SunRice Cafe

1504 El Camino Real, Belmont
(650) 592-4837

Recent Reviews

Tim Bromagem

Great place for an awesome breakfast! If you haven't tried a silog before, you gotta try one here.

angeline b.

Pretty good Filipino breakfast. Got the tocilog, pork sinigang, and Leche flan. Garlic rice was amazing but the tocino didn't have too much flavor. Sinigang was a pretty big portion and had a good amount of veggies and pork. The soup itself was more salty than sour, but still went well with rice. The rice that came with the sinigang was a good portion for the size of the sinigang! The leche flan was pretty small for its price but it tasted good.

Jose R. Martinez

Great service and the food is very tasty I had the Pancit and Lumpia Plate which was very very good. I just wished the portions you get were a little more generous but flavorwise they got it down...

Joe A.

REALLY GOOD place for Filipino breakfast. Food is always good and service is always pleasant!

Joclyne G.

I recommend 100 % this place! The lady on the phone and in person was the most genuine! Authentic small businesses such as these are those we need to preserve! I got the lumpia's which did not disappoint! Will be coming back

Tiffany R.

I used to live where I could easily get my Filipino breakfast fix. I have been in RWC for 8 years and decided to try this place. Love it!! I have been missing out. The food is good. Woman who answers the phone is so kind. We will continue to support this small business!

Yahir Terrell

I had a wonderful time at this place. We loved the nice environment and the food. The waiters are super affable. I am happy we eventually decided to visit here.

Isaias Galloway

Would certainly recommend eating here. Exceptional mood, flavorful food, excellent service. Keep up the good work.

Christina L.

My favorite place to get Filipino breakfast! Everything on the menu is bursting with flavors. My go to is the chicken soup -- perfect for recovery soup or for rainy day! The owners and staff are super friendly and generous.

Anthony M.

Soooo convenient for the area! Finally some Filipino food around this neck of the woods.

Stephanie A.

Ordered take out yesterday. The woman who was working was so sweet!

I got the arroz caldo with the combo silog
SO DAMN GOOD! Can't wait to come back.

Definitely a local gem. Going to tell everyone about this spot because we need more Filipino food around this area!

Camille M.

Yummy!  love  all the food! Just the right portions for the kanin & itlog. Cute How they include a small portion of pineapple .

Maria V.

I haven't eaten a Filipino food breakfast in 10 years but I remember eating food like this growing up in the PI.  If they gave out Michelin stars for little cafes this place should get at least one. The quality of their food is excellent.
I ordered the chicken adobo breakfast and the marinated beef (tapsilog) breakfast. Also a side order of champorado which is Filipino hot chocolate rice pudding served with a little evaporated milk poured over.
So excellent! The champorado was hot with the right amount of sweetness and a lingering taste of chocolate. Silky taste in yr mouth.
The adobo chicken was cut correctly- crosswise thru drumsticks. Not too much oil but the right amount.
The tapsilog is marinated well and goes great with the enclosed serving of garlic vinegar. To eat: take a piece of tapsilog, a quick dunk in the vinegar, add some hot rice with dried garlic on top and into yr mouth! Omg! Will def be back!

Alana A.

Recently moved to the Peninsula and missed our old Filipino restaurant. Tried this place out and am loving it! The food is delicious and the woman that served us is very kind! Will definitely be going back.

Tyra J.

This place is DAMN good!!!! Tell you friends about them. We need them to stay afloat during Covid

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