5363 Olive Dr, Bakersfield
(661) 392-1201

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Every time I go here, doesn't matter that time or how busy it is and I order a double quarter pounder they make me pull forward and wait 5-10 minutes. Go to the McDonald's on Coffee road 5 minutes away from this one, they're way better and faster.


Mc donalds is always good. I usually just buy a coffee around!!

Michele Magyar

Great for children that need to play with others.⭐👏⭐

Kay Noles

Great service friendly people enjoyed my time

Randell E Dodson

Rude, I will be going to a locally owned Hamburger place!

Jorge M.

Service was good, the food was made pretty fast but the patties were really thin and burgers were really plain. On top of that the pickles were outside the burger?Fries were drenched in oil and the fries were oily and soggy..

Deborah M.

This McDonalds very rarely has orange juice. When I asked why I was told probably because no one knew how to clean machine. This is unsanitary and and makes me wonder about the cleanliness of restaurant. I will not go there again and can't recommend. If machine is not broken why don't they have the juice? Take it off the menu.

Nonii George

I used to love McDonalds but the prices here are shit. might as well go to a real restaurant. I've been going to in & out. better prices better burgers and good amount of fries.

Matthew Duthridge

McDonald's speaks for itself billions served can't be wrong....

Deborah Taylor

Both attendants were to much in a hurry to listen to what I ordered I said my order twice and still got it wrong it was simple 2 sweet teas xtra ice sm fry. Got 2 reg tea no fry twice said they had to brew more and offered sugar in bag. There are no subs on your own only if cust agrees. Bad service bad service.

Mary W.

I've eaten lunch at this Mc Donald's on 6/18 and 6/25/19. Both times the service was adequate. I told someone 1st time. 2nd time, I notified someone in charge... Door left look stuffed w/paper so it Would Not Lock! Unfortunately, both times I complained of dirty bathroom...out of toilet seat covers...toilet paper to be used in roll on floor... ***Both time Disabled toilet Out of Order... ** The other toilet left w/Auto flush Not Working... So Couldn't use bathroom at all. Obviously notifying Anyone, makes No difference.

Stephanie Castillo

Very rude General manager, she just tells you how your wrong and doesn’t try to rectify situations at the store or fix orders, again Corine the General Manager is extremely rude and so are most of the employees at this location. And our food through the drive thru took 15 min for 2 simple meals. So by the time we got our food it was cold and our frappes were like water.

Angie Jesus M.

Service was horrible! Manager white lady that's always there in the mornings is so damn rude she's rude to her employees and also I felt like she was rushing me. Smh will never go here again I thought it would be more professional

Brandon W.

worst customer service and mangers they disrespect there customers i used to work for mcdonald's and i know how there food is cooked and they try to me that i'm wrong


Clean. Fast & friendly service. Manager was a very friendly guy. Greeted me with a hello & a smile. Didn't catch his name, but he displayed great customer service with a great positive professional attitude. Now that's how you great your customers ladies & gentlemen. Place was clean. Definitely will go back soon.

Sandy Muniz

Very fast service and very polite. I will be going back there. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Kerilyn Hearron

Just dirty. Trash cans overflowing. Trash on floors. No clean tables. And there was only 2 other tables with customers. Plenty of employees just standing around talking. Took almost 15 mins to get a happy meal and cheeseburger combo. Don't bother


Me and my 4 kiddos went here for a late night dinner service was amazing and they even hooked it up on pickels lol

Cindy Williams

Great. Fast friendly service. Food is always hot

Andre Cook

I had hashbrown cooked to ordered and two McDonald's mcdoubles and they were hot and fresh



5363 Olive Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93308