St. James Gate

1410 Old County Rd, Belmont
(650) 592-5923

Recent Reviews

Natasha M.

The worst customer service ever. The bar looks good, but unfortunately they can't handle a full seat and waiting list. I don't recommend

Tony N.

Place and location is not the most ideal, but wanting try it out anyways since I was in the area. A bit dark and quiet area only notice street parking, but many great bars and pubs are similar, but as I entered the door I noticed no one was around other then the bartenders and few people at the bar which took a good look at me. I stood by the door for about 10 min and no employee came by nor the bartenders greeted or ask if I needed any help. There was a podium, but no host or anyone to seat you. After 10 minutes a female server came by and walked right passed me and ignored me, as she came back around I told her I had a RSVP and she said no I don't have any rsvp. Not really the most friendly or professional place, like to support the locals and never like to judge businesses by its covers, but definitely did not felt welcome if you are not a familiar face.....

Jim W.

So it is a wooden bar with many a photographs tacked on the walls. Enjoyed the Rolling Stones posters. Huge whiskey selection. Full bar. **Go to the patio and you are teleported to a tropical oasis with fire pits and tiki accoutrements! Very well done. They serve food, too. They have special food nights, too.

Lynn B.

I had the best night with my friends here. We sat out by the fire pit and had delicious cocktails- Franklin was an amazing server - attentive and charming.

Monica B.

Sweet outdoor seating area in the back! Sweet cocktail selection. I really enjoyed the strawberry basil lemonade and my partner enjoyed the mezcal drink, I think it was called Jalisco or jalapeño heat. The outdoor seating outside is so cute. They have a lot of cute string lights and lights hanging and fire pits and heat lamps. They have food if you get hungry too and it's OK - we had the Buffalo wings. They're not amazing but they were aight to hit the spot in the moment. Eight wings come with celery and carrots and ranch. The best part about the place is really the ambiance. I was chilling outside. They have seating in the front and back - and people were even sitting inside at the bar! I wasn't ready for that lol but it's available. The back was so spacious and we were far from others. Highly recommend getting a drink or drinks here!!

phil graves

Debra, our server, was great. Food was prompt and very good. Beer was cold. I'll be back.

Wendy Obregon

Took very long to get drinks but overall nice place


My friend and I decided we were going to meet here for lunch and when my friend went in to look for me and I hadn't shown up yet, the woman working there treated her Soooo rudely. Bad day? My friend is the absolute sweetest person. I won't be going here ever again. Bad way to run business. Bad way to treat people also.

Marwil Nuñez

excellent place good attention, good atmosphere recommended 100%

Nicole C.

I came in the other day excited to enjoy an outdoor lunch with a coworker and was met with total rudeness. No one was at the front so I made my way back to the patio to search for my lunch companion. I was asked by a waitress to "take a seat". I said I would in a moment I was waiting for someone and like any normal person, shot off a "hey where are you?" text when I didn't see my friend. I should note that at the time of my arrival the place was DEAD. Only 3 people inside. The waitress comes back and snaps at me that I either need to sit down now or leave that she "cant have me just walking around her restaurant" (at this point I've been there maybe two freaking minutes). I told her "fine I'll go then" and left to go elsewhere. With all the restaurants struggling to get business, you would think they would be warm and welcoming to customers, not treating them like an inconvenience. Too bad, myself and fellow teachers used to order lunches often. We will find a new spot.

Heidi B.

We arrived and were told by the bouncer the wait was 10 minutes, it ended up being close to an hour. Was disappointed the kitchen had closed during that time that we waited so all we could get was fried food. There wasn't really any service, like if we wanted anything we had to hunt someone down to take our order. There were no heaters where we sat and the table was wobbly. We really went for the bacon tots, but what they fail to mention is that they're bacon jalapeño tots. I found it odd they charged to get in, like why am I paying to sit in the cold and wonder if I'll ever get a drink or some food. Honestly will never go back.

Ramon Weaver

Almost passed by without noticing this place. I really dig the simple decor in here (nice choice on the tables and lights) and the service is always friendly. I haven't tried a lot of things on the menu, but the sandwiches I have tried were all prepared very well and the coffee was decent. I plan to return over a weekend to try their breakfast because it all sounds good and they have a nice patio out in front that's prime for taking advantage of the Spring weather.

Robin Sharp

I've been here twice and both of those times I've been served wonderfully and eaten delicious food! The seating outside is my favorite, because of how nice it is and less crowded then it is inside.So my tip is, get a seat outside if you can!

Bryan Kaplan

I wish I'd known about this place sooner. The patio is a nice environment. The prices are reasonable. The service is friendly. It's a nice place to spend time.

Anna N.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade is all it's cracked up to be without the hangover you would expect. Other bars try to copy this signature drink without using Ketel One and add too much sugar i.e. hangover for yours truly. Onion rings that came with the sandwich we got stole the show. I can't even remember the sandwich to be honest. Best onion rings I have ever had, because when you take a bite it doesn't slide out from the coating. You take a bite and everything stays together. Kinda hard to explain, but see for yourself. The battering is not your typical corn bread crumb. More like a delightful unglazed donut. Customer service was good considering it was a busy night. Took 45 minutes of asking multiple people to get the heat lamp turned on. If this happens to you ask for Rene, as he might be the only one who knows how they operate and when the propane is out!

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