Albatross Pub

1822 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-2473

Recent Reviews

Darryl Diptee

Such a cool, chill spot. Amazing ambience, filled with a great mixed crowd of grad students, intellects, and other locals who all share a love for beer and conversation. Darts in the back. Unlimited popcorn for $1. Delicious beer at great prices. Lots of room available for groups, with books and crannies for two people to find a spot to chat privately.

Mark T.

Nice, cozy bar. $20 min for using a card is a pain. Beer selection is from 1999; there's like 40 beweries in the east bay but this pub isn't interested. I like beer so this place isn't for me. They do have popcorn tho.

Alex Robinson

All the best parts of a dive bar in one! Free popcorn with $1 bowl rental, darts, pool, games, fireplace and sometimes live music. If I lived closer I'd be here a lot more.

Nate Stover

The server was expressively unfriendly and conveyed the coinciding attitude she didn?t care about the patrons and their experience. When asked if a particular drink could be made, she retorted ?no, I don?t have any of that? turned her back and walked away.

Mark and Elise Plečnik

This little gem is an awesome place to hang out in Berkeley! We found Franzikaner on tap here!! There are darts and board games you can play with you and your friends. Ambiance is relaxed.

Vladimir Boskovic

Why haven't I heard about this place before? It's awesome! Good for any crowd. Nice and welcoming place. So much fun. Warmly recommended

Lauren Townsend

I really wanted to like this place but I had such a bad experience with the staff in particular. It wasn't even that busy of a night and the women behind the bar was so rude to me. I asked for a drink and she told me to hold on, I smiled and said of course. Then she proceeded to go on taking other drink orders and never came back to me. My husband had finished over half his beer before I finally caught her again and asked if I could order a drink. Then she looked at me me rudely and it what felt reluctantly gave me a drink. The atmosphere is really nice but the staff isn't warm or friendly in the slightest.

Valessa M

Awesome, lovely place... I arrived alone... If I had company with me would have gave it 5 stars

Lane B.

The Albatross is *almost* perfect, lacking only a selection of saucy and fried foods to soak up their amazing selection of reasonably-priced beers. Seriously, they had Duchess de Bourgogne on draft (and bottles of multiple kinds of Chimay and Duvel and Delirium Tremens)--wild! The Albatross is also a full bar with games, popcorn ($1/bowl + unlimited refills), multiple dart corrals, TONS of seating, and wine and cider options. $20 minimum for card purchases, but there's an ATM inside if you forget to bring cash. If my gf and I lived closer, we'd be here ALL THE TIME.

Jaime N

Nice local place to chill, play games, maybe throw some darts and listen to live music

Scott H.

Walked into albatross for the first time. The bartender was so negative. No smile. No hi how are you. She pouted a mixed drink in front of me. She put a squirt of gin in the drink. When I mentioned it, she took major offense. She also wanted immediate payment. Won't ever come back here again. Perhaps charm school?

Kimberly F.

I love this place, so would usually give 5 stars. However, I felt compelled to share how awful the attitude and service of one of the bartenders was on Saturday night. Everyone was calm and patiently waiting for drinks and she was repeatedly snappy and beyond rude, as if we were bothering her by ordering a drink. To be honest it made us all uncomfortable and want to leave and order elsewhere. It was very bizarre. Hoping it was just a bad night...

Jorge R.

This place is the bees knees! I've been coming here for years and stopped in tonight for a hot mulled wine as the temperature drops outside. Inside, the bar is warm and cozy, and the bartenders are wonderful human beings. Whether you're a local or in from out of town, The Albatross is a Berkeley institution worth visiting. NB: Historically cash only, the bar now takes credit cards.

Ali O.

They take CREDIT CARDS now. Cozy spot and an old hangout for beat poets, it's my spot to catch up with old friends or read a book at the bar. Plus they have hot mulled wine for cold nights.

Nisha R.

Came here on a Friday night. Hole in the wall bar, we ordered pretty standard drinks but they were good. Quick service, can't complain.

Sheadrah Manning

Much bigger than it looks from outside! Old school dart boards were really cool!! Staff is really friendly and attentive. I'll definitely return!

Cesar Lemus

Chill bar, good for conversation, fun trivia night here too. Good variety of drinks.

Angela A.

We had such a great time at this dim lighted, wood furniture, bigger than you think establishment! The row of dart lanes is awesome, and dog friendly till 8 is perfect. Our bartender, Paul, was great. Social, but not over chatty. Will return frequently.

Cris Benson

Great bar in Berkeley. The oldest bar in Berkeley. Games, popcorn, no other food served but Popeyes is right across the Street and they're Ok with bringing food in. Spirits and beer served. Cash only but they do have an ATM.

J.D. Stone

Loved this quaint little place. Perfect place for playing board games while drinking a nice pint! Multiple dart boards and other types of games available as well. Plenty of physical room in this establishment.

Matt Stefely

Fun trivia and nice environment. Drink selection could be better, and cash-only is a little annoying.

Delilah B.

First, the bar. It's great. Cash only, generous happy hour, cool spot, 4 stars. Second, the bartender... they come and go, right? First time I was here, cool spot with longtime bartender that was low drama and nice guy. Tonight, new one (I'm guessing) who burned the popcorn & kept stepping outside to smoke and leave the bar unattended. Anyway, I hope you get the longtime bartender and not the new one. If you do, you'll have a good time.

J. Maddox

Albatross is... Okay. The service is good but the beer list is meh; there was one craft beer on tap and the rest were domestics... Seriously makes you wonder where (and when) you are.

Chadwick Alan Biehl

The history and decor made for a great vibe and Bradley the bartender and steward was pretty f#ing cool.

Allen Y.

Had a wonderful time here on a Wednesday night with a full five piece live country music band, darts, strong drinks and endless popcorn. There are a lot of UC Berkeley students in summer session. It was about the most fun you can have on a school night literally.

Alicia C.

Trivia night, board games, and popcorn! That's what this place is about for me. I'm not a drinker. If I do drink now'days, I'll have a vodka and soda. Last time I was here for trivia night the bartender was pretty generous the vodka. They do have a good selection of beers- I remember having a few good sours here. My teacher friends and I come here on Sundays for trivia night whenever there's a three-day-weekend because we are teachers and Sunday is a school night unless there is a three-day weekend. So, yes, trivia night is every Sunday night. It's not unreasonably difficult factoids that only high brow snobs get contrary to my sister's assumptions. Good fun

Pongpun Thudee

I love this place..........

Chelsea Nichols

Doorman denied me because he said I was visibly intoxicated. I had had two drinks prior to going to this place and wobbled a bit when stepping towards him to give him my I.D. It was pretty embarrassing and I felt that he was having a power trip.

Michael Foster

One of the best bars for steel to darts on the west coast. Not a huge beer selection, but what they have is good.

Suzanne Seraphin

Had not been there in years and forgot how nice it was!

Tyler Toler

Very unique and very nice. Lots of beer I've never heard of

Andrea J

I love it here! My favorite part is the trivia nights! There's pool tables and places to play darts. Multiple tables and gathering areas places for large parties of people and theres a great selection of draft beers and well drinks.

Tyler Toler

Very unique and very nice. Lots of beer I've never heard of

Rosalie H

Great pub, very cozy. Reminds me of European pubs. Has a fire place, darts, pool, and the best part is the board games you can borrow and play there! You can also buy a bowl of popcorn for $1 and get unlimited refills, great for groups!

Joe Jason Cummings

I used to hit the Albatross regularly in the late 70s and early 80s. Just went back recently after a long absence. Seems about the same, which was a relief. I like that they only accept cash cuz I like paying in cash. Nice to see they still have live music on occasion, getting more and more rare in the Bay Area.

James Von-Clute

Great spot to grab a few drinks. Only hiccup was they don't accept ATM or Credit Cards so you have to use a very very slow ATM next to the front door. Worth the hassle though.


Good spot to play some board games or darts. Pool table is lopsided but otherwise a fun pub. They do pub quizzes too.

Art O.

I can't believe I've never reviewed this spot! I would come every once in a while back in the undergrad days and I had fond memories of this place. People just chilling out and playing board games and generally having a great time. And I'm glad to report that not much has changed in that department. I took a friend from out of town here not too long ago and good times were had. Great selection of beers and a fun atmosphere definitely make this a Berkeley favorite!

Grace Horvath

Great atmosphere with a local vibe. They often have live music, and usually charge a small cover. My favorite part is the $1 unlimited popcorn

Thames Sobol

inconspicuous and hidden gem. Once I walked in and saw the age of the place, how clean and fresh it is and the great bartenders I knew it would be "my place". I'm not frequent but every time I enter I think "Why aren't I here more often". Good job guys!