Acme Bar & Company

2115 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 644-2226

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Brian Mason

Great neighborhood bar

Yvette Watkins

There is limited parking out back so you may or may not have to find street parking although I've never had to. Maybe I've just been lucky.Anyway, give this place a chance! I believe on Mondays the games are free as well! Can't beat that.

L15 T

Tables far apart along the alleyway, bartender super chill, lots of great dog friends. Great place to sit outside and have a drink.

Jerico O.

Love that there's always something fun to discover. Recently I was in Berkeley and had a drink at Acme Bar and Company. I know the current world state makes adventures like this rare but this place almost seems like a hidden secret that all the locals know about. They have a beautiful colorful alley patio and a rustic one with a bar in the back. The have great spacing to comply with the outdoor enjoyment for covid. They also have a temperature reader. That was pretty awesome in itself. I've never been scanned like that before. We had a bottle of their Pineapple Daquiri which I've seen others rave about and I'm following suit. It was AMAZING! We also had a couple shots and some beer from the bar. So pick your poison and enjoy the laid back vibes in the patio of this local gem.Until next time. Cheers!

Hello A.

Did their walk up buy ( with a mask on) and my cocktail to-go was ready and nice and cold! Tasted so good too. If you return the glass bottle, they'll refill if with draft beer, so awesome!

Justin O.

Definitely one of the best places in the eastbay if you like spirits. It is the perfect place to go down the whisky rabbit hole. Mood is right, and it's close to the highway so it's easy to get to off of i80. Highly recommend if you're looking for a place to be left alone especially on a weekday

Alyia Y.

You don't see many Covid-19 post so let me be the first (or 7th). They're selling bottles at a pretty decent price (picked up Larceny for 30 Bucks Kettle for 25 ) and two bottles worth of Pineapple Daquiri goodness (12 drinks in total). If you're like me and are sick of making crappy cocktails in your kitchen then this is your saving grace. The daiquiris were phenomenal and they got me litty in my livingroom. Like most businesses nowadays they are using their strength and know how to continue serving the community; keeping masks and social distancing at 100. I'll legit be back tommorow to try the Mai-Tais

Tim Ferman

The bar offers the widest selection of whiskies that I have ever seen. The thought and knowledge put into each of the drink menus and tasting flights is superb. Great juke box, great bar tenders, and the owner brings out charcuterie plates from time to time. Ask about renting this place out as a venue.

Danni Lee

I really enjoy coming here and enjoying a beverage. Friendly bartenders that know their whiskeys.

Eitan C.

I love this bar! Amazing bartenders, liquors, and vibes. They have a lovely back patio, and the whole bar is dog-friendly. The only two drawbacks are the prices of liquor pours (you pay about half the retail price of the entire bottle for a single pour. For example, a $60 bottle of Edradour 10yr is $30 for a pour), and the lack of a pool table. Whenever I am here I always get the well shot/PBR special or a cocktail (which are all delicious, but in the $11-$13 range) to save on cost, even though I am a whisky enthusiast through and through. I just can't bring myself to pay their whisky prices. That being said, their well whisky is Evan Williams, which is quite good for a well. They also have a fun "mystery shot" which is constantly changing, and only costs $3 ($2 if the song Africa by Toto is playing [yes, seriously]). Usually it's something gross and sugary, but sometimes they have interesting liquors in there. Only one way to find out! Overall, I love this place, and I come way too often.

Adam S.

Still a die hard regular here. Still see great service across the board at fair prices. Due to a barrage of dishonest reviews coming in from October 29th, I felt compelled to start a yelp account and write a review because I was present when said interaction took place. Anyone suggesting or saying they got compromised service on the basis of their identity should be completely and totally ashamed of themselves for making a false claim of this magnitude on a public forum like yelp. While I was sitting a the bar on Tuesday night, a group of about 7-9 people walk in and are quickly greeted by the bartender followed by asking if everyone can get their ID's out. (The state of California has incredibly harsh penalties for serving minors, so everyone should be prepared to show identification when arriving to a bar) After that process transpired, the bartender handed out menus and then proceeded to return to helping a couple guests who arrived BEFORE this group came in. Not that it should matter, but one of the guests being helped was an Asian woman, so any review stating that they were ignored so the bartender could attend to the non POC guests is a flat out lie and a demonstrably false claim. All the bartender was doing was attending to guests in the order that they arrived and placed orders. So as the bartender proceeds to start making drinks (pretty quickly mind you) the group proceeded to walk out. No one asked on the status of their order. No one asked to speak with a manager. They just walked out without saying anything. The poor bartender looked up at everyone at the bar and asked "Did I do or say something?" To which we all assured her that nothing had transpired that warranted a group of that size walking out without saying anything. For anyone who reads this, I'd kindly advise you all to ALWAYS ask to speak with a manager when you are unhappy about your service. No local business wants guests leaving unhappy and more often than not, they will go to great lengths to make sure you feel taken care of. Lastly, this is nothing more than dishonest online bullying, and yelp allowing this behavior to take place on their forum is incredibly sad. The fact that ten people are dishonestly attempting to smear the reputation of a Jewish woman owned business as a haven for racism or discrimination is just awful and unacceptable. Acme is an amazing part of our local community that goes out of their way to treat all guests with kindness and respect. To all the people suggesting otherwise in their recent reviews, I'd kindly ask that you do some serious self reflection because actions like yours can have serious consequences for the employees who work there. There are some really fine people from all walks of life (gay, straight, black, white, Jewish, Hispanic, etc) who rely on this job to pay their bills, and your dishonest claims about racism and online bullying could cause unneeded harm to these people. Have some compassion and do the right thing plea

Tom Gardner

they got those big chewy pretzels here merJanthfgrr five dollars??!!!?get outta here...

jazmine Romero

Really good drinks, the bartender was really nice and knows what he is doing

Kevin Wenderoth

Love Acme. It's a tasteful dive with a huge selection of whiskeys, tequilas, and mezcals. And if you're not feeling that, you can always go for a PBR/well shot combo for dirt cheap. Good bar tenders, friendly people, and it's always decorated for the season. Even a decent date spot


I met someone here in August & drinks are good. The atmosphere needs work in my opinion though. The outside area is nice though.

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