Algorithm Coffee Co.

1122 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 280-5153

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Sara G.

PERMANENTLY CLOSED ! I tried to go yesterday and it looked very empty (no equipment or people) and there was a sign on the door that said that they've had to close for good. Shucks.

David W.

Algorithm Coffee has (or had) really good, high-end coffee on our first visit to its West Berkeley location at the beginning of the Summer. Hip vibe, decent music, and one or two job interviews going on. When last visited less than 1wk ago though, the inside of the store was completely deserted, leading me to believe it's gone out of business possibly due to competition and/or the ever-increasing business rent costs happening in so many parts of the Bay Area.

Alexandra J.

First time in (I was recommended by a previous coworker of mine who had worked there as well) and it was great. Color palette was the first thing that caught my eye and design, it was clean and minimal but in a rugged way, and the colors were a nice and mellow monochrome on the eyes. The single origin Guatemala we got was a solid flavor and was pulled well (this guy had experience and knew his coffee) it was slightly too chocolatey for my taste (I prefer the more herby, grassy, aromatic flavors myself) but I can of course appreciate the flavor. I definitely recommend going! They had a lot of seating so if you're going to study or spend a while there it would be nice place to do that that isn't super busy (on the Sunday I went), street parking only but that is a given here in Berkeley. All in all, a nice place to stop and I'll be stopping by again for sure

Kenneth G.

They take their espresso seriously and the proof is in the cup. Excellent flavor profile. The place doesn't seem to exactly know what it wants to do with the interior, so the vibe might not be for everyone, but the espresso is superb.

A TripAdvisor China Member

和朋友一起来这边写作业打算写完去海湾逛逛,没想到意外地不错,氛围,音乐等等都十分适合学习,基调偏冷色调,带给人冷静,algorithm.. It just so peace to study.. I totally recommend it.. And the coffee here is good...also the music

Minerva L.

There's no tea so no chai. I was looking thru the photos and saw chai so I thought there would be some. The menu is limited to coffee only. So we got the espresso over almond milk. To my surprise it's pretty good, expensive as well. If you want only coffee then this is the place. Plenty of seating and nice and chill spot.

Shelley C.

The place for coffee "nerds" as explained by our server. Their expensive set up shows they pay attention and deeply care about coffee. The shop has a nice atmosphere (great if you have some work to do) and is super clean!!! The coffee tastes pretty good (I'm not a nerd or profess any convictions about coffee other than no Starbucks ) but five stars for service, atmosphere and the fact you can see a business that is passionate about their craft! Cheers

Elaine T.

I came here on a Saturday afternoon to get some work done. I think it's a great coffee shop to study and do work because the place is spacious, minimal, and hip with a really nice rustic decor. Their menu is really simple - they don't have too much of a selection other than espressos, but their espressos are perfect and smooth. There was only one barista working when I went and he was nothing but welcoming and friendly. Only thing I didn't like was the music - the playlist was super loud and I thought it was not suitable for a coffee shop. I attempted to blast my cafe playlist with my AirPods but I should've brought my noise canceling Beats instead.

Anthony C.

Most coffee drinkers know the difference between cold brew and iced coffee. I ordered cold brew, the dude got some of his hot coffee he brewed and poured it into a cup of ice. What I got was a nice cup of coffee juice. If y'all don't have it ready, just tell the customer! Don't lie to us.

Nathan Russell

Great little coffee place where you can settle in and work for an extended period on one of their large tables. It's a very industrial modern decor but comfortable and the coffee is consistently on point.

Jorge T.

Good price, beautiful space, friendly staff. The music is pretty loud. I would love a diaper changing table, please!

Marc D.

Dropping my review down to 3 stars for one primary reason. For some reason, the owner feels the need to constantly blast the air conditioning, even on cold days. If you look around the cafe, everyone is wearing sweaters, jackets, etc. A secondary reason (though not as a big of a deal for me), is the under-staffing of the baristas. During the week they only have 1 person working the entire place. This means big lines build up. If they fixed the AC issue, this would be a 4.5 to 5 star experience, as the space and the wi-fi are rock solid.

Shapnil Bhuiyan

A tad bit overpriced coffee but it is absolutely delicious. Great place to get some work done, oddly quiet even when it's full. The internet speed is really great too, wanted to stay longer but they close at 3 pm.

tom r lopes

Little bit dim for working on laptop but lots of power outlets and WiFi. Decor is attractive. Acoustics not the best

Razaa A.

I've seen this place a few times and finally decided today was the day I'd get a coffee. I had a vanilla latte, and it was delicious. The interior is very modern and also very clean. This is a great option for those who want to get some work done and also have some good coffee/baked good options. The parking is mainly all parking meters. I recommend giving this place a try. It's walking distance to a lot of things as well.


This place is ideal to spend a couple of hours working. To begin with, the name is very convenient (when you are working on an algorithm). The coffee is not bad and the pastries are delicious. The fact that it has big tables with access to plug-ins is idea.

amnnor n.

Cafe is nice, coffee isn't (my taste and opinion) poor roasting technique, not burnt but a dried out flavor, probably due to long low roast, which I can reproduce in my "toy" roaster when I make a mistake in pattern. Sorry, every corner in Berkeley has another roaster, each better than the block before. Not so easy to know what you're doing.

Karen Kiyo Lowhurst

Excellent coffee and foam art. Nice staff. Very clean. Mellow and spacious. Will go again for sure. Keep up the good work y’all.

Ronan S.

The coffee here is great, but the shop is horrible at accommodations. They open later than their posted times and often only have one or two baristas. This means that it takes 5-10min to get your coffee. I've even watched the barista talk to a seated already served customer instead of making my coffee. Sometimes they are not even behind the counter and you have to find them in the cafe seated area talking to customers. Overall if you want coffee here plan on it taking 20min, if there are people ahead of you in line, 30. Added note: Im standing in line, at opening. There are 3 people ahead of me. There is only one guy here working!!!! A customer sitting down asked if he needed help, to which he replied. "You think you could learn how to take orders?" Seriously, they need to make sure they have enough people here!!!

Hannah G

A really terrific place with plenty of tables for those days when you have to work on your laptop for hours but just can't stand to be in your apartment anymore!

Elaine Farore-Love

Modern spacious cafe with proper barrista! Conveniently located across Berkeley West branch library on University Avenue. Plenty of 1 hour coin op parking. All day free parking on side streets.

Jeff Snell

Great little coffee go-to, especially before work. Has variety of milks for fancy caffeine containing beverages and a nice assortment of breakfast snacks

Elaine F.

Modern spacious cafe with proper barrista! Conveniently located across Berkeley West branch library on University Avenue. Plenty of 1 hour coin op parking. All day free parking on side streets.

Sarah K.

I am appalled at the experience I just had with the person working behind the counter at Algorithm Coffee this afternoon. They don't even deserve any stars. My fiancé and I were new to the area, looking for a place to grab a coffee and get some work done. The first coffee shop we happened upon was Highwire Roasters, around the corner on San Pablo, so we bought coffee, only to realize there were no seats left. We waited for a bit and then to try to help, they suggested we try Algorithm Coffee around the corner. This was frustrating of course because we had already purchased coffee but we appreciated the suggestion so we went to check it out. Luckily there were seats so my fiancé grabbed a table and I went up to the bar to order us a snack to go with our coffees. Before I even got up to the counter, the person began speaking to me in an incredibly aggressive tone. "Are you really walking into my coffee shop with coffees from Highwire coffee?" I tried to explain why this was the case but he interrupted me. "Do you think it's okay to be holding coffee cups from my competitor?" and he proceeded to degrade me about this "choice" I making us feel publicly embarrassed and completely unwelcome. I was livid and began to explain the whole debacle, when I began to realize I didn't owe him an explanation! This was incredibly unprofessional and rude and I have never experienced a thing like this. I didn't realize there was a coffee rivalry in this area, but after I saw one coffeeshop be supportive and recommend customers to the other, and the other coffeeshop being so aggressive and unwelcoming to customers of the other, I will absolutely be boycotting Algorithm Coffee and hope others do the same. This is not how you build a supportive community or make paying customers feel welcome. Grow Up.

Ruth Haephrati

The make very good and professionally made espresso drinks.

Grant Barringer

Awesome space to relax or work. Came here early in the morning when it was still slow. Very personable staff. Coffee was good, but not fantastic, I’ll have to come again to see if it was a one-off thing. Will definitely be studying/working here, though: lots of sturdy tables and natural lighting make this an ideal space to set up shop and be productive.

Josh Van Lente

Trendy coffee shop with nice selection of light, medium and dark roasts. Even their batch coffee is very tasty

Brogan Stich

The Coffee is good, the selection is limited but decent enough. Alot of people come here for work/studying, this place has large tables and plugs (while rare) are there. That said though I was very unhappy with the wifi. After ordering when asking for the code was told to connect to 1122U (the leasing office next door.) this was a super limited connection I couldn't even access Algorithm's own website. Even though a SSID existed for Algorithm coffee I was told a few times that it was not an actual connection, or that it didn't exist at all. Until the issue is fixed I can't recommend this place for anything other than a quick stop for coffee, and there are better places for that in the area.

Raef Bassily

An amazing place! Friendly staff and excellent coffee!

K V.

Cute place. Friendly people. But the music they play is awful and way too loud. You'll want to bring some powerful noise-canceling headphones and your own music if you want to concentrate while working here.

Augustus Yuan

Solid place. I rate places based on working remote perspective. Overall coffee is pretty solid (actually editing after drinking it a little more it's pretty damn good. Single origin is what I got with oat milk). There are plenty of desks and they are reasonably sized. Not all desks have outlets but they do have a fair number so fairly sure you shouldn't have issues finding one. Some of the tables are not close to one. They forgot one of my orders but were nice when I approached them about it (happens).

Bernice L.

The modern minimalist design of this coffee shop is to die for!!! The wooden tables paired with clean white walls and floors in a quiet environment is the absolutely best place to recharge or study. The store is also very spacious so if you were coming to catch up with friends or studying with a big group, there's no need to worry. Besides their calming ambiance, their service and beverages are also a must get. The employee at the cash register was super informative and helpful in helping me decide what the perfect cup of coffee would taste like for me. Not only did I learn more about the company's coffee rotation, I also got to experience a different flavor of coffee. I decided on the Panama drip coffee, which was the special of the day. It had delicious light citrus tones, exactly to my liking. Overall, my experience at Algorithm was extremely pleasant. I had an eventful work day with a good cup of coffee.

Mehregan P.

If you're looking for a place to focus and work I would not recommend this place. The coffee mugs are too huge that every time you want to sip your coffee you have to use your both hands to pick up the mug. There are not a lot of outlets on the cafe and it was hard for me to find a comfortable place to sit down and charge my laptop as well. The chairs are not very comfortable for a long time. Maybe it was my bad luck too when I used the restroom there was no toilet paper but what really threw me off was the water that leaking from the faucet continuously! Such a waist of water!

Tiffany D.

Kenya beans they use. When we went to grab coffee and chat, they only had one person committing to the cashier and brewing up the drip coffee and lab style coffee. The lab style is awhile and he was precise with the measurements. Hence the name to algorithm. $5 a cup for that way. Worth the try, but not the wait and time for it. It was a Saturday morning so It was all good. They offer pastries. Short handed and the other person must have called out. Refine coffee taste. Nice rustic decor with sizable seating area and warm inside. There's a couple seating tables outside if you wish to get some air and leisurely lounge a bit over coffee. One can make all the noise compared to inside open seating! Good coffee spot, but there's improvements to be made.

Nour E.

Great vibe and the service was super friendly. And the food and drinks are also awesome! A decent amount of outlets, which made work here pretty easy to do for extended times, and the big tables/comfortable seats made it even easier

Stephan Vanhoek

that is some really good coffee and the place has a more traditional bay java house feel. I was surprised to find i didn't regret paying the 4 dollars, can't afford the habit but it's nice sometimes

Anuta Mukherjee

I really liked their coffee. Ambiance and vibe was pretty hipster but very bare, if you're into that. Croissant was delicious.

Ashwin Mudigonda

Waited twenty minutes for my pour over. The spaced out beanie dude realized that he forgot to serve it. Waited another ten to get it. Music was annoying and jazzy. Not necessarily bad service, just sloppy.

Margarita F.

This cute coffee shop on University x San Pablo is probably half the reason why I did well on the MCAT. I used to almost religiously come here every other day last summer and spend hours doing practice problems and watching lectures. Ironically, I like Algorithm for its distance from UC Berkeley. Unlike coffee shops neighboring campus, it is never crazy crowded, and you are most certainly going to find a nice seat. If you are coming from Central/South Berkeley, you can take 51B, which stops at the end of the block or take a refreshing 30 min walk (we both know you need it if you're planning to stay here for hours). A few things I love about Algorithm: 1. Spacious tables. I am the one to spread my things all around the place and often want some room to draw diagrams, etc. These tables are truly massive (esp if you come early). 2. Outlet magic - they have a ton of outlets! 3. Strong coffee and lovely FireBrand pastries. I'm possibly slightly addicted to coffee, and their blends are strong enough to get me through even the most boring content. 4. People bring DOGS. You should bring your DOG, so there will be a DOG party. I just realized this isn't a benefit if you have dog allergies. 5. Reliable WiFi. If that fails, an xfinity hotspot got ya covered. I think one drawback is their hours. They are open 7-3 on weekdays and 9-5 on weekends. Actually, this could be motivating to get working early.

Alex N.

The coffee is good. But that's not what I'm here to rave about . . . I'm here for the CHAIRS Ask yourself: "When was the last time I walked into a coffee shop and was treated BY A CHAIR." The typical answer in Berkeley is a straightforward never. However, this single shop on University stands tall against the norm of bad cafe chairs. Remember those great first experiences. First date. First car. First watch of Jerry Springer where you're like, "how is this show legal and on its 25th season?" Once you have your first experience in an Algorithm chair [pictured], you'll never settle for less. Slide your spine down the chair's curved back which is nothing but that sweet sweet lower back support. It's when you plant your tush on the form-fitting, thique seat when you feel the magic. Then you look at it from a distance and you're like, "this chair is kinda hawt -- like with the 'awt'." A tender silhouette held by the firm geometry of chrome. You're not balancing on a tall small stool. You're not feeling the chills of a metal folding chair. You're not on some hipster wood plank bench. You're being treated physically, aesthetically, and emotionally by the chair equivalent of the buff, long-haired guy on the cover of erotica novels. Let this chair caress you Jessica. If I'm gonna go out of my way to sit and enjoy a cup of joe, why would I fight over one of the few stools at Blue Bottle. The furnishers at Blue Bottle and other criminal coffee shops are essentially saying, "WE DO NOT WANT YOU AT THIS COFFEE SHOP, G.T.F.O." *People below 18yo please do not look up that acronym* The furnishers of Algorithm want you here -- not necessarily yelling in caps -- but they want you here. Come join me love these chairs. The coffee is good too