Bangkok Thai Cuisine

1459 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-6483

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Chris L.

Been coming here for ages, usually for take-out. They've always been friendly, and their pad see ew has always been a family favorite...we somehow just find it tastier than the competition. Ymmv. Also appreciate that they are happy to make substitutes.

Donta Drake

Great place for authentic Thai food, plus their soup broths taste amazing

Konnor Duffy

Tried this place before with a friend and I am hooked ever since. I like the great vibes and fresh dishes and beverages. 5 stars from me.

Craig Y.

Excellent rice! Overall, both my daughter and I enjoyed this place. The food had a little bit too much coconut for us, but I think that is a personal preference. We know there is coconut milk in pretty much all of Thai cuisine curry but in some the flavor is more pronounced than others. This time the coconut flavor was definitely more pronounced than in other places we've been to. But they give hearty helpings for the price and the flavor was spot on.

FOOD: We ordered red curry, yellow curry, and pad thai. All were good but like I said for us the coconut flavor was a little bit too pronounced. We were impressed with how much chicken they put in. Definitely get your money's worth! The pad thai was also good but could use a bit more sauce. Overall though good!  And the rice was awesome!

SERVICE: weird they didn't do delivery at lunch but they do at dinner. They are open for lunch so why not? Everything was packaged nicely and they really stuffed every container full .

COST: Very reasonable considering how much food you get!

Veronica G.

The food was GREAT! The yellow curry and noodle dish was by far delish. Great portions  and all super tasty.

Jefferson Carney

Fantastic place to buy food when in a hurry. The service is swift, prices are reasonable, good mood. Will come back again

Paul G.

Excellent service with food to match. Great neighborhood gem you don't want to miss. I'm partial to the Pad see ew with tofu and vegetables.

Tiffany C.

Do you ever eat somewhere, and after trying just a bite, want to try everything on the menu? That's what Bangkok Thai does for me. I don't know how they do it. But they make the most incredible Crispy Sweet Potato Appetizer. I'm not sure of the process, but somehow the potato is both fluffy and crispy. Its almost impossible to not just eat these in the car before you  get back home from takeout.

Also, I love a good Thai peanut sauce, and this place by far makes the best. Their Pra-Ram tofu, incredible! I want to put that peanut sauce on everything. And or dip everything in it. This dish just makes me so happy.

I use to eat here all the time when I lived in the Bay Area. And sadly it has been years since I've been back. But coming back recently ... the food is just as good as I remember it. Please eat here.

Anthony M.

I would have given them 5 stars if they had their wonderful appetizer combo and pumpkin curry available on the Website menu for our timeout dinner.  I mean, really, no pumpkin curry especially in November?!  Everything we ordered and have eaten there in person is excellent, though the medium spiciness of each dish was not consistent.  The Pad Thai was over spicy and the eggplant was under spicy.  The only one they got right, spicy-wise, was the beef salad.  

We actually think they give you a better value taking out (bigger portions) than eating in.  And, unlike some of our other favorite restaurants, their takeout is as good, if not better, as in person dining.

Daryl Stephens

We are regulars here. We love their chili skillet and the biscuits. The workers are very sweet. And Montrose is such a cute little town to visit for brunch. This place is a local favorite so expect to wait a bit to be seated.

Clinton Grady

Last week was the first time we came to that place. But It is definitely not the last. We had great time with the attentive service, with the magnificent cooking and booze and with the honest pay. We will surely visit there again.

Eugene L.

I was rolling around Berkeley and it was Dinner time.When I was rolling Around I ran into Bangkok Thai Cuisine!!!I Love Thai food so I stopped and Perused their Menu.I ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai with Shrimp, Squid and Scallops!!!I also Ordered the Yellow Curry Lamb!!!Their Dining Room is Closed down due to COVID, To go only!!!!My food was cooked fairly fast .I rolled Home and Washed up !!!!I started in on the Lamb Curry and it was Delicious!!!!!The Pad Thai was tasty and packed full of Seafood!!!!!Bangkok Thai Cuisine is a Baller On a Budget Approved Establishment!!!!

Minh L.

This review was for their pad kee mao or drunken noodles as a late lunch to go. I like my PKM with bold flavors that give you a punch with every bit. I ordered chicken for my meat and it was good. The food was spicy enough, as for saltiness I felt they could have added a little more. For flavor I felt the dish was lacking, my noodles were more white than brown, which was a bad sign right away. It was still delicious, but it didn't knock me out.

tank j

I love it there from the room and the customer service great establishment

Violet M.

I ordered the Tom Kah Pak and the Steamed Rice Noodle on UberEats.Pros- They were probably one of the quickest restaurants on the app to start preparing my order (I keep it to standard shipping always) and was super happy about that. The soup was flavorful and authentic. I usually order noodles with any Thai soup I order if it doesn't come with it already. I was expecting bland noodles but the garlic oil and what looked to be fried garlic on top was soooooooo gooood. Ready to order from here again!!!Cons- None

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