Little Caesars Pizza

1139 E Alosta Ave, Azusa
(626) 852-9600

Recent Reviews

Roderick Garcia

I feel that you get what you pay for, the great thing is you pick up the items you want anytime. They do not have a pizza made the way you want they can make it in 10 minutes! It was very clean inside and outside in fact the whole shopping Center where Little Caesars is located very very clean. Disabled parking and everything else he would expect for a $8 Pizza Batman out.

Maria Camacho

I was not satisfied with my order last time I go dear for pizza ?

anita vandlay

The terrible 2s. Terrible customer service and terrible food. Never coming or eating food from here again!

Yvette Gonzalez

Bombay me and my bf always order here. He thinks he gets the better treatment but they are awesome there and I love the service that they give to both of us


Tastes great if u eat it right away

Drew Tuazon

The employees are really nice.

ricardo hernandez

I call and lady told to hold on on line I said ok and she keep me 20 minutes

Mary Nevarez

As always pretty good. I would recommend a thicker crust and as customers if they prefer heavy or light sauce.

thechris thechris

Rude and bad customers service this place suck

Ariel Ramos

if i put both together I would get what I normally get for 1, at other times was there a new worker and y would I go back for 1 more sauce, u should of just filled it up in the first place

Anthony Baca

I absolutely love this location and I buy from here as much as I can

Jay Kulina

Rude employees... Nothing more to say. Good thing there is other locations than this dump. Will never ever come back until that rude cashier is gone from 5-22-20

Michelle Ortiz

The pizza there is soooo amazing ? Yummy

Angie Ortiz

Not professional at all the girl there just laughing and talking about her personal life with one of the other workers there waited to long for my pizza and once i got it it was the wrong order i went back and she gave me attitude about it. She started making rude comments to her fellow coworkers about us the customers that why cant we just take what we get and not complain i told her respectfully that i didn't appreciate her comments to please just hand me my order so i could get along with it she said that if I didn't like her conversation with her friend for me to make a complain with the manager i did and I'm never coming back.

Guadalupe Nevarez

EXCELLENT pizza & price.

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