Anthony's Cookies - Berkeley

2575 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 833-2469

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jermaine baldwin

2.25 for a cookie slightly larger than a chips ahoy. They were fresh and tasted average. Not sure what the hype is about. But ok

Shay B

Cookies are tasty. Good quality. Love the walnut chocolate chip and toffee chip cookies. Only a few options available. $2.25/ cookie is a little pricey in my opinion but it's the bay area so not too far off. Overall good cookies.

Adeejhawon G.

Best cookies I've ever had thus far. The cookies melts in your mouth, this packaging is nice and neat. Overall great phone and in-person service. Highly recommended!

Marcus G.

Really good cookies with home made feel. Crisp edges with chewy centers and many flavors. I like the toffee best. I typically go to the SF one, but when I visit my friend on Emeryville, I pick up from here.

Susan T.

For rich, privileged folks only! I stopped in to the Berkeley storefront today, having driven past several times and not being familiar with the business. I almost fainted when I was told the price - Are you kidding - $2.25 for a single small cookie!!!??? They are in the same category or worse as "Whole Paycheck" Food! Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me! The cookies (I bought two) tasted OK, but I have bought cookies equally as good and much larger at numerous farmer's markets over the years. I can assure you, I will NEVER set foot in this place again.

Roderick Westberry

Go for the cookies and cream cookies. They are the bomb. The chocolate chip cookies are awesome as well.

Adriana B.

Pricy but worth it Really good quality ingredients Helpful counter staff Conveniently located I opted for an ice cream sandwich I was confused by the menu but A lovely gentleman assisted me right through it I devoured that thannnnggg! Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie I snuck here while I was hungry one day My girlfriend would probably try to kill me She knows I don't NEED the sugar but I still try to get some where I can When she's not around....guilty pleasure And this satisfied my craving I was taken back by the $7 price tag but hey When you want something you gotta pay I will return, hopefully when all the pandemic stuff clears Thankful that I did get the opportunity to come Worth the money I swear it was 9x's better baskin robbins

Ester Torrevillas

Awesome variety of cookies, the toffee chip is a favorite!

Patricija P.

I am coming out of Yelp hibernation for this review. The cookies were good. But they are not $2 a cookie good, or 2.25 if you buy the dark chocolate. There are no deals for ordering ten or a dozen or in my case 20. On a Saturday morning right when opening there were no special flavors. Additionally, none of the cookies are out for you to see. They are behind in racks. The cookies are on the small side, which is definitely surprising given the cost. I bought 20 for a party and when I asked for a box, they told me I would have to pay for it unless I bough 2 dozen. Are you kidding me? I just spent 40 dollars on cookies and you can't give me a box for them?!? Lastly, the one person working the counter clearly didn't want to be working there. If in going to spend so much on stupid cookies at least make the experience enjoyable. Certainly not worth the hype or the cost.

Super T.

Perfect taste when freshly baked. Horrible portion size. The cookies are eXtremely small. Excellent for rich people.

Ben L.

The cookies are decent...but I must say they are rather small for the price you'll pay for them. I bought 10$ worth (5 cookies), ate it all in 1 go and was not satisfied. I am a 160lb, 5'3" male, for reference. I bought 10$ worth of cookies once in New York. They were delish AND I could barely finish half of what I bought.

Andrea T.

The best cookies!! I got these for my birthday and have been coming here ever since. All of their cookies are good, but I especially like the oatmeal raisin and the chocolate chip. The reason why they have the best cookies is that they are the perfect texture- chewy. If you eat it several days after they will still be the perfect texture. And they are the perfect sweetness- not too sweet, but just right. Even if you buy several cookies, don't expect them to last long! Once you eat one, you'll want more.

Maisha Barnes

Would have given them 5 stars because they're are that GOOD, but they only have a small selection and certain cookies on certain days. It's hard to know which ones because they often can't answer the ph from being busy, and they don't have a website or do they engage in any of the social media hype.

Stephanie A.

I thought someone was punking me these cookies were so bad. I used to get Anthony's cookies all the time years ago at the mission location and they never disappointed. I got two cookies recently at this location and literally couldn't finish either one. Small, hard, and tasteless. What the hell happened?! Sad.

Anita Ngai

Just the basic... cookies! Come early as popular flavors can get sold out early. Straus ice cream, and ice cream sandwiches as well. Great to just watch the staff bake as well

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