Au Coquelet

2000 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-0433

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Barbara K.

Stuck inside and thought I would order a sandwich from a local deli to support my local businesses. I was beyond shocked that the prices on Uber Eats are $3.00 more per sandwich than on their menu on their own website. I am going to hope that this is not a price gouging thing during these difficult times but I am not going to order from them. Really disappointed in you Au Coquelet.

Garth W.

I have been going into this place occasionally for many years. Always tasty food and a nice atmosphere if you are studying or reading. This morning I had Grubhub deliver a breakfast sandwich which is awesome! They even included a free cup of very strong coffee. Nice!

Edward Moody

Great place for coffee a place where you can use a wall outlet to charge a cellphone or pc with any perches of. Coffee. Drink or food it

Roop K.

This is one of my favorite study cafes in Berkeley especially with their aesthetic interior and late hours. You can get coffee and pastries at the front cafe which has a lot of tables and outlets if you're studying. The back area is typically warmer and has tons of seating. They have pretty much regular cafe food - cake, croissants, etc and coffee but also they have breakfast food that they serve pretty late! We saw a poster for the impossible burger and will definitely be trying that out soon. This is perfect if you want to study, catch up with people, or have a nice meal -- it's a highly versatile cafe.

Debra D.

The environment is nothing special here.. mostly a college study lounge/ cafe vibe going on if anything. But, their sandwiches are legit. I really like their Reuben on marble rye or their tuna melt with onion rings.


Berkeley classic. Decent coffee. Not the best cafe in town but it stays open very late (I think around 1-2am) and has been around for ages. Great for studying or getting some work done. A plus is that there are an abundance of electrical outlets available to charge your laptop.

Ed Krause

This spot is the one I like best. I eat in a lot of restaurants but to this place I constantly return again and again. The team is very professional and the food they offer is so fresh and tasty. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner in this restaurant. I highly recommend this place.

Stetson Solomon

Would definitely recommend visiting this place. Great atmosphere, delicious food, good service. Fantastic work.

Nicole Garcia

One of my favorite places to eat in Berkeley. Large menu and open late, unlike so many places there. The staff are super friendly and patient, never rushing you out of the restaurant when you need to stay a long time. I love their Reuben sandwich and tiger burger.

M W.

Christia was really nice and had excellent customer service. I kept coming back for little things and she was really patient and kind. Christia if you get a chance to read this "YOU ARE APPRECIATED"!

Andrea Brunetti

I have been going to this great place for forty years. The atmosphere reminds me of my college hangout, and the food, beverages and pastries are wonderful.

Matthew Coleman

It has a certain quality that is unmatched, and the energy there is always just the pace your looking for. Good food and free WiFi is my kind of a party any day. ?

Aaron Slater

The coffee was pretty good, service was great and the food was amazing. Place had a very nice feel too it and would recommend to anyone in the Berkeley area.

Hayden Jacobsen

The best pastries and coffee! Fun ambiance in the heart of downtown Berkeley

Sagruilla P.

This is a classic establishment that hasn't changed much in over 20 years because what it does works just fine, thank you very much. Want pastries and a coffee for less than $10? Go here. The croissants are not authentic, but they are fresh and buttery and really good in their own right. Want a tall glass of wine to drink solo for less than $10? Go here. Enjoy your wine while you read your book and people watch, no judgement, rush, or side eyes. Want breakfast at midnight for less than $10? Go here. You will have warm food in your belly. Just saw a show at the UC and don't want the night to end, but you only have $10 in your pocket? Go here. There might be more magic to unfold before the town shuts down. It is hard to describe the magic of this cafe, but it encapsulates a non-forced quirkinesses, outsider poet aesthetic, down-and-out grace, living life without glitter spirit that I love about Berkeley but that is starting to disappear.

Annie T.

Got a breakfast sandwich (croissant with egg scramble, cheese) and was pleasantly full afterwards. The portion sizes are pretty decent and have reasonable prices! The atmosphere of the café itself is also very cute and quaint -- I hear a lot of people study in the area, and the servers were nice as well! Would come again for a casual breakfast/brunch catch up with a friend :)

Nikki L.

Lovely, colorful staple of the Berkeley community! The food is great but a touch expensive for my student budget. It's my favorite place to study, since it's open till 1:30 and has a relatively large amount of outlets.

Armando Morales

Great place for coffee or tea. Great service. Good atmosphere for chit chatting.

Roberto Perez

This is one of the last mom and pop restaurants left in Berkeley. It's a perfect breakfast spot and the perfect pace for lazy weekends.

Shanna K.

Stopped in after a show at the UC Theatre. We were starving and may have had an extra vodka soda. Whoops. Heh. It happens. Au Coquelet was just what we needed. Lots of seating, open late, fast service, and not terribly expensive. If you're looking for good diner fare and friendly people you'll be all set here.

Arturo Ramirez

Good place to study. Their waffles are good just a bit pricey for how much you get and a lot of their food kind of is. It's open late which makes it really good for studying late. Good coffee or hot chocolate if you aren't a big coffee drinker. Parking can be an issue (that's not a criticism of their business but just be aware of it).

Matt S.

Best alternative to Caffe Mediterraneum (RIP). Food in the back, coffee in the front!

Alice K.

The food is soooooooo delicious! Service was a bit slow but I think it is because they are understaffed. We ordered the pastrami sandwich and the Reuben and had a French onion soup. All the plates were professionally made and were served promptly. The food was consistent with how I remembered it from 20 years ago. I strongly recommend going for a good hearty meal that fill you up.

Jasmine L.

I really am a fan of this place. I needed to find a place open late for studying and this was the one I stumbled on. Open til 1:30AM so ideal for students, they have a lot of room, two rooms that are just filled with chairs and tables so it can get pretty overwhelming because it is pretty tight but if you're just there to study it makes you focus. Plus there is a coffee bar up in the front to order your drinks and they have a diner in the back to order your food and it is super cheap. Had a HUGE plate of nachos for $8! Cant really beat that as a student. Really nice staff, lots of seating and outlets for the computers.

Ap P.

This place is a freakin jack of all trades. Hear me out. 1. Stays open late when (shockingly) no other cafes in a college town stay open late. Great place for studying or working for a long period of time. 2 Its a cafe. So obviously, it has regular cafe fare. No surprises there. Decent coffee. Decent food options. HOWEVER they also do breakfast late at night. Game changer. I can eat eggs any time of the day, and I appreciate any establishment that can get me scrambled eggs at 1am. 3. They also have glasses of wine, which I have now learned are FILLED TO THE BRIM. Is it the fanciest of wines? No. But really, you can't expect a classy time when you show up at 1am hoping to have a hefty pour of red wine while stuffing your face with scrambled eggs. With that being said though, for the cost of the glass, and the tempered expectations one might have of a cafe serving alcohol to idiots after midnight - it's marvelous. 4. They have cake. I like cake. I like cake with my wine. I like it with my breakfast food. I like it with my coffee. I like it by itself. I'll grant that cake is essentially great anywhere, but it's particularly wonderful when you show up with drunk cravings at night and find yourself cakeless. They will give you the cake. That's all.

Leona leslie

Great service with large groups welcoming and inviting they dont use pronouns

C. Hardy

Nice place to sit, chat and be. Food is tasty.

Joel Dino

Good food but not the best.

Luke Thomas

This is a cafe AND a restaurant connected through a short corridor. Separate menus but customers are free to eat in the cafe or study in the restaurant area too.

Hafiz Dhanani

Once of the few spots in Berkeley that is open late.

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pretty good food; friendly service

Ameneh G.

While most cafes are closed after 7 or 8pm, this is a great spot to have a late night tea with friends. It is a large place with separate restaurant and cafe sections and lots of tables on each side and you usually find all sorts of interesting and unusual people there!

Andrey Poletayev

A collection of great spaces in the middle of downtown. Good for meetings. Coffee, omelets, and other tasty foods.

Lori Miller

Picked up my sweetie from BART in Oakland late tonight and went here for dinner because it was the best option between Oakland and Pinole. Plus it's open late. Had the evening special, a pasta dish, to which we added ground beef. That plus a soup and salad and we were full and happy. For late night dining in Berkeley or anywhere nearby, it's a great choice.

Alyssa G.

I wandered in here in search of lunch. Ended up getting one of the breakfast sandwich specials with a patron cafe. The drink came with a mound of whipped cream. The thick diner kind, not the light kind. The drink was stronger than I expected but wonderful. The food was good. Greasy, but again old diner style with all the eggs spilling out the sides. The room had a dive bar feel. Some old locals were discussing politics in the back area and everyone was saying hi to each other. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because the food was good, but not amazing.

Jenna T.

Right at the corner of University so parking is a bit difficult the later it gets in the morning. This space is huge, a coffee shop front and then a whole restaurant in the back. Definitely no shortage of outlets too so a perfect place to sit and get some work done. Plenty of tables available and it didn't get too crazy but maybe later on in the day. Their cafe au lait was delicious and served in a tall glass. They have a TV that showed multiple channels at once. I gave this place four stars because of their coffee and the infinite number of outlets they had that you usually don't find in many coffee shops.

Shriram Ravikumar

Nice cafe! Been here a couple of times and have had the nachos, burger chocolate cake onion rings and garlic fries. Food is good. And portion size is pretty up there as well. Not usually crowded and a good ambience to enjoy a small meal.

Rusty Morrison

This is one of the classic cafes in Berkeley. It's been around forever for all the best reasons. Excellent coffee great food kind staff. Don't expect the sheen of the ultra modern. Come here for classic excellence

Ashton MacSaylor

This lovely little coffee shop with a restaurant in the back is the place I met my wife. We just went back there for our third anniversary for a delicious breakfast and latte. Even without sentimental attachment, I love this place.

Dan DaMan

I've been coming to this place for many years but I notice my favorite meal, the tiger Burger combo, getting smaller and smaller. First they cut down the beef amount you were served and then the big French roll is now some kind of small stale bun, worst of all I think they're not using high quality meat like they used to.