Agrodolce Osteria

1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-8748

Recent Reviews

Steve R.

Issue with covid safety precautions. I've eaten here a few times and always enjoyed the food, however, I was unhappy with their coronavirus safety measures. When I drove up to the restaurant there were two men without masks standing about one or two feet apart from each other talking. One of these men was somebody from the staff possibly from the kitchen. The other one was an older man who looked like he could have been an owner. He walked back into the restaurant and sat at the cash register drinking wine and talking with the young man who works there. They were standing next to each other and neither of them had masks on. I would not go into the restaurant so I stayed out front. I asked them why they weren't wearing masks and and the younger man said well when we are with the customers we do. Unfortunately without masks there could still be the droplets inside the restaurant near the cash register. When I received my food I said I hope your kitchen staff are wearing masks and he said they were but I had no way to verify that. Bottom line is that I won't go there again until the pandemic is over. I know it's hard to get covid from packaging or food but why take the risk. I'm hoping that the management will see this review and make changes to protect us better, because I do like their food. I would have sent this directly to the restaurant instead of posting it but I don't see any email address for them on their site. I'll be more than happy to remove this post if they were to improve their policies

david l.

I haven't been to Italy in years, except for Agrodolce Osteria. I've had the ravioli a few times. It's consistently amazing. The staff is kind, knowledgeable and flexible. And during every global pandemic they offer 20% off, if you pick up.

Helen W.

COVID-19 update: On top of 20% off all takeout and 50% off wines, they're selling lots of helpful items (presumably repurposed from restaurant operations) you just can't find at the store. And best of all, there's no line! Goods include: - toilet paper - hand sanitizer (in individually sized, travel shampoo style tubes with the push/tilt cap) - polenta - HUGE cans of imported Italian Roma tomatoes (ok fine, like half a gallon) - yeast - flour Hours look to be the same (can vouch for closure--I arrived at 8:45 ) I ordered a tiramisu to go (my first order ever), and it was ready to go when I arrived, very carefully packaged and handled, and my credit card was run quickly without even an ask to tip. Thanks team, you're all champs, and I can't wait to try the fried courgette blossoms soon!!!

Darwin P.

I decided to participate in the 'Berkeley Restaurant Week To Go', and on the website, Agrodolce Osteria was the 1st restaurant to try out. It's awesome the YELP instagram page is promoting trying new places, and making this COVID-19 situation a little better. I called beforehand, and Agrodolce had a 20% discount on food, and a tempting 50% off on all wine. After viewing the menu online, I placed my order through phone, and I ordered the Ragu D'Maiale, a pasta with ribs, pork and fresh herbs. For 2nd thing in the menu, I asked for the most popular, which was the Polipo Al' Insalata, a salad composed of octopus, celery and potatoes. Upon arrival, the restaurant had an awesome view of wines. I was helped shortly and the employee there helped me pick a wine I will say the environment was nice, and I felt welcome. I drove back home to enjoy my meal with a movie Ragu D'Maiale: Portion was nice and the dish was to a spicier side, which I didn't mind. The ribs and pork were tender, and it melted in my mouth. An awesome plate which made my drive to Berkeley worth it! Polipo Al' Insalata: First time I tried octopus in a salad, but I can see why it was recommended. The salad itself was well dressed and it felt like a perfect balance with my pasta Celery and potatoes were a surprising combo Wine: I'm not much of a wine person, but the wine relaxed the rest of my night I left with a good impression of this restaurant that offers Sicilian cuisine. Gotta check in soon again, but I am hyped for the rest of this week, and the Berkeley Week to Go!


Love this place! We recently ordered the mushroom ravioli - it tasted home made, the pasta was fresh and the sauce was absolutely delicious! My husband ordered the risotto- amazing flavor! And my kids, who are very picky, ate all the spaghetti and meatballs, zero leftovers. And best part, the owner, Angelo, is a lively and genuine guy, just good people! He hand delivered our food (it helps that we live close by), and he threw in a bottle of wine, which went perfectly with our meal. This is a gem of a restaurant, we’ll definitely continue to support. Can’t wait until we can dine in so we can enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant!

Don T.

Agridolce unilaterally cancelled our Mother's Day order for delivery at 5:30 pm on May 10. Grubhub had confirmed the order at a little after 4 pm Sunday afternoon, but around 5 pm we had a call from the driver to tell us Agridolce said we'd canceled the order. We had not canceled it. When I called Agridolce they told me they were very very sorry but they were so busy they had had to cancel our order along with others. There was no notice to us. Agridolce failed us and they failed the driver who lost her fee and her tip.


If you have seen their tempting 20% off on food and 50% off on wines during CoVid, beware it feels like a ruse. They marked their wine 300% so you are still paying premium for something you can find at the grocery a stonethrow away for a fraction. The food was alright - ordered the roti and found the portion fair but flavor forgettable.

Aleta Flores

It is rare in the US to find a restaurant where the purveyors give you a feeling of being close friends or family. On top of delicious food layered with rich flavor, that's what we received tonight from the owner of AgroDolce. They won our hearts and palates.

Jennifer B.

Their pasta is making shelter-in-place much more enjoyable. Thanks for staying open!

Clint S.

This is the go-to Italian food place for my wife and me. We've been several times over the last few years, and the food rarely disappoints. At this point we know Angelo the proprietor and if we have any issues with the food or service, he is swift to address it and fix it with grace. Dimly lit and sometimes cool inside, not a complaint just FYI. Great wine list, with abundant, reasonably priced options

Michael Spearman

The skills in the kitchen for Southern Italian can't be compared. The price point, atmosphere, and staff are truly what I miss about Italy.

Charles O'Quinn

Fabulous food, atmosphere & chef Angelo!!!

Chris P.

Great little Italian restaurant cooking some of the family's recipes from Sicily. Lovely, cozy interior and a great wine list. Highly recommend.

Guillermo G.

Agrodolce is a very special place: The food is truly amazing, 100% authentic, Italian quality dishes. Owner Angelo sets an ambiance that makes you feel like you are in Sicily. BTW he and his brother also run Trattoria La Siciliana on College Ave, which is awesome as well. I see that some reviewers don't seem to get the "Italian life energy" you'll find at Agrodolce: It's perfectly normal for the owner to be "conducting the orchestra" in the way Angelo does! Both Angelo and his very kind staff are very passionate about the food they make and serve. Their branzino (fish) special is absolutely delicious, and so are all the pasta dishes we have tried. They would even go out of their way and make us our favorite "pasta Julieta" dish which is not on their menu. We also love their Mara Valpolicella wine. Today is our wedding anniversary and we decided to pick up food from Agrodolce to celebrate (Angelo and his awesome staff remain open for pick up during this coronavirus crisis, please support them!). They kindly gifted us with a Tiramisú dessert and, when we opened the box, there was also a surprise Cannoli dessert! All their excellent wine is at 50% discount so we picked the Mara Valpolicella bottle, and on top of that they gave us 20% discount on our whole order. So we are all set for enjoying our wedding anniversary with an authentic Agrodolce feast at home!

Lizzie S.

Agrodolce is a delicious Sicilian restaurant in Berkeley - you need to dine here! The atmosphere is lovely - the brick building is absolutely charming and the movie on the wall adds great ambiance. Chef Angelo has a great eye and the food is absolutely amazing. While it may feel a little chaotic, it feels like I'm in the middle of Sicily (I like it). My favorite things to order are (in no particular order): Caponata Agrodolce (a delicious eggplant appetizer), Mushroom Ravioli, the fava bean special, the risotto special, the meatballs, and the branzino special. Everyone there is nice, the prices are great and the food is to die for.

Gino C.

Real Sicilian experience! Love the food, very traditional and authentic. The owner is very cool! The ambiance is great. It is also reasonable priced. Will come back.

Oscar E.

Food is very good. But service... 1) Well, 1st it isn't very pleasant to see the head cook (or whatever) wandering around the restaurant chastising the waiters. Do that after hours away from the guests. 2) Two guests at one table should have the same water glasses. Same size. same design. Otherwise, it's just weird. 3) If you want to bring extra appetizers that we didn't order, be sure not to charge! 4) Don't get the appetizers wrong at the next table too... or we might come to the conclusion that you are clueless 5) Fake battery operated candles are OK... but please put batteries in 6) We really wanted desert but couldn't wait any longer. But if you don't mind the childish service, the food is quite tasty.


Enjoyed a good wine with great bread and olive oil marinade. Pasta special was very average with some of the described flavors missing. Might be worth a second rip to choose a better dish... At opening, staff a bit scattered but friendly.

Matt P.

Perfect. Simple dishes elegantly prepared. The peasant dish bucatini chi finnuchieddi, pasta w sardines, anchovies and bread crumbs was amazing. I get the octopus and potato salad every time and it is flawless. The rustic pork ragu is always a hit, and I recommend it to newcomers. Everything is tasty. Cannolis are very spotty around here, but these were great- with cherries and cinnamon, never had exactly that. The tiramisu was smooth as silk. Nice people, not too expensive. Love it.

Kelsey Magaña

We had a reservation set for Valentines Day and were seated right away. Although the restaurant was quite busy, the servers and staff were very friendly and hospitable. The food is divine and we especially appreciated the course menu for this special evening. The detail in the desserts, flavorful dishes, and delicious beverage pairings transported us to Italy in an authentic way. Thank you everyone for a terrific evening.

Carlos Garney

I told my friends about this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are delicious and the team is generous and cooperative. Every time we visit this place we have a cheerful evening. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Mark B.

i attended a private event here recently - a surprise birthday dInner. The restaurant kept one dining room for normal patrons and had the party in a separate room. The service was fantastic. The food was excellent and there was plenty of it. The proprietor, Angelo, was extremely engaged with the guests and he himself did some of the serving. It was a great party, and the staff did their best to make it an excellent experience. I also come here for dinner periodically and have never been disappointed with the food or service. They make great dishes, some of which I've never seen at other restaurants. Angelo is often at the restaurant and usually makes it a point to check in with every table at some point. This restaurant is a real asset to our neighborhood! Thanks Angelo!

Denise Russo

Can't go wrong with these place. Went to a party here and we ordered SO MUCH food. Everything was on point. Eveb though service isn't always the quickest cuz it is SUPER packed usually, once you taste the dishes, you quickly realize the wait was worth it.

Samuli Seppälä

Solid five Berkeley stars! Food was amazing and wine selection perfect. Suprisingly cozy place eventhough it was a busy Saturday when we went.

Samuli Seppälä

Solid five Berkeley stars! Food was amazing and wine selection perfect. Suprisingly cozy place eventhough it was a busy Saturday evening when we went.

Anna Benassi

I think they are a victim of their own success. The food is really good but they have serious problems with front of house stuff and service. We had a reservation that they lost. Folks with reservations still had to wait often up to ten minutes. The wait staff have very little grace - they are going so fast it is very distracting to the meal. We were at a small table near the kitchen and we literally felt we were sitting on a median divide in a freeway. In their defense the place is super packed. They completely lost our food order. We ordered arancini and it came out cold. So we came for a special occasion and could not wait to get out of there. Having said all that I would not totally give up on this place. Take out or going there during a non busy time might be your best bet. The food is worth it.

Cheryl M.

** Review for Berkeley Restaurant Week ** Decided to try a new restaurant with some friends and would say this first visit was 3 - 3.5 star Arrived about 5:45 and quickly greeted, seated and given the regular menu, wine and cocktails, and the Berkeley Restaurant Week (BRW) menu. It was mentioned that if someone wanted the BRW option then the whole table had to do the same...we had 4 people in our party and fortunately, we all wanted to try the $40/person fixed menu so not an issue for us: S A L A D (2.5-3/5) On the menu it sounded amazing with little gems (check!), shaved parmesan (check), toasted hazelnut (literally, 1/2 of 1), garlic crostini (none), marinated anchovies (check) and lemon dressing (check)...decent Z U C C H I N I F L OW E R (4/5) stuffed with smoked mozzarella and caccio. Light, not greasy and flavorful PORK RAGU (4/5) Slow cooked heritage pork with egg pappardelle..wonderful and we all wanted more. Tender pork, hearty and cooked nicely. Not sure if intentional and to maintain a 'rustic' dish but we all found a bone or 2 S A L S U C C I A N O S T R A N A (3/5) Dry, overcooked grilled Sicilian sausage...though nicely spiced with a small (1/2 x 2", 1/16" thick) "polenta fritter" underneath...seemed like a garnish, afterthought or a base to keep the sausage on the plate. D O L C E Menu noted canoli but what was delivered was panna cotta without explanation...only when friend asked what it was the server said 'panna cotta as we're out of the cannoli'. 'Ok' and all inconsistent portions given S E R V I C E (2.5 -3/5) Basic and no nonsense : given menu, order taken, dishes quickly dropped off (not explained), dishes removed promptly, check given...sadly, no follow up or asked how the dishes were. Seemed attention given to the neighborhood locals who were seated in the back room. A M B I A N C E - warm, cozy, casual. All at the table said they liked the brick interior and fireplace with a laid back vibe. 1 unisex bathroom Some hits and misses but would try again and return for the PORK RAGU and pappardelle and other items like the lamb shank. We left about 820 and the place was packed!

Fkbr J.

Excellent food. I studied the menu and since I could not eat everything I need to return there. Not expensive. Being not expensive, this implies (probably) that the staff is not overcrowded :) We waited almost half an hour after being seated to just make our order. It was even funny to observe how waiters passed our table to do some other business. Luckily we were not in a hurry. But the food was very good and I want to return.

Ethan E

Some caveats: this was our first time eating here, we came during restaurant week, and the night we were here looked particularly busy. However.

Pamela Wagner

The food was excellent. Make sure you make a reservation before you go. The service was okay (bear in mind this must be a family-run business). Got salt for my coffee instead of sugar.

Ann C.

We made reservations. They didn't care. We ordered abc. They delivered xyz. Service was slow. We're told mono is to blame. Save your money & your time..unless you speak Italian and want to understand the owner berate his staff. The ravioli was tasty but this place is nutz and I think I'm allergic.

Jeanne M.

We have gone to Agrodolce several times during our annual winter stay in Berkeley. We have always loved it! IT'S RESTAURANT WEEK so this is a great time to give this restaurant a try if you've never been there. Angelo is such a welcoming owner. The wait staff and cooks are also excellent, and they want to be sure your meal is perfect. My husband chose the $40 full meal, and I chose the $30 full meal. They vary a little in selections, but both come in courses and each course is to die for. The presentation of food was very attractive and the taste was immeasurable. My husband is Italian so we frequent Italian restaurants. This one is high on our list of favorites.

Tim Schaefer

If there were a place in CA Bay Area that seemingly felt like transport to Italy, Sicily to be precise, Agrodolce is that locale. A night and taste of Sicily is what to expect here. Your phone will stay off the table and the wine and delicacies will entrance you much more so that you are left dreaming of a trip to Italy, to a blue zone! Make your visit here a priority! Grazie! Buona notte.

Robyn Holmes-Cannon

Surprisingly bad experience here. We waited an hour for our table WITH a reservation and it kind of ruined my birthday. They gave us a free drink at the bar but it didn't fix the main problem which was the poor management. The food was okay. Nothing I would go back for. Very bland.

m k

Cozy place, delicious food, friendly service


Great date night mood and awesome food

Hend B.

Cozy atmosphere, VERY friendly service, and great food. One of my favorite dining spots in Berkeley! Prices are pretty great considering the quality.

Emebet C.

Joined a few friends here for dinner. Food was really good (calamari and eggplant appetizers were excellent)!Service was also great. Will return!

Leo N.

There is great live jazz on Saturday nights and it has one of the best restaurant atmospheres in Berkeley.

Karen T.

Simply fantastic. Our waiter turned out to be the Chef de Cuisine, the owner, and a terrific sommelier. We three each had a different salad, entree, and dessert, and shared. We unanimously declared each better than the last thing we'd tried. Lively place, but they let us hold the table for over 2 hours as we leisurely caught up after not having seen each other for some time. Highly, highly recommended. I don't live in the Bay Area anymore, but will visit Agrodolce whenever I make a trip back and will recommend to all my friends. Very tempted to keep it a secret so it doesn't get too crowded, but just have to sing its praises.