4600 Ming Ave, Bakersfield
(661) 833-8706

Recent Reviews


I love to take my grandkids to eat and play in the playground. But they should pay more attention because a girl came in with a pit bull I told her that my grandson is allergic to dogs and they got mad at me and were very unrespecful.

George Zaragosa

From Oxnard visiting family I was recommended this facility it was fresh, hot fries definitely next time I'm in town I will revisit, plus fast and friendly. ??‍♂️

Michael Lozano

Fresh fries all the time. And everything else. I'm just a french fry guy. Lol ?

Emerald B.

Went to this location on Ming Ave. this past Sunday around 9:00am. The restaurant was clean, the service was fast, the employees were professional, and my order was correct. Definitely will return to this McDonald's next time I am in Bakersfield.

Tanya P.

We usually have a great experience but today the customer service was not on point. We went through the drive thru and order and the girl working drive thru sounded like she didnt even want to be there. Sounded very irritated on the speaker and when she asked what we wanted to drink we said dr.pper or mr pibb and she says "excuse me" that is not the way to speak to a customer who is trying to order food.

Cynthia Martin

Great Place for kids to work off a little steam..

Angel & Eliza Lozano

My kids love it here overall great service

Janisha McAlister

Food was fresh and fast. Would go back again

Greg Straw

Service is good, but the ability to serve sundae's is frequently down.

Cecilia Rocha

Super nice employees and very clean indoor playground.

Shanette M.

The drive thru workers are very friendly and do a good job at taking my order quickly. My food is always fresh and hot. I like coming here for my lunch break.

Lynda Champlin

Two for $3:00 the chicken sandwich was hot and tasted good.

brad dahl

Not to good of customer service and they forgot my hashbrownwith my deluxe breakfast meal and when I went to the counter to ask for my hashbrowns they acted like I like living and had ate it already. Very rude.....

Yolanda Alonzo

Food good. But, u must check to b sure u get the correct order. Many times in the drive thru, I was shorted.

Fred Torres

Quick friendly drive thru. No glitches.

Chris R.

Manager wasn't knowledgeable about policies in regards to offering discounts to Bus drivers who bring a group to McDonalds. Very dismissive and short. Condition of the restaurant was dirty near the soda machine. Food was hot and the service time was good. Parking isn't bus or RV friendly.

Andromida Patterson

I swear McDonalds already has amazing soda but yesterday the Coke was the best soda I've had in a long time. And the egg mcmuffins were fresh

Mama Bear

Ordered a quarter pounder with ONLY pickles and mayonnaise got home and it had onions ketchup and mustard. I called the store 3 times and no one answered. Its really disappointing that even simple orders get messed up. And the customer service is garbage if you cant answer the phone when customers call to complain about you messing up the food that they PAID for

PatrickJ T.

One of my go to McDonald's locations back in the day. Have not returned to this Mickey D's in years. Happy to say that I was pleased with my last visit. The restaurant was spotless, and the service was quick, friendly, and efficient. Foodwise, I stuck with my two favorites Cheeseburger and apple pies were all yummy as always. Yup, I'm still a fan of this McDonald's even after my long absence.

Aaron Cano

Always have amazing service and the food is top notch. You can never go wrong here.

Grandma Roxy

Drive, somewhat friendly.

Wevone Tucker

McDonald's coffee is better than star bucks and for a better deal.

Dan Marty

What can I say, if you have a pulse, you love I would give them five stars but I had to pay for the food that is free LOL

edwina pinkett

Very unprofessional, Who starts Breakfast in the morning and doesn’t make sure the headset is charge to take orders? At 8:00am on 09-23-2019 there was a whole line of people stuck in the first lane, mean while second lane was working fine. I had to call inside to speak with management and she was rude. Good morning people get it together.

maribell franco

Every time I go to this location thru the drive thru I have to come back because something is always missing. Please check your bag before you leave.

The Eli G.

I don't understand why but there ice cream machine Is almost always down... (Always) being a popular youtuber and all I love to get some ice cream cause I am 12 the food is sometimes good but I just dont like that they almost always tell me the icecream machine is down. My 17 year old friend will drive me there just to get let down. Don't bother coming here for ice cream. They have some great ice cream but they use the excuse that its down and this applies to ALL McDonalds but this one is bad. My reasoning is that some lady waited till we got to the window to TELL me their machine was down... machine's dont just go down like that... they have to be lying. They are probably too lazy to fill it and freeze it. Like I said most likely they will be down, go to a better place for icecream. Please don't search The Eli G. On YouTube that Is not my channel name. I will not tell you what it is. You must find it ;)

Robert Long

Scrumptious! Only the finest of palates will appreciate the true beauty of this Scottish originating cuisine. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough of it! I need to gorge myself on multiple McGriddles. Create a special!

Joseph Cruz

Great, hot food but the service was a little slow for a non congested facility.

Debbie Thornton

It was good. Always get A Caramel Frappe and Double Cheeseburger

Alijah Darrett

The people there were so nice and the food was good

Grease Vaselina

Nice McDonald's. Has a placeplace for kids and one for toddlers. Unfortunately they only had 2.5 tables in the kids playplace area.

Peter Morris

Best ever. Two killer cheese burgers


I tried the kiosk to order. Must say service was A1. Will be back again. Store was 9/10 clean on the inside. Not dirty just could be cleaner

Rosalie Ruelas

It was good but the people were not paying attention to us

Leslie I.

This McDonald's is a very hit or miss. Customer service is good.. depending on who's working. It's always packed and busy. Orders are wrong most of the time. Also be prepared to order fast, they rush you to get your order in so they can move on to the next customer. The inside is always clean though, can't complain about that.

Jonathan Valdez

I love mc donalds but if you eat here and go work out you will through up trust me from experience

Robin Harkleroad

They are so fast and efficient in the morning. Love to grab breakfast on the way to work.

Mël TheColorOfYou

McDonald's is so DELICIOUS 😋 there menus are always UPGRADING for more value meals that are mouthwatering!!

Alvin McNiel

Could have been better ordered a 20 piece chicken nuggets they felt and taste old and I took my son into play in The Play Place he had fun also the workers there belly smile at each other but then when they come and talk with you they look like they don't want to be there

Lamalas Elansie

I mean, it's McDonald's lol. It's not bad, but price exceeds quality. Fries are good though.