5363 Olive Dr, Bakersfield
(661) 392-1201

Recent Reviews

Don Castillo

Food is great when you need it right away

Teri Ornelas

The customer service was friendly. Although there is a car wash next door which made it very difficult to order going through the drive through.

Jim C.

For the past few visits that I've come here which I come here almost every morning to get my coffee before work I need to stir it to blend the caramel flavoring into it otherwise it's all rusty on the bottom of the cup also that could be a little bit more of the flavoring added to it not a lot but a little bit more wouldn't hurt.

Capri Bolanos

Very nice cashiers but the Food was ok

Nathan Sharpe

They have been my Go too Mcdonalds sense this location opened. So far only had one major problem and they fixed it. Great Majority of the time there Awesome people.

Sabrina D.

If I could give one star to this McDonald's I would. I use to love this location. Everytime they mess up or forget something. Also the staff isn't wearing gloves and some weren't even wearing mask.

Enrique Tovar

WORST SERVICE EVER! I complained to the manager as to they had the front doors CLOSED and I drive for UBER EATS my app instructions were cleared as to pick up inside but the restaurant had a sign saying that they were CLOSED! I called the manager and she said she was sorry but i had to use the drive- thru so they made me line up as if i was gonna pick up a new order instead of opening the door and service the food from the front lobby doors. I filed a report to Uber Eats but the manager filed one against me for being rude as it was backwards she was the one going against the pick up instructions, i took pictures of the signage in her restaurant and one of my app instructions that clearly states to pick up inside.

Javier Montes

3 drivers behind me got there food before I did just cuz I added bacon on my burger n they forgot the nuggets n I had to drive back n line to git them but they were polite about it n gave me them

adam klang

The fries are the BEST!!

Erin Carpenter

The staff are friendly and courteous.

Erik Mayhew

Franklin still alive you to go in and pick up your food. Which as a delivery driver I appreciate.

Winston Garza

Warm fries every time. Never cold. My go to McDonald's.


I never thought it would be so hard to order some medium french fries and a double cheeseburger. That's it, so simple... but yet it took so long.

Isador Cruz Jr

It's McDonald's you can't mess up a soda and fries

Topanga Carroll

We ordered two big Macs and it only came with one patty each. Everything else was fine except that. The manager was kind enough to get us two new ones. After my sister ate one already.

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