Agrodolce Osteria

1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-8748

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So disappointed! It's bad when the portions are micro small but when the owner lies about something like the beer. Case in point! most real quality authentic Italian restaurants should have at least 1 or 2 real brewed Italian beers on draft (Most beer distributors carry them) either Birra Moretti, Moretti for short or PERONI NASTRO AZZURRO or Peroni for short. I asked the owner if he carried ether in draft and he said Moretti. Great! He brings it over and it is amber in color, not the traditional lighter hue. I knew it was NOT Moretti! I took a sip and was lagunitas IPA. Why lie to a customer!! The food Ugh. I had the specialty Meatball in Pasta. The just 2 meatballs were the size of a golf ball. NOT like a baseball or larger which it should be if that is your specialty dish! And the portions were so small! Felt like it was Microwaved to boot! Stay clear of this clip joint.

Dan Wohlfeiler

Had a really nice dinner outside, with a heater, last Friday. The staff were friendly and attentive, the food was delicious, and it made for a great evening.


Average overall, though lots of room to improve upon, especially in the service. Even with reservations, had to wait 30+ minutes. With the exception of Jerry/Angelo, staff are robotic, no eye contact, no smile, and only act upon request (water, bread, utensils). Staff spilled a full dish of olive oil and splattered our jackets. Other than "i'm sorry", no other compensation. I asked for another single piece of bread, but was told they were out, but as we exited the restaurant, I notice a full plate of bread headed towards the staff's table for their nightly meal. Interesting. Food was good, not great yet. Biggest weakness is the service. Overall, the previous location on College Ave, was much better in service, quality, experience, etc.

Bob U.

I usually try to be a little more generous to anyone operating under covid restrictions but this missed on almost every levelthe outdoor patio seating area is very nice (there were some street people bothering the guests, but that's Berkeley)we had a reservation for five people and we were seated promptly. the server (not the waiter) brought water immediately. then we waited, and waited. and waited. no waiter. we kept flagging down the server and he was very apologetic and told us there was only one waiter working for the whole restaurant. the server couldn't even bring us a bottle of wine or take a food order50 minutes later we saw our waiter for the first time. he was very pleasant and obviously harried, and it's not his fault, but sheesh. 50 minutes without any attention is a problemtbh, most of the food was kinda meh. the octopus in the Polipo All'Insalata was sliced so thin it was hard to figure out where it was. one of the guests thought they brought the wrong salad. the calamari was just okay, the batter was light but flavorless. the eggplant starter was delicious, the best thing on the table. two of us ordered the pork shoulder. mine was lukewarm and cold by the time I finished it. there were no fresh veggies on the plate, just thick slices of pork on top of a few chunks of roasted potatoes. the Branzino was so dry we asked for some lemon and olive oil to try and fix it. the guest barely ate any of itI see all the other wonderful reviews, but they definitely do not match our experience

Olivia S.

My friend and I went for dinner last night, and they were very busy (as limited seating exists due to covid which is completely understandable), but even though they were busy, we had excellent service! The staff and the owner were so kind to us as we waited, always checking in with us to make sure we were doing okay. When we got sat, we both enjoyed the mushroom ravioli which was to die for (the sauce was rich & creamy, but not to the extent that overpowers the mushroom ravioli which is what I look for in a good pasta dish!). The ambience of the lights, the live music, and the staff was perfect for a Friday night. Can't wait to visit again!

Noah Lowry

The food here was less than okay, and the experience overall was some of the worst I’ve had, based on their customer service and meal prep. To start, I got a bone in my pasta which I almost chipped a tooth on by biting into it thinking it was meat, super unpleasant to say the least. We also asked the waiter for dishes that didn’t contain pork which the waiter gladly obliged and recommended a certain dish. But when we got it, it most certainly had pork in it. Very disappointing here as well. To boot it was ordered to go. So I had to drive back over the restaurant and demand my money back. The waiter had the audacity to tell me it was somehow my fault for not checking the plate and demanded I bring him back the to go order, which was thrown out upon finding pork in it. Stating that before he would refund me I needed to get him back the dish. Needless to say this was a tasteless act. This place definitely won’t be getting our business again anytime soon and I dont recommend it anyone.

daisy reynado

Best Italian restaurant in town I love this place good food nice atmosphere and very clean

Bonnie F.

BE WARNED it did not seem like this place was following safe COVID guidelines. Most notably was the (seemingly) manager who was not wearing his mask 70% of the time, including while pouring 2 glasses of wine, while moving in between tables outside, and while shouting orders inside the small entryway where customers were waiting to pick up food. Talk about setting a bad example, made me feel very uncomfortable and unsafe. Additionally, outdoor tables and chairs definitely were not all 6 feet apart. While the food I ordered for take out was good, being there made me extremely anxious and it felt like COVID super spreader central.

Iain T.

This was the first time I've dined outside in Berkeley since March but it was our anniversary and my better half has been dying to try this place out (hopefully not literally), so we went a couple of weeks ago.First impressions - it's busy. We booked at 6:30pm and it was bustling but the wait was very brief. They've put wooden flooring on the parking in front of the restaurant and distancing is very good. As a bonus your table has a nice bottle of hand sanitizer to use.Beware, do not fill up on the bread and olive oil. Those little loaves are delicious, particularly when soaked in good oil and herbs, but you're going to need to leave space for the starters and mains - they aren't small portions and are very, very good.We went with the octopus and potato salad and fired calamari to start. The squid was OK - there's a limit to what you can do with it but it was well cooked and not overly chewy and adding artichokes were an interesting twist. The salad was superb. I'd got used to chunks of octopus but here it's sliced into ribbons, which allows you to get the taste and texture without chewing on a big lump. My partner went for the ragu for a main, and I the seafood risotto. Both were superb, the ragu rich and thick with flavour with perfectly cooked pasta. The risotto rice very well done - clinging together without being gooey and they didn't skimp on the seafood. But I'd over done it on the bread and got half of mine to go. Then came a problem - the to go box had disappeared. The owner offered to make amends and did so, and then the doggie box arrived. He still gave us a present and I polished the remaining food later off that night because I couldn't sleep knowing it was there, calling to me.

M P.

The service is awful, and the food is mediocre. They do not seem to be set up to serve as many people as they try to. It isn't a place I would return to given so many other options in Berkeley. To top it off, our bill was over-charged by exactly $99 dollars. They fixed it once I pointed it out of course. I'd like to think this was just an honest mistake.

Shad M.

Amazing outdoor seating! Very attentive and sweet staff. Also the garlic olive oil they provide with their bread is to dieeeee for! Soooososos good -- garlic lovers will love it! Next time I come I look forward to getting the charcuterie board with some wine! Nice spot for a Friday night.They have a lot of new outdoor seating for COVID times. They were pretty busy on Friday so best to make a reservation.


Very disappointing. DO NOT GO HERE. Terrible service. Heavy handed and unsubtle cuisine in every way. Sadly, we had a cancelled reservation in the wine country, so we were searching locally. Since Trattoria Corso is closed, we tried this place. BIG MISTAKE. The bread and oil were OK, as were the fried appetizers (fritto misto and fried zucchini flowers). Also the ravioli with mushrooms was ok. But the salad was pathetically awful (insalate cela, or something like that) -- poorly dressed greens tossed with some pickled anchovies and some parmigiano. And the worst thing was the much ballyhooed sugo maiale (pappardele with pork sugu). It was truly uninspired. Tough pieces of pork and an uninteresting tomato sauce slathered over some wide noodles. Truly the worst pappardelle of my experience. To summarize: terrible service (we had to ask 6 times for the bill, and finally walked in to the register to pay it); terrible salad; poor pasta. What can I say: DO NOT GO HERE. You will do better opening a can of ragu and cooking some pasta at home.

Olga S.

My son and I went to Agrodolce Osteria last night. All dishes we ordered were super tasty. I had salad Rughetta and Ravioli Porcini Trifolati and my son had Bruschetta della Fava. We both also had desserts. While due to COVID-19 the downtown Berkeley is pretty much a ghost town, Agrodolce Osteria is an island of life and entertainment. Last night they had live music and lights. It is reminiscent of pre-COVID life. I am also impressed that the restaurant owner is always there like he was last night. He personally talks with each customer. The atmosphere reminds me of Italian cities where people actually communicate with each other and you never feel lonely. I want to comment separately about the staff. We had a very unfortunate situation. I was very tired and forgot my backpack there. I had two laptops there and expensive makeup. I didn't realize it until I parked at home (40 minutes drive from the restaurant). When I realized it, I almost had an anxiety attack. My son called the restaurant, and they told him that they had picked the backpack up and have it. It was late but they are open until 10:30pm. We went back and recovered the back. I am very thankful to the staff of this restaurant for keeping my bag!I highly recommend the restaurant where you can expect to have a memorable evening, and the owner and the staff care about their customers, just don't forget to make reservation. It gets really busy, especially after 7pm.

Nicole M.

Loved everything about this place, especially the food and atmosphere! We came here for a friends surprise birthday party and much to my surprise, had such an amazing meal! Great service, great food, great atmosphere, highly recommend!

Pamela C. Miramontes

It was Great, great food, great drinks, atmosphere, and service. It was an excellent way to celebrate something special.

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