Chef's Choice Noodle Bar

1534 19th St A, Bakersfield
(661) 325-1234

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hannah ogilvie

This is my go to for Asian cuisine. A lot of good options. Pineapple fried rice is a must try. Portion sizes are very generous.


Nice menu variety including lots of vegetarian choices. Well prepared and tasty. Especially liked tofu with peanut sauce...although if ordered again would request sauce on the side. Will visit again.

Dustin Summers

One of my favorite places to eat in town. Great food, great atmosphere. Friendly and amazing customer service. All in all really no complaints about this spot. First impression was the prices seemed a little high, but the quality is definitely worth it.

Matyas Stahl

Excellent place.

Darrin Baker

Was looking to try something new in Bakersfield. So me and my wife came here on a Saturday for lunch. The service was great food came out fast and when I got it I see why!! I got the Yakisoba Noddles and my wife got Jungle Curry. Also Crab Cakes which was not crab meat not sure what but Differently not Crab. I could tell my noddles was over cooked because they where stuck together. The beef was over also my wife’s food taste like watered down tomato soup with angel hair noddles and vegetable. The best thing we got was the Thai tea. For the price you would think they would cook fresh to order food. I’m willing to wait a few minutes for good fresh food. Won’t be coming back here.

Michael Thompson

I don't get a chance to eat here often but I always enjoy it. I usually get the crab fried rice and usually can't finish it, too much food! Today I had the orange chicken and brown rice, it was great. My brother-in-law got the same but with white rice and said it was good, too. The staff is very friendly and we will be back.

Dawn Snyder

Staff very friendly and responsive. We ordered pineapple fried rice, pad thai, and others. Ask for the fresh cut chili !! They mixed it up nicely with soy sauce, tasted very good. Reasonable price, didn't expect to find such nice place in the middle if nowhere.

Jan Kukula

Phenomenal restaurant! Great service and delicious food! Had a wonderful date night.


Great food, price was ok for Downtown Bakersfield. Servings we large and food was spot on for lunch..

MaryFrances L.

Mango Sticky Rice is a must. It's perfect and just everything I want. I tried the Jungle Curry. So many layers of flavor, I was surprised by it. I want to go back and try their other curries.

Sarah G.

They just lost 2 regular customers. This used to be my boyfriend and my favorite place to eat. Every date night was spent here and we always had a great experience, great service and great food. We always referred friends to them, until now.. We would here and there order food to go and it never failed for them to mess up our order. This recent to go order was the last straw. We live 25min away from Chef's Choice Noodle there and back each time they got our order incorrect we would drive a total of 50min. This recent to go order was IT!!!! It was date night, we ordered to go, my boyfriend picked up the food and asked the host if everything was in. All restaurants I've ever eaten at always double check the bag for caution. She said she checked already and got home to see obviously she didn't. The order was wrong. We called the restaurant and kindly let them know what happened and they offered to make a new one. We drive all the way back, get the "new one" and asked the host if it was correct and she said yes. We gave them the benefit of the doubt, drove home to open the bag and WRONG AGAIN. We immediately call, now a bit bothered and explain our circumstances of how this keeps happening with their to go's. We then asked for the manager, the host gives the phone to what was "so called the manager" IT WASN'T. We later found out. Our guess is one of the other hosts or servers acted to be the manager. The way we found out was because the person on the phone said "ummm oh let me ask the manager". Minutes into the conversation of them telling us they were the manager. It was a female on the phone and we heard the manager was male sooooooo that was another taddle-tell sign. How unprofessional! Here we are being so forgiving of their mistakes and gave them the benefit of the doubt and they do this to us. I've never had such horrible customer service ever.

Jennifer Copeland

My preferred spot for quality Thai food. I look forward to going back again. It has a nice feel to it. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.

Danica Vittoria

Delicious. Owners are so friendly and accomodating. Love everything I've had off the menu. I like that tax is already in the price you see makes it easy for large groups

Daniel Johnson

I liked the food both times I went. This last time I got jalapeno poppers and drunken noodles. The time before I got green curry. I'll go eat here again. There are a lot of options on the menu. I'd recommend it for sure.

Linda Jimenez

Love this place. However our last two experiences ordering the Tom Yum noodle soup was less than to be desired. So surprising because that soup wa outstanding. The flavor is missing something. I think it had ground chicken in it before. now it’s chunks of chicken and minimal amounts of peanuts. I’m not one to complain but really disappointed in the soup. we used to love going there for it especially on a cold winter night Actually you could have that soup anytime of the year that’s how good it used to be. Kind of disappointed.

Lydia Lopez

My preferred place for quality thai food. Food was so tasty. I'll return friends next time. The bill won't shock you. Feels like a place in Charlotte that I enjoyed visiting.

Richard Hill

This place is absolutely amazing. I reccomend the surf and turf with pineapple fried rice. So much food you can share!

Sherri S.

I went there the other day for the first time with my husband on recommendation from a friend currently in the hospital whose ICU Doc is the owner of this restaurant. I had the orange chicken, brown rice, veggie gyoza, and house salad with miso dressing. Excellent food, excellent service, very reasonably priced. I love this place so much so, that I ordered the same thing again about an hour or so through a delivery service and it tastes just as awesome as it did the first time. I can safely say that I am officially addicted to Chef's Choice Noodle Bar, and I will be a regular there now.

Rendy S.

Staff very friendly and responsive. We ordered pineapple fried rice, pad thai, and others. Ask for the fresh cut chili !! They mixed it up nicely with soy sauce, tasted very good. Reasonable price, didn't expect to find such nice place in the middle if nowhere.

Derek Robles

This place is delicious and has an awesome ambiance. I come here a lot for dinner and lunch and it never disappoints. It's located downtown so it can get pretty busy at lunch but it's totally worth the wait. The people that own it are nice and run a great business. The Pad Thai is the best in town and that is usually my go to.

Chef's Choice Noodle Bar

1534 19th St A, Bakersfield, CA 93301