900 Grayson

900 Grayson St #2618, Berkeley
(510) 704-9900

Recent Reviews

Josh B.

Hands down, in my opinion the best chicken and waffles spot in the Bay Area. I've been here at least 10 times and always get the chicken and waffles with gravy on the side. During covid, I'm not sure if they're doing outdoor dining but I ordered delivery and the chicken and waffles were still on point. I've been to several other chicken and waffles spots in the Bay Area and most of them have been disappointing. The chicken at Grayson is always cooked perfectly with a slight hint of spice and the gravy is very flavorful.

Allison W.

Breakfast- brunch - lunch? You really can't go wrong here! Demon Lover - highly recommend paying the extra to get both the gravy and the syrup it's definitely worth it! Grayson Burger Miss Piggy SandoThis is a small restaurant inside but also offers an outdoor patio. They are doing take out during the indoor restaurant closures. The food here is amazing! The staff are great! Everything is large in size and great hefty portions. You will definitely have leftovers! While most times I get the demon lover - the Grayson burger is quite the hidden gem! The burger is large and "juicy" and is seasoned well!

Selena V.

I always love coming to 900 they have the best chicken and waffles. Everyone is super nice. I love their homemade gravy and hot sauce.

Kay D.

Whenever I'm in the area at the shops on Bay Street Emeryville, I'll make sure to stop by 900 Grayson for some delicious fried chicken & waffles!!WHAT WE ORDERED Demon lover (chicken & waffle) with house gravy (Go with gravy, it's delicious, you won't regret it) If it's your first time ordering at 900 Grayson, just go with their popular chicken & waffle, it's incredible! Fried chicken sando It was my first time trying that, it was good like any other chicken sando. I wasn't impressed by it. The fries are homemade fresh, it doesn't feel greasy after you eat it. that's why it's called no guilt fries LOL. TIME 10/10we ordered our takeout over phone like 20min prior and it has always been ready when I pick up my meal SERVICE 10/10 Excellent service each time I pick up my food. The owners always asked us if we want house hot sauce, yessir! The hot sauce gives a kick to the meal. COVID PROTOL 10/10 Social distance is enforced Outdoor dining is availableI was impressed that there's a clean pens station to sign the receipts. Not many restaurants has that.

Easence F.

This is one of my favorite breakfast places, I doordash/ caviar them often! Food is always excellent! Grits are creamy and fresh, the apple slaw is crunchy and fresh. The smoked Gouda omelet is one of the best!

Kevin F.

Decided to pull up and do a review on 900 Grayson's highly recommend dish The Demon Lover. I have to say food met all my expectations. 5 out of 5 on my ratings scale. Service was excellent and quick, food was on point and very tasty. The chicken was tender and fried to perfection, seasoned very well. Their waffle wasn't hard it was very tender and the gravy & syrup combinations was perfect.Outside seating due to Covid-19 which is good still small restaurant with dope service. If you're in the Berkeley area I was definitely slide through to grab some good eats.

Karli Q.

We both had the demon lover on a Sunday around brunch time. I got gravy, he got syrup. Both were amazing and extremely filling. I think I left some bites on my plate. Highly recommend. We sat outside in the back, the table was wobbly, and it was a little breezy, but the servers were helpful and happy. We must've got lucky the day we went, because a couple weeks later, I realized the other reviews about the crowds are serious. Be prepared to wait during peak times.

Lisa N.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Oh wait never mind.... it didn't get a chance to.....For the amount food you'll be getting it is definitely worth the price! 3 huge pieces of chicken!! The waffle was just ok, I've had better.. kinda soft and and soggy because of the gravy and chicken sitting on top. You have the option to have the gravy on the side or on top. They charge you $2 more if you want gravy AND maple syrup. Should have asked for maple syrup next time because I like eating my waffles with syrup for some sweetness. The gravy isn't overly amazing like others have mentioned but it was still decent. I felt like it was lacking in some umphhh or spice. Too bad I didn't end up adding some of their side hot sauces. My mistake. Employees were wearing masks. I just wished tables were spaced out more. I felt like the tables were still close to one another and the wind made me very uncomfortable when I didn't have my mask on. Service is just ok.. could be better. I got my food to-go because it was definitely filling and I couldn't finish it all.I wouldn't say I am IN LOVE with this place.. but it's decent. If I could rate out of 10, I would give it a 8/10. I'd come back for the food if I was in the area and craving some chicken and waffles. Chick it out yourself!

Murphy L.

Take Out Today !! 1st Time I'm Disappointed !!2 Tiny Pieces Of Chicken for my Demon Lover !!The Only Reason 2* , Because This Is My Favorite Chicken & Waffle Joint !!

Re M.

Great place!Visited during COVID-era (Aug 2020). Great outside seating at a little patio behind the café. Tables have umbrellas for shade and are appropriately spaced.Food is GREAT. I was eating by myself and actually said "WOW" out loud when I tried the Seasonal Veggies. Burger was very good! Fries were tasty.Service was very good. Responsive and quite polite. I'd definitely come back.

Natashia F.

This is a great community place. Folks are really nice and they have the absolute best hash browns ever!!

salomon r.

I really like the fried chicken. I always get the gravy and syrup with it and mix them together it's so good. The vine is chill and i think it's a cool place to stop and have a bite and chat for a short while.

simon g.

Blam this spot rocks. They have lots of outside seating. They serve CreamCo meat and they clearly work really hard to perfect their food.

Marivic P.

Ordered steak and eggs and it's the smallest steak I've ever had from a brunch place. It was ok.

Vuyelwa W.

COBB SALAD: it's summer and am on a salad kick. So while working in our emeryville office ordered their Cobb salad to go.I arrived and it was pretty empty and social distancing is being practiced. Parking was easy street parking and I walked in and my order was ready . Paid and noticed their patio was open so I ended up eating in the lovely sunshine on the back patio. Salad was really good actually just the right amount too. Chopped Cobb Salad with chicken, avocado, cucumber, olives, double smoked applewood bacon, blue cheese vinaigrette, romaine, shaved egg and shoestring onion. I want to say I would definitely order this again! Hit the spot and I was unique and yummy twist to Cobb salad!

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