Allegro Coffee Roasters

1025 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 809-8293

Recent Reviews

Ronald N.

Allegro Coffee Bar inside Whole Foods Market. You have seen Starbucks inside Safeway and Target. Whole Foods Market surely got Allegro Coffee to being served inside. If Allegro Coffee Bar is inside Whole Foods Market is it the same since they are using register that feeds out Whole Foods receipt? I enjoy having Allegro Coffee when I am at Whole Foods. It is a relaxing to have a drink and sit down sipping it. I feel relax while I am sitting down. The service is good! I love seeing the friendly smiling faces when I start to order my drink. A automatic five star! Whole Foods has struck GOLD for having Allegro Coffee. It is something that a Starbucks inside Safeway can't have...relaxing environment.

David Caruso-Radin

Similar to, but better than Starbucks.

David Duarte

Great local toaster inside of Whole Foods. Pour overs made with Chemex!

Umit Alis

Even though this coffee is kind of heavy for me I love this place it's quiet and clean.

Wes Williams

Coffee is good but they did have a friendly knowledgeable staff but not on my latest visit.

Kevin Casey

Great morning wake up spot near my office

Jah Reigns

Had a great latte. Friend enjoyed has mocha. Staff was competent and friendly.

Janelle S.

I had a decaf lavender latte and it was delicious! I couldn't even tell it was decaf. Plus, there are a lot of seats to do some work here.

Preeti K.

This is a special shout out for Amanda, such an AMAZING barista! All the staff is quite friendly here actually, but Amanda really went above and beyond to prepare 50 cups of coffee for me!

Stellar Phenotype

Great cafe and great staff

Stephen LIoyd

Great cafe and great staff

Jon-Mychal Cox

Very nice decor, managers are cool but the staff could use some sensitivity training. Otherwise a pretty good place to dwell. There is a Good amount of security and plenty of smart looking tables.

Ele Facc

Best cappuccino ever! And great customer service too....

Derek T

Press coffee about as good as you can get. Can be a wait if busy. Nice choice of hearty toast options.

Jeff Maley

Nice space with a large opening, perfect for enjoying a nice breeze and coffee.

Emmanuel Sauquet

Great place to admire hipsters

Tra Ngo

I love this cafe area inside Whole foods! We usually end our grocery shopping with coffee and lunch here.

Larry Song

Nice place for coffee and laptops 😁

Jashua P.

Very good coffee. A buttery earthy taste. Not a fan of the location. Great for a grocery store I guess. In the heart of gentrified Albany, this store brings in the affluent middle class of the east bay. So many pirates, meet tweaked, meet software engineers come here to sip coffee and buy their bottled water. I'm having fun people watch. Have some patience to get a parking spot. Wer're in the bay.

Dayana Claghorn

Good drip and good espresso drinks. The people are nice, and I can usually get a seat.

Arlene Acuna

Consistently good with large sit down area. Great place to take a break. My "go to" place for always great cappuccino and variety of new concoctions. Particularly nice is the maple oat cappuccino th at uses oat milk and a little maple syrup if you're in the mood for a a sweet espresso concoction.and lactose much better than the syrupy overloaded sweet coffees of the 2 main coffee places in town (and elsewhere)'s a piano that sonetimes gets played and duplo for kids, magazines, etc. .let's support our small

J. Kevin Mann

The coffee is just OK. If you want a glass of water on the side that can be an extra wait. A bit pricey. I don't see the appeal.

Mon Soon

Great coffee, but pricey compared to others

Thanh Pham

Great place to hang out by yourself or with some friends all day long

Joseph Tinner

Roaster is very friendly. Went out of his way to answer my questions.

David Gonzalez

Love coming here. The wifi is slow sometimes and sucks. But I use my mobile hotspot. Place is great to come do some work but only for a short time. Other than that little complaint, tea is staff are friendly.

Alexis Bae

Nice place to take out good cuppa coffee in the morning.

Ed U.

There's a serious coffee bean roastery going on in here, which may take the typical supermarket coffee drinker aback since this isn't the typically crowded Starbucks kiosk you would find in a Safeway. This is Whole Foods, Amazon-pumped Whole Foods after all. The coffee bar area is quite spacious, and even in the middle of a weekday afternoon, it was flush with people of all stripes from huddling tech heads to stroller-barricaded young mommies. I took advantage of their $3.50 Hand Brew since they source their own beans and roast them onsite in small batches (photo: It definitely had a richer taste than most artisan cafes. You can even walk in and out without exposing yourself to the temptation of Whole Foods when hell, I just went to Tokyo Fish Market around the corner. COFFEE - 4 can definitely tell the quality of the hand brew AMBIANCE - 3 stars...spacious but expect a challenge in finding a seat...a bit like the grammar school cafeteria SERVICE - 4 stars...attention focused on the coffee as it should be TOTAL - 4 stars....artisan coffee done nicely after you get your Whole Paycheck produce RELATED - If you're looking for dining options in Berkeley, here's a list of places I've tried and reviewed:

Dai Deh

Love Allegro as a place to grab a coffee on the way to work, or to hang out and enjoy breakfast at.

Iris X.

I've been trying really hard to find a cafe that's a good place to study with parking and good coffee and this place meets most of them! They have plenty of pretty sizable tables for studying. You can also bring your own food to eat here. The only downside is that it's in whole foods and can get quite loud but if you like that kinda atmosphere this place is great

Tim Wong

Not bad. Has Wi-Fi and you can shop at whole foods at the same time.

Dillión A.

Counter staff mad rude. I'm sure not all of them, but every time I've been here that's been the case. Two stars cause the coffee wasn't disgusting, but it wasn't great. Go across the street if you put any value in decent human interactions.

Dillión A.

Counter staff mad rude. I'm sure not all of them, but every time I've been here that's been the case. Two stars cause the coffee wasn't disgusting, but it wasn't great. Go across the street if you put any value in decent human interactions.

Tangible H.

I am no coffee connoisseur, but let me tell y'all - this is some fine and smooth coffee. I traditionally do not enjoy coffee; just started to in the last 3-6 months. I usually get the vanilla latte (with controlled pumps of syrup, I might add) with almond milk and foam until you cannot foam anymore. Check them out; if you appreciate coffee, you're in for a treat.

Minoru M.

Worst customer service ever for coffee shop. Don't assume little better quality because of inside of the whole foods market. This coffee shop staff is way lack of customer service training, almost like zero experiences in this industry. Seems like bunch of students working here with no guidance. And okay coffee because staff don't care what they do. No appreciation and effort to make this place better. Go to Philz which is across the street unless if you don't mind paying your money for student's careless attitude, service and quality. Gave them couple of times to try but I don't recommend this place at all.

Molly W.

Just-so-so coffee and horrible service. The woman who took my order was extremely rude and failed to do her job properly. The seating area is actually decent and spacious but I guess it's all thanks to Whole Foods. If you're looking for a place to study or work, just go across the street or go to the Starbucks on Monroe (if you don't mind the brand), which is 2-3 mins away. Definitely won't come to this cafe again. Love Whole Foods though.

Karma K.

I try to go to local places, but the coffee here is amazing. My favorite is the lavender latte. I think the milk they use is organic.

Tatiana T.

Came here to study and found out, I probably shouldn't have come here to study. Got cold brew which was way too sour for me. Outlets are only by the tall benches that do not have seats with backings therefore it's a little tough to study here for more than 1-2 hours. Which is probably the longest you can stay since their wifi service only allows for a max of 2 hours. Wifi is also slower than I would prefer. But if you're looking for a place to kill a little time this would be ok.

Jed Mariz N.

- slow WiFi + lots of seating (with outlets) + inside whole foods + free coffee refills if you get it in the mug Cool spacious cafe inside WholeFoods in the Gilman district across Philz. Not too busy on a weekday afternoon/evening. Coffee is $2.5 a mug for batch brew and free refills, which isn't bad! Good for doing some work on your laptop, hanging out for a while , chilling before going into whole foods. Only con is if you're looking for a very quiet , peaceful cafe, I wouldn't go here. It's noisy and gets lots of foot traffic since it is inside WholeFoods.

Isaac J.

Internet is now basically unusable again. It's become super crowded, too. They made the food less tasty, more expensive, and much less healthy. Also it takes longer to get now (cf. crowds). No reason to go here anymore.