Alchemy Collective Cafe and Roaster

1741 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley
(510) 394-4758

Recent Comments

Maja Šiljak

Good tea, lovely vibes and friendly staff!

Nat Warnock

Cute, yet rustic building. Very nice atmosphere.

Mackenzie S.

Love this place! I'm a regular and get great service every time. Limited seating, but very good for a solo coffee trip or a trip with a friend.

D.J. L.

Great coffee place. Worker owned cooperative. Love it. Nice folks. Wish I lived closer.

Chris Hecker

My favorite coffee place. The cappuccino is perfect almost every time, perfect temp, perfect microfoam, perfect size, etc. The baristas are nice too. Plus, it’s not super over priced like some third wave coffee places. I’d happily pay more, don’t tell them. :)


Coffee Ok, but there are better places in Berkeley. Staff friendly. Outdoor seating is frequented by homeless people

Travis S.

The coffee is as bitter as the staff. The place has a cool vibe but service is really poor.

Liona Fan Chiang

Great coffee. Friendly staff. Staff owned. Relaxing sunny environment. Breakfast tacos were good too. Feta, arugula, pickled onions, hot pepper spread, boiled egg on corn tortillas. Surprisingly filling.

George C

Very nice place to hang around, good menu options and location!

Wa Ama & The Lion Truth

Poc, collectively owned, good peoples, healthy food and drinks. ✊️

Glenn K.

Love this place. The coffee and food are consistently great. It's a co-op and is committed to being a true community space. Customers and workers are friendly and cool.

Paloma M.

Great neighborhood joint. The atmosphere is very inviting, coffee is really good, and staff is nice. I especially like the wallpaper and the outdoor seating area. The only con is the lack of food options. Maybe earlier in the morning they have more options, but I've only seen a chocolate chip cookie and a banana muffin.

Claire Chun

This coffee-shop-with-a-conscience sell nice and spicy chai lattes. The house-made chai can sometimes be watery, though (guessing from a different person preparing the brew).

Kendall G.

I hate to give Alchemy three stars because its a really cool place that emphasizes being queer-friendly/inclusive. That being said, I've gotten coffee from here several times, and every single time its been pretty bitter and not nearly as sweet as I like it. I come back, always thinking there will be a secret to making this coffee enjoyable for me (i.e. adding a housemade flavored syrup, adding honey once I get home, adding some of the simple syrup they offer)-- it hasnt worked yet. Well so what?! I get it. Not all coffee is going to be made for me. I'm from the South and I know most folks up here seem to think sugar was invented by Satan himself. I'm sure plenty of born n bred Californians would love this coffee... When I have the pleasure of returning to this spot, it'll surely be for a vegan donut (turns out, there are some things on earth I like not-too-sweet!) or to try one of those new breakfast tacos I've been eyeing. Long story short: Give it a try! What aint for me might very well be for you. Regardless, it's a welcoming atmosphere with bomb music and kind, approachable patronage.

Nick Abrey

Best place coffee in town

Kay W.

This should be two stars if we are just discussing the coffee alone. The place is very cute and inviting and the staff is friendly. I really wanted to love this place and hope that they take my review as an opportunity for improvement and further training for the baristas. I ordered an oat milk latte. On the first sip I could tell the shot had not been properly pulled (or tamped? or perhaps the machine was not dialed in correctly?). It was very sour and unpleasant and I ended up dumping my entire latte in the bushes. I will absolutely give them another try in a month or so in hopes they take action on my suggestion.

Robert B.

So sorry to have to give this only 2 stars, but the coffee was un-drinkable. Bitter, watery, poor. It is so sad because the place is so cool and the people great. And the Chai was excellent! I hope they read this review and work on it - better machine and TRAINING on how to make espresso shot properly! Please do it! There is no shame in needing training - a good espresso is very difficult, and a great one takes real work and time! I will come back and give it another shot at end of year to see. Good luck!

Ashlee S.

I love their coffee Iv been coming to Alchemy for five years now and have been super pleased with the service and the environment! Until today. I get giving to the less fortunate and allowing them to have a safe space to enjoy some joe and maybe a pastry but letting them smoke cigarettes under the covering and allowing them to make a mess and not do anything about it is not ok.

Kate Sassoon

great coffee good vibes amazing community!

Dennis Wilkins

Baristas are nice and make great cortados.

Alchemy Collective Cafe and Roaster

1741 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703