1000 Real Rd, Bakersfield
(661) 324-0557

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today i decided to get some cookies from mcdonald?s. the other day i went to the mcdonald?s on olive drive & i got 3 chocolate chip cookies for $1 & they warmed them up for me & everything. i had the same idea coming to this mcdonald?s today. they said that 3 cookies would come out to $1.59, so i decided to purchase only 2 for $1.18. when i got to the window, the lady handed them to me & they weren?t warmed up. so i asked if they were able to warm them up for me & she said no in a mean tone & shut the window. i did not appreciate how careless & rude she was.

Sophie Holder

Cheap food and the feeling at this spot is great. Very appetizing. I will be back with my relatives.

Federico Acob

Easy to order and fast delivery. Employees are friendly and courteous.

Robert Palomo

The thing that the employees should do is, make sure that they get the simplest orders correctly. There are only 4 items that I enjoy over there at McDonald's. My mom orders 2 all the time things all the time and they still don't get it right. She'll order 2 cookies and a sweet tea.

Rick Garza

Great customer service. Food was fresh .

Robert Arway

By not putting so much ice in their drinks. I just purchased a large Coke from there and it was almost to the top with ice

Jake Brown

Quick service and ?food? done right. Bonus points to the early morning staff for fluid bilingualism.

Reginald R

Nice site for quality Cheap food. The service was very friendly and kind. The prices are well within reason for the quality.


Got The Vanilla Ice Cream Cone. Yum Yum Yum

Virginia Rubio

Very good customer service, food was fresh, inside restaurant was clean. Appreciate the good service, when you get it. Thank you!

Aaron Cano

Ordering here is pretty quick unless you order the quarter pounder meal. I guess because they have to cook it longer. Either way, I like this Mickee Dees more than other spots around town

Melissa Meza

Nice and clean. Love the new look


This McDonald's has fast friendly and accurate service. The food is always fresh here and oddly on this particular visit I realized that this McDonald's location has never ever asked me to pull to the side and wait for anything. I really like that.

Jesus Miguel Mejia

They have great customer service, and the also assist you if you need anything else. She was the best employee I've ever met and ask if we needed anything else.

janet Messerschmidt

Can never count on freshness at this location, sometimes buns are great, other times they are dry ..

Elizabeth Madrigal

Food not fresh . Chicken nuggets taste old

Shari T.

Went in to get the buy one get one for $1 .....and a big cockroach was crawling on the wall! Told the cashier and all she did was shrug her shoulders. Told the manager and she knocked it off and smashed it with her foot! Then looked at us like we did something wrong for saying it! Poor cashier was just doing her job but the female manager was straight up rude about it! We left as well as the people behind us! Don't go in there. Gross.

Jim Waters

My only complaint is they can't seem to get my order correct, I order and get something else, sausage sandwich and get ham in a sausage paper wrap which tells me they are aware and choose to do it wrong! Good food but, they must run out and sneak something else on you hoping you don't complain. The did comp my next meal but that is not the point! Now I order the sausage burrito, kinda hard to mess that up. I will keep going there but very frustrating to say the least.

Elisabeth Morales

I love the food menu but hate the prices I want the coffee back to a dollar and more dollar menu other then that I love the food here

Astreezy _

Very rude and unprofessional! Drive-Thru worker accused me of being wrong when I politely asserted that my order was wrong missing cheese. The worker took my Big Mac and returned it with a piece of cold cheese. I went inside to demand a fresh burger. Once I locate the receipt I will escalate this matter. Youâ??re better off going to the McDonaldâ??s on Stockdale Hwy.

Brian Chapman

Come in and eat delicious McDonald's food, or just sit and watch the residentially challenged folks go about their daily routines. Please understand that while many people choose to live their lives on the streets, there are those who have had a bad hand dealt to them and nowhere or no one to turn to but themselves. So feel free to help them out with some spare change or some food or a kind word. It won't go unappreciated, just be wise in your decisions on whom to help.

Richard M Vazquez

Good food just too many homeless

Isabella M.

Angel was so amazing for such a small young lady she was quick friendly and over all a sweet heart I'll be back anytime because of her.

Jocy G.

The pictures say it all. Was there 15minutes ago, didn't bother to go back because it's too far and there's an accident near by.

Rita B.

3 stars is for convenience being close to the freeway exit and way to get back on the 99. We usually stop here if we need to use the bathroom or one of the kids are hungry and we don't want to make a full stop. 3 stars also for the bathrooms which are usually clean. 2.5 stars for service though. I can be a difficult customer at McDonald's because I hate the food (except for fish filets; I've loved those since I was a kid). For instance, sometimes I just want a coffee, one kid just wants fries, one kid wants an apple pie - so I'll try to make a combo out of it or see the cheapest/most efficient way to place the order. Employees here only want to take a standard order, there's no thinking outside the box to accomplish what you want (so 1.5 star for putting up with my annoying butt).

Jerome Maston

There's is nothing like McDonald's. #1 go to for all times!

shyann reyes

I did not like their service.. I usually don't rate fast food but this makes me upset. No other customer in drive through and i got asked to park my car in the stall so they could bring my food out when ready. Didn't receive my childs apple juice in his kids meal and both orders of fries literally had less than half filled the container. Very upset to find this out when i drive all the way home. I will not be going back to this McDonald's anymore!


Clean fast fresh and accurate at getting orders correct and friendly workers when eating inside â?? clean restrooms

Michelle Dub

Drive threw was slow and order was half complete. But id still go back. id just have to take my time as well next time and go through my bags

Travon Stewart

6The Food was like always fast and easy! And the dining experience was good. Next time I'll try Carl's jr

Jessica R.

Wow honestly out of all the McDonald's I've been to I have to I've never been greeted and helped by a friendlier staff. Not only did they recommend new items on the menu they never once made feel like a hassle since I went through the drive through right before they closed. Thank you Julio, marisol and cori for your amazing service!

Jeremi Madden

I ordered a McDouble with leaf lettuce and tomato and it was by far the prettiest sandwich of any McDonald's restaurant I have ever experienced

Brittany fonseca

Loved this place it's my favorite ð????ð??? place to eat fast food at . Loved there food ,there workers and there service.

saul smartinez

This place its ok if you like fast food i really just go for my kids


Glad they still do everything the same everywhere. Just needed sausage egg McMuffin with no cheese. Good Job guys.

Jessica Flores

I went simply to get my niece a happy meal and ended up eating something as well. I had the original Big Mac meal. Thank you so much for your time. The staff are really sweet and fast.

Jeff Rivera

Easily accessible from the freeway when driving to and tryin San Diego. Located off the 99 on California in Bakersfield

Kris & Tanea

Fast food is just fast food but it'd more then that these kind folks that work at this McDonald's are rare they always take care of me like its should be

michael grijalva

Not all McDonald's are created equal, this particular location is one of the better ones

D D.

Best McDonald's everrrrrrrr. Breakfast sandwiches on point! Device was excellent. Sandwiches tasted like they had extr a cheese.