Abe's Pizza

2340 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-1129

Recent Reviews

Seung N.

Crust makes up a third of the actual pizza. Sauce and ingredients they use remind me of middle school cafeteria pizza. Taste isn't terrible but you can tell its made with cheap ingredients

Doug P.

The pizza came lacking toppings. Very sparing with their ingredients. I would try a different pizzeria. Parking is non existent as expected. The people are nice.

Richelle W.

I love ABE'S. They have great pizza and service too. What I really appreciate the most is that they can accommodate everyone in my house including amazing Vegetarian and Vegan pizzas. Which means everyone in my family is happy!

Ray K.

I ordered Thin Crust, Pesto sauce and Mushrooms Pizza for delivery.The delivery was perfect. The Pizza was perfect. I prefer a healthy pizza that tastes great and that's exactly what I got. The ingredients seemed to all be first rate and it was perfectly cooked. I have had Zachary's Pizza and I much preferred ABE's.ABE's has many interesting toppings and sauces!! Happily the Pizza had an amazing taste but was not Greasy. I will definitely re-order from ABE's pizza.

Mathew Swanson

They have always had good pizza

Marquitta H.

Since the change from Blondes to Abe the quality has improved tremendously.. so happy to get a good slice .

Tommy C.

Ordered this for delivery, the quality is good but the dough to toppings ratio is way off. A medium size pizza with more than 2-inch crust. Disappointed as Blondies back in the day was really great. Suggest fixing that ratio.

belal abdulhadi

Called Abes 4 times to place an order and they did not pick up, After placing order the order on site they informed that it takes 40min for the pizza to be ready. Its 10:40pm at night and there hardly a line to order. This place is understaffed. I am Disappointed, I like there pizza but Dominos online orders much more conivient. Not doing this agian

Brian Jakubson

Expensive white bread with sauce. For the price I paid for the pizza, I was not expecting to get white bread like dough pizza. Very underwhelming for the price I paid.

Ray T.

Great place to sit in (before the virus etc), for a giant slice of pizza! Always was open late. Still great place over the years.


Nice staff with large sized slices. Pizza is okay. With the ambiance, staff, and sizes, will become a great spot with improve quality.

Chigozie Maduchukwu

I have tried to order a personal 10” pizza twice from here, and both times they’ve failed. The first time, the man at the cash register tried to convince me that my pepporoni pizza with vegan cheese was $18. I told him I was not paying for that because that’s just not true. We went back and forth before he realized he made a mistake.

Zoe B.

Weirdly doughy kinda a puffy pizza def get toppings not great as a cheese or white pizza wouldn't recommend :(

Robert Blankenship

Best Pepperoni Pizza in the world. It's a fact.


Impressed beyond measure. Definitely going back in the future!

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