Acme Bread

1601 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 524-1021

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Ty C.

Can't believe this is my first review here.  I've been here tons of times and have been coming here since it opened (however long ago that was, 20 years maybe?).  Anyway, the bread is 5 star.  The lines are the only detractor.  Sometimes you have to wait a really long time.  I wish there was a faster process, or other acme locations to help disperse some of the business.

Covid slows things down even more.  A 30 minute wait is typical at almost any time of day.

Everything they make is really good, you can't really go wrong, so try a few breads and or pastries.

Pre-covid, you used to be able to get a cash discount and a bring your own bag discount.  Cool and sustainable options to have available.

Leme K.

Hands down my favorite bakery of all times when it comes to bread and even some other baked goodies.

I was first introduced to Acme when I used to work at the Ferry Building in SF. The way they make their Sweet French baguettes (and any other bread) is just to die for. Nice beautiful crust on the outside, soft and pillowy on the inside. If you get it fresh either at the stores or at the bakery itself there's no comparison to any other bread.

I love their "sweet" stuff. Sweet French baguette, sweet Italian loaf, the Epi baguette ( that mimics leaves on a tree branch. And even though I'm not a sourdough fan, their sourdough isn't overly sour and adds a sensational flavor if used for grilled cheese or croutons.

All their breads freeze well if wrapped properly and you can eat it over a few days if stored properly.

Last thing I will mention is you have to try their buttermilk cheddar and chives biscuits. You can find it at their San Pablo location after 11 am everyday. This locations also have epic pastry to chose from. From a decidant and huge ham and cheese turnover in flaky puff pastry, cheese twist, sweet and gooey their version of monkey bread (sorry I forget the formal name), jam fills puff pastries, cookies, madalines, and even Roman style pizza. Seriously, you think you'll only want one thing, but don't be surprised if you end up buying more.

John D.

Great local bread and friendly service. We frequently get a bread of the week pass and recommend it highly. You get a fresh loaf every week for a flat fee. Great selection and their staff is always ready to give a great recommendation so you can try something new. The way buying your bread should be.

Leandro Da Rosa Marques

High demand bakery where waiting in line for 30 min is not unusual but the bread is delicious. They sell the best bread in the Bay Area. Everything made there tastes good. Also, friendly customer service and fair prices. The waiting line is outside so, if it is raining, bring a jacket. There is a handful of free parking spots in the front and a handful in the back. Please be mindful of the neighbors if parking in the back street. Pictured: Jalapeño bread, pumpkin bread, Ham & cheese croissant and sweet Italian

Arjun Dave

Delicious, fresh bread and baked goods. Selection changes regularly so there's always something new and tasty to have for lunch, dessert, or a snack. Prices are reasonable and everything tastes great!

Ameeta Shah

Excellent bread and cookies.Acme has the best bread ? one can ever have.Staff is kind, very well informed and helpful. Love ❤️ ACME.

Christel H.

Omg their pizza was soo good .long line but went fast .had time to chart with a local that lives walking distance away .he gave me what his favorites we're .wish I lived close by .I knew what I came here to get .I bought 15 sweet baguettes an apple tart and two other things I forgot their names

Adora Svitak

Acme Bread has a great selection of breads as well as sweet and savory treats, like pumpkin bread, chocolate ganache rounds, shortbread, turnovers, pizza, and biscuits. The bread is always top-notch and the line when we went during the afternoon wasn't too long!

Michael W.

I come to ACME Bread Company on one of the normal busy Sunday as what they always have! Longline in front of the bakery and one person at a time can walk inside the bakery. I have lined up for about 25 to 30 minutes before I can get inside and order the baked goods I like. They have provided hand sanitizer right in front of the front door, so you can clean your head before and after your order.

The line was moving at a reasonable speed. Just an idea for who has never been there, I am started out of the parking lot at almost right at the street corner. It took about 30 minutes to the front door.

They picked up and packed my order very quickly and they are very friendly. I have ordered some croissants and a couple of cinnamon twists. I wish I have ordered more cinnamon twist, it is so good! The croissants are just okey! No surprises! But still much better than those you get from Costco!

The parking lot in front of the bakery is not very big. But customers do move in and out fast! They also have more parking spaces in the back and street parking is available too!

Zack O'leary

The baked goods Acme put out are absolutely stellar. In particular, their biscuits, spelt cake, and pizza are incredible. Every time I go here, I spend too much money, but that’s about 10% their prices and 90% my adoring their work. Be ready to queue for a while no matter what time or day you turn up.

Lysa Smith

Always worth it. The best fresh sourdough. Plus whatever other treat I can find. I went out of my way just to stop there on my way home.

Monica W.

Got to check out Acme bread bakery over the weekend and I'm so glad I did! One thing I'd recommend is going early when they open up. We arrived around 8:30-8:45am and the line was already wrapped around the building but luckily it wasn't too long of a wait. They have tons of breads/pastries for you to choose from like apple tarts, ham and cheese, jalapeño & olive bread, are some of my favorites! We got quite a bit of different bread and I'm so glad we did because it's rare that I'm in Berkeley so I thought I'd try everything!
Overall, workers there was super nice and welcoming and the bread all tasted amazing! Oh i forgot to mention they have a private parking lot which I didn't realize till I waited in line and noticed it then lol. I hope to come back again soon!

Thomas V

This is a bakery with very good bread and other bread-oriented products. You order, pay and take with you. Not a restaurant. Very high quality.

Benita I.

Okay so I've been going to acme bread for YEARS. But recently during shelter in place they started making Roman style pizza and it is TO DIE FOR!! I'm not sure how they get the dough so thick yet so light and airy but it is magic. The flavors change daily but I haven't had one I didn't like yet! They're also allowing one person in the store during COVID times so you feel very safe. Also of course if you go you can't not get bread so the Epi and Pan demi are some of my favorites. Defs worth the wait in line I promise!

Tana L.

So amazing and fun for locals. They have tons of fresh baked items savory and sweet. We came here for one croissant and left with 2 bags of breads!

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