Bette's Oceanview Diner

1807 Fourth St, Berkeley
(510) 644-3230

Recent Reviews

Anthony S

I absolutely love this place and I wish I lived closer so I could eat here every day. It's hard to find a breakfast place that gives you good service, good food and good coffee, but somehow they pull it off. The home fries are real sliced potatoes seasoned and they add a dollop of sour cream. Can you say yum! On the weekends there typically is a wait to get seated but it's near a lot of stores so you can shop while waiting.

Mario Oropeza

One unique place, and super delicious ?Great service, great food ?

Wes Williams

Really good breakfast, a great upgrade to the traditional greasy spoon. It feels like the outdoor seating had greatly increased their capacity. (Which is a good thing)

Steve Capello

Outstanding food. Had their daily special blueberry waffles.. this thing was delicious and packed with fresh blueberries.

Jen Ross

First time visiting. My young children (9 yrs & 4yrs) ate everything. They loved it. I had the California breakfast, which I would describe as a deconstructed eggs benedict on toast. It was soooooooo delicious. Also got a souffle waffle to share, very delicious. I walked away satisfied & full. Will definitely visit again.

Zac Kiesel

Food was great! I had the cornbeef hash & poached eggs. The corned beef hash was perfect! The poached eggs (my favorite) were poached great. Service was a bit inattentive but I would try again.

ed Tallman

Had the Philly Breakfast was good, My wife had the Maryland and it was the bomb ?. Had a pancake and very tasty. The service was good, had a little wait but it was 1130 on a Sunday and with covid there still not at full capacity. I'll go back.

Paul M.

Perfect Berkeley breakfast spot. Excellent food, endless coffee, and lovely outdoor tables. Servers are friendly and make every guest, whether 20-year regular or first-time tourist feel special. Even when the line looks long, go for a walk and your table will be ready sooner than you think.

Katherine G.

Solid place for brunch food! I came at around noon on a Monday, and was seated pretty quickly. I ordered the deluxe french toast, and my friend got the Maryland breakfast. Both dishes were really good! I did think that the yogurt had a strange taste to it, however. Nonetheless, everything else was amazing and I'd definitely come back again!

T. L.

Bette's is not what it used to be. Yesterday, 4/28, I went there for breakfast. Food was ok, the server was so rude. Check # 131680, server 2.

Nicole R.

Highly overrated. It was good but not worth the over hour wait in the rain. The female staff members weren't too nice either. The Maryland breakfast was good but they're stingy with the corned beef. Portions are small. Souffle pancake was excellent. But overall kind of forgettable.

Samuel Spencer

Fantastic food and the service was wonderful.The only downfall is people know how good this place is, so you will wait.

Nathania Y.

Came here on a Sunday morning after a sunrise bike ride across the Bay Bridge. The place was already crowded at 8am but luckily we were able to snag 2 tables for our group. I got the Maryland Breakfast (corned beef hash with poached egg and we chose blueberry muffin for the pastry) and the famous Banana Rum Souffle Pancake. Both of the dishes were super delicious, especially the souffle pancake. It was so soft and fluffy, like eating the cloud. Highly recommend brunch place!

Pamela P.

Excellent breakfast, great staff following protocols and making a safe place to enjoy food outside.

ATC Ayers

Ordered breakfast take-away for 4 people with coffees and orange juices. Pancakes, French toast, and the odd side of scrapple. All was yum. They seemed a little stressed and parking was horrific.

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