1096 Dwight Way #1094, Berkeley
(510) 848-4015

Recent Reviews

Daphne T.

Anchalee is the best Thai food I've had in Berkeley, and some of the best food all around. They've always been good, but the takeout we've had since the SIP has been extra-delicious. We're always excited to order from Anchalee because we know we're going to be eating some great food! Favorites include the Beef Salad (all the salads are great), the pork with eggplant, the trout with mango salad, and the curry puffs.

Dunenka S.

Just ordered myself and my son some lunch. Spicy basil fried rice with Prawns. And a side of egg rolls. I will definitely be back super good and I'm a picky eater! Thank you for restoring my hope that good Thai food outside of SF exist!!!!!!!

Terry S.

We've enjoyed meals at Anchalee many times, but hadn't ordered takeout anywhere since the shelter-in-place order. I was a little hesitant that takeout wouldn't be up to their usual high standards, but it was actually terrific. We like to split their special trout mango salad, and were disappointed when they said they would have to substitute salmon, but it turned out to be the BEST salmon I've ever had. A slight woodsy char, and absolutely succulent. The Moo Yang was also tender and excellent. And they had a smart sanitary takeout set up. I love these guys.

Cielo B.

I feel very lucky to be living within walking distance of this little gem! I've never had a bad experience here and the staff is always quick and courteous. I primarily order for takeout, which is ready in about 15-20 minutes. I would definitely recommend their panang curry, which I usually ask to have medium spice. The beef in the panang curry is cubed and tendered to perfection. Their mango sticky rice is also really good! They use purple sticky rice, which I like even more so than the usual white sticky rice. When you have these two dishes for dinner, you will be a happy lil bean! I 100% recommend Anchalee and I hope they stick around for many more years to come!

Khalid S.

Still amazing, even during COVID time. They had an excellent order and pickup system. I think their to go boxes got even more sustainable, which is so great.

Diana P.

Small restaurant, but no less exciting. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very soothing; Efficient use of space, soft pleasant music, and close proximity dining where you can not only smell your own food, but of those around you. Speaking of the food, no matter what you order, the food is always fantastic. Our family had Moo Yang (Marinated pork with Veggies), House Chicken Curry, Fried rice plate with prawns, and, for desert, fried banana with coconut ice cream. In addition to the delicious taste of the food, the presentation of the food really begged you to take a picture of it. 5 out of 5 for House Chicken Curry, It's really so delicious. 5 out of 5 for Fried rice plate with prawns, it's looks so delicious it self and the taste too. 10 out of 10 lol for the fried banana with coconut ice cream, taste was amazing. 10 out of 10 for staff and the presentation and for the fast service. They are friendly and polite. 100 on 100 for The atmosphere of this restaurant. Parking wasn't the best with how busy the street was, but what else do you expect from this region? They have one full menu dedicated to vegetarians which is a huge plus. Very cozy, clean & intimate space. Would definitely be returning. Highly recommend!!

Sarah Z.

Recently moved to East Bay and so happy to have found this restaurant which will definitely be our go to Thai place from now on. The portions are large and everything we've had has been amazing.

Edith J.

Beautiful food. Presentation was great. Can't tell you when Ive had such delicious thai food. Maybe 1992 in Thailand??

Victoria G.

The food is always good, I think they're lunch prices could be more affordable. I've gotten the chicken and shrimp eggplant, it's so delicious! The yellow curry was just okay.

cautious optimist

Another great Berkelely Thai restaraunt. Wonderful staff, noisy.

Shilpa J.

Our favorite place! We have been coming here for 10+ years and even had a family wedding party dinner here. Lovely ambience and consistently delicious food. The mango salad is a must have. The pad Ke mao and green curry are great for me as a vegetarian and they have a massive veggie/vegan menu. And it's great for fish and meat eater friends too. Go! You will love it.

Julie J.

Curry are great, slightly on the sweet side. Pad thai is good too. Nothing disappointing so far. Lunch price is good deal. Environment is cozy and clean.

Matt P.

Short review- the spicy eggplant w mushroom is the best vegan dish I've had outside of Millenium. That is all.

Karen N.

This is our go-to restaurant when we're too lazy to cook. We usually order take-out as it's on our way home. Why do we get it? The quality is very good -- it's not the best Thai we've had, but also nowhere near the worst. It's been consistently very good. If it were just the flavor, we'd give it 4 stars. But what bumps it up one star is that it remains one of the less expensive places in town, especially for take-out. They're pretty fast too -- if we phone in when we're 15-20 minutes out, we usually walk in right as they have it boxed up and ready to go. I'm surprised at the paucity of affordable, good places to eat in Berkeley. Anchalee is one of the few exceptions and I wish them a long, prosperous life.

Toby R

Food was tasty. Bathroom dirty and needed servicing.

Kristi C.

Place is solid. Everything there is flavorful and well thought. For at least a year I would get the orGanic veggie special, and it is delicious. I haven't been for awhile so when I went with a friend we got the papaya salad and the lamb special at lunch. The salad was good but average. The lamb though, wow. It was served with this onion, cucumber soup and peanut sauce with saffron rice. It was unique and special. I would get it again. But really - I've never had anything bad here.

Maria S.

I am very dissapointed with BBQ Pork (Moo Yang), it was dry, it did come with extra vegetable (cucumber, tomatoes, etc), and the portion was not consistent, the table next to us ordered the same and had more (bigger) meats. Pad Thai and Fried Rice were ok. Salmon was plain. This is the first Thai Restaurant I came that does not have Chili Sauce, unbelieveable. I asked for chili sauce or just simply sambel oelek like most Thai restaurant has, but they could only offered me cut fresh chilis with fish sauce, when it came there were only few cuts of fresh chilis. Also the whole time we sat there, smell of the sewer so strong and disgusting, it made me lose my appetite.

Emilie Conrad

How have I lived so long without knowing what Panang beef was... In a way it's probably a good thing... Because now I want to eat it all the time. Radish cakes and Panang beef...

David B.

Very good to go pumpkin curry and pad tai noodles definitely cooked to order with quality ingredients. I liked the fresh lime leaves in the curry.

Karl A.

Just happened to be in the area for errands with my sister, (who likes to try different Thai places) suggested I tag along with her and I am glad we checked this place out! Everything was really good here - the wait staff was always nearby to refill waters and check in on the food as well as make conversation with the other guests. The Thai iced coffee was splendid they even dashed a little coconut cream on the top for us, and I also got a oolong tea (which they were very nice about giving hot water refills for) And now let's get to the food haha! All of the appetizers had super shareable portions and were very good representation of what appetizers should be! (Very tasting and very good to look at) Main courses were as well good, everything on the plate had flavor never dry or bland. I like the peanut sauce they have here and the brown jasmine rice tasted very fresh as well! You won't be disappointed by visiting this place, cheers!

Miriam W.

We did order last minute and food was available within 7 minutes which may explain the terrible result. Pad ki moi with prawns had 3 1/2 prawns and of course tons of noodles. Cute try but you just lost a customer. Cheating is not respected by anyone.

Mai Divine Life

Great service great food! They have one full menu dedicated to vegetarians which is a huge plus. Very cozy, clean & intimate space. Would definitely be returning. Highly recommend

Tom Dinkman

I would honestly give a five star, but I am giving this place a three star because there was a hair in the papaya salad that I had ordered. Besides that, the waiter was great, he seemed very friendly, and came around frequently to check on customers. The best part, was of course the food. It tasted great. I recommend the papaya salad (given there is no hair in it). The restaurant looks clean, trendy, and cozy.

Chimbu Kumar

Very nice food, veg friendly restaurant at affordable price

Luis C.

This is a wonderful place for Thai food. My to go dish is the panang curry , anything.... beef is mine but other choices work well . Also grateful for the brown rice option. However this and many other e bay restaurants have this bad habit of posting hours that are inaccurate. These guys are open till ten but stop taking orders at 945 (those are the to go ones). I'm understanding that you want to close shop but reflect it in your hours of operation

Marites A.

I ate here yesterday for the first time. Not too bad. The food was tasty. The Tom kha is not too sweet. Other places their soup is too sweet. Their padseeu is sooooo good. The place is small but cozy. Parking might be a little bit hard. But Not too bad.

ingrid b.

Food is mediocre. We ordered takeout - pad Thai is the worst pad Thai I've ever had. Noodles were not the traditional noodles and it was way too salty. Fried rice was ok. Appetizers fried chicken with basil tasted old. Also ordered bbq pork and they give you a lot but it tasted odd. Spent $48 and some change and we threw most of the food away. There are better places in the area. Should have stuck to Bua Luang on Solano but they are closed on Mondays.

Jolie K.

This place has the best Thai I've eaten in Berkeley. the waitress I always seem to get is not quick or friendly. The floors are always so sticky it wants to kill my appetite but the food is still good so it gets 3 stars instead of one or two.


Wish I had read the yelp reviews before going here for lunch. I got the ginger shiitake rice plate and was so disappointed. I've eaten here many times and I have to say, it's gotten too hit or miss. The same menu item will be great one day, but then later that week be borderline gross and disappointing. The bell pepper in my dish smelled really off. I could go into details but I don't want to sound like an overdramatic yelper with a vendetta. Conclusion: Won't be back.

Diane Zelman

We've been 4 times with family. It's a little more expensive than other local Thai restaurants, but ingredients are super-fresh and we like everything we try, including the soups and appetizers. We have 1 vegetarian in family and there are many options for her. Waitstaff is wonderful.

Carl Sakofsky

The food was average, and the service was good. The bathroom was dark and unacceptable. I'm sorry to say I won't return until I hear otherwise that the food has improved .

Adrianne Martin

Delicious food. Everyone I went with was happy with their choices and returned a couple more times throughout the week.

Adyasha Pradhan

A good Thai restaurant to go to if you wanna do Thai sometime. Waiting time is long at peak times.

cecilia p.

We normally LOVE eating here but lately we've been given raw chicken and worst of all, rancid chicken! So, we'll stay away for awhile and hope that the regular chef comes back or they hire someone who can smell rancidity and is careful about making sure the chicken is not served raw in soups, etc.


The vegetarian pad see ew is the best I've ever had.

Jeff Maley

The food was excellent and it had a comfortable feeling to it.

Coco V.

I never actually been to this place but I always order on doordash. They have good portions and the quality is great. The food always comes hot and flavorful. I tend to always order the pineapple fried rice, chicken pad Thai, and sweet mango rice.

Patty R.

Delicious food, great service. We will be back next time we come to visit family in California

Idrian M.

I have eaten here twice and both times, Anchalee did not disappoint! Don't let the restaurant's small size and unassuming storefront fool you--their food selection rivals that of larger, established Thai restaurants in Berkeley. Though the menu was impressively inclusive, I got what I always get at Thai restaurants: Pad Se Ew, and it was fantastic lol! We had the fried calamari and some delicious green rolls (I forget what they're officially called) to start and they tasted fresh and delicious. I previously had the mango salad and it was great. The staff was very friendly and attentive (always refilled our water when we needed it!). I will certainly return to dine at Anchalee with friends new and old, family, and my partner.


Where do all these good reviews come from? I am suspicious if they are real. Tiny tiny place. I was having dinner with my visiting niece and trying to have a conversation with our group of four. Large table in the middle of the room had a large family with kids and a baby. The baby emitted high pitched screams about every two minutes with no intervention by the parents. Not even possible to have a conversation in that space with that noise. Even the normal room noise was too much in that space. When I went to the back to the restroom I was appalled at how filthy it was, not just the restroom but the food area. I should have known because a plate they set was dirty. Now, the food: Not typical or classic Thai food and in this case, that was not good. Possibly the worst "Thai" I ever had and not really Thai. Prices not particularly good. The service was pretty bad too. I would not ever go back. Can't I give it no stars?