't call it a Caesar. I don't know why people try to reinvent a classic dish that was invented in Mexico, by an Italian chef, and is now being obliterated by a "French" restaurant who thinks they know what they are doing. With the exception of Hawks in granite bay, and Luba pizza in Auburn, there is no good place around to get a Caesar! The dressing was very loose and watery but tasted good. I liked the smoked Sprat instead of anchovies but really only one??!! I could tell there was a decent amount of garlic in the dressing which I love! Please dear god why do people use Pecorino cheese instead of Parmigiano?? I can't. Is it even that much cheaper?? Sheep's cheese has a significantly lighter taste which is lost in the garlic.. Parmesan has a much more pronounced, nutty flavor. The black pepper was visible but I could not taste the pepper. The Lemon was very apparent... It's fine to make a salad however you want, but misleading to someone who loves classic Caesar salad. When done correctly is an absolute staple. Of course I was expecting a little tweak or two, after all it can be very nice sometimes to have a fresh take on things. I'm gonna be honest it was a disaster for me. I also had the porc chop, the only redeeming quality of the night. My wife had the sole and she loved. One star for the awkward experience, so loud I had to yell my order to the server, who was an adequate server by the way. I think the main thing this restaurant struggles with is communication. You are serving fancy "oh-la-la" appetizers that take too long, oysters, caviar.. then bistro entrées all the while in a bar setting. Just stick with the bistro style food! It's too loud to be considered fine dining. I didn't feel that this place was very generous. When I asked for more bread the waiter notified me of a 4$ charge.. please don't say that in front of my wife that's so tacky. Yes I'll pay the 4$ can you just not tell me while I'm out here spending over 200$ for 2 people to eat.. Kitchen looked hectic from the window. I came for here for the food, I heard it was amazing. Next time I'll go back to Hawks,, at least they give extra grilled bread no questions asked

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