Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center

1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 525-5054

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Michael Hakes

Great venue and live music. Good food and prices

I Foreign

Awesome place. Great atmosphere. Very clean place. Great people. Awesome staff. Very welcoming environment. Great music. Always a fun time. Can't wait to visit this place again.

Michele Grant

Wow awesome show with these women drummers. Venue was small with few chairs, but they worked hard and found extras for my crew...much appreciation!

Geo Fucile

Great venue in Berkeley, good sound and vibes.

Consuelo HolguinMoreno

Dead Night with Suu Allen and Mars Hotel weekly event...

Michael Diehl

Got a great dance floor good music. Go to see Mars Hotel there regularly. First time I went was in 1976 for Salsa de Berkeley.

Ms M.

We purchased tickets for the Sistahs of the Drum event on 3/23. We arrived at 7:30-the time they said doors open; show supposedly to start at 8. The line is wrapped around the corner. We stood in the cold for 45 mins; when we finally get to enter there are no seats, people are stacked in like sardines--I'm sure beyond fire code room capacity. And there was still a long line of people behind us. We anticipated being able to sit down and enjoy the performance but there was no way that was going to happen. By the way my sister was unable to stand for long periods! If Ashkenaz had advertised properly we would have never purchased tickets. We told the man at the door we wanted our money back, so we'll see if they hold to their word.

Myroslava Symonenko

I’ve been there a couple of times for Balkan events, last time we were there for New Year’s 2019, and every time the venue was vibrant, neat and filled with the atmosphere that made it clear that music lives there. They host events for various musical tastes, so worth checking out their monthly calendar before paying them a visit.

Doctormiz Davis

Great music!

Jennifer Leeds Strauss

StuAllen is grate, go see him there. Special treat!

Ron L.

The Ghost of Berkeley Past lives on in Berkeley Present. Berzerkeley became a haven for anti-establishment radicals, hippies, yippies, and dippies in the 1960s. Most never left. At Ashkenaz, their mindset lives on. it's an old barn on old US 40, was never gentrified, turned into a community center and concert venue. It is now a venue for [ahem] other music. You won't find Justin Bieber's music here, not even at Sunday's Soul Sanctuary open dance. Instead, Ashkenaz showcases world music and out-of-the-mainstream American artistry: bhangra, Afro-Cuban, samba, Cajun jam sessions, kalaripayathu, Argentine tango. There's quite an appetite for these offerings in Berkeley, so Ashkenaz has been around for a long time. It's a time warp, in a way. Posters and artwork celebrating far-left-of-center thought. No attempt at beautifying the place, leaving it raw. Takes you back to 1971. Thankfully, no white males were thrown out because of their lack of diversity; if I remember right, the bartender was a white male. In diversity, lives of all colors matter. I've been here only for the bachata offerings. This is as mainstream as you get, and even then, half the people you meet have probably never heard of bachata. It's a Dominican dance that's become popular in the clubs, taught by Kathy Reyes, the same Kathy Reyes I mentioned in my review of Alhambra's Granada Dance Studio. It brought in a crowd that may not come here for other events. Which is a good business move; get as many different kinds of people in here as we can, build the size of the Ashkenaz community. So look over the events calendar, see if anything interests you that you want to try out, and come on out. You may find yourself becoming a regular at Ashkenaz. I mean, if they let a white male middle-class conservative-voting Christian (me) come in, they'll let anyone in! And really, why not be one big happy family?

Carla Siqueira dos Santos

Good place. I went when had one Brazilian concert.

Jen Moran

Yeah! My new Berkeley home away from home!

Joyce C.

Love this place . Somethings don't change The music never stops . You can feel Dave everywhere . What a wonderful dream he had

Safoora Yousefi

Great live music! Friendly welcoming people. I think they could work on attracting a more diverse crowd. I kind of felt out of place among so many middle aged white people.

Richard Bastien

Great place to hear down home music

Anna Kuryndina

A lot of old people. Good for spending evening if you are retired. There are couple options of drinks and some basic snacks

sonia paulina

Love this place! They have all kind of music events!

Miz Dee Logwood

Awesome, wholesome environment for everyone..,! Dance, drink, eat and be merry!

Zephira Derblich-Milea

Ashkenaz has a special place in my heart because my parents met there 38 years ago! I’ve been to more shows than I could even begin to count. I love the warm energy and variety of quality music from around the world.

Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center

1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702