Bette's To Go

1807 Fourth St, Berkeley
(510) 548-9494

Recent Reviews

Stacie Blanke

Insanely amazing east coast goodness. The pizza, hot dawg and CUPCAKE. W o w w w w!

Scott Windau

HOW has no one mentioned the deviled eggs!? A friend had her (small) wedding reception there years ago. First, perfect spot for a small wedding/party. Second, the deviled eggs were the best eggs I’ve ever had. It’s been 10ish years, and I STILL dream about them.

Jason-Face Anthony

Was a great way to start the day. From the host to finish my breakfast all was fabulous. I like my scrapple a little different but theirs was still good.

Madeline Manaligod

Love the french toast with the side of fresh fruits! coffee is strong without the bitter taste!

carol s.

Food is very good. Unfortunately the gals in the front are very rude!!! Rude rude rudest poor service

Annei P.

I like the idea of the take-out, however it took forever to get my sandwich and it wasn't even busy. The sandwich was mediocre. Nothing fancy about a rueben, how can you really mess that one up. The pastry I bought was okay. What I notice about their pastries is that they put a spice in it that is overwhelming. Maybe cardamom? The staff is very friendly and professional. The location is great.

michael blackwell

Ordered 3 sandwiches one was a toasted cheese and ham my,wife and I drove off to eat our lunch by the water I opened my toasted cheese and ham sandwich to find that There was no ham I just paid $9.00 for two pieces of regular bread toasted and a small amount of cheese.I dont like getting ripped off so my advice is if you make the mistake of going to this place check your food but also there are better and cheaper places im town

Shonta B.

The lady who takes the orders could be more friendly but anywhooo. I ordered a slice of pizza. Then I noticed she grabbed the slice with her bare hands and placed on the counter to be heated. can't take orders and touch food with bare hands. I walked out!

Parysh J.

The food is good and the service is always friendly but I was informed today that even though they open at 6:30 you can't buy a breakfast sandwich until 8 when the bread comes. (It was 8:06) It doesn't make any sense....

Marcella Martinez

the cornbeef sandwich was very good. The salad as well. liked how they pickled the cucumbers & onions very tasteful.

Darnea Olson

I was the only patron in the to-go area when placing my order this morning. I ordered a coffee and simple breakfast sandwich. Simple meaning plain with just the egg, bacon and bread. No cheese, no spread. I get back to my office and my sandwich is not what I ordered. Fine. I walk it back down to the establishment and was not met with any kind of respectful customer service. It seemed as though they remade my sandwich begrudgingly and made me feel as if I was in the wrong for coming back with my incorrect order. $13 for a latte and egg sandwich, I would think that good customer service falls in line with that price range, but I guess not. I ended up just tossing the remade sandwich, I lost trust in the quality. I'll more than likely not go back.

Sarah A.

The service here is abysmal. The blonde haired girl who seems to be a manager maybe? Could really hone her customer service skills. We live down the street and I would still choose any other place to eat besides this spot. From the moment I walked in, I was met with an attitude. I asked a question and she made it seem like she was doing me a favor by "helping" me. I tried to be friendly because the two sandwiches were taking a while but was met with hostility. She was very sweet to the other white patrons so idk. I tried giving one last chance by saying thank you as I left and she completely ignored me while chatting away with her coworker. The other girl who works here is almost just as bad, she tossed the bag of sandwiches at me and walked away. If the food was utterly fantastic that would be one thing but it's not even good. And it's expensive. The $10 sandwich was tiny and disappointing. I once bought a lemon cake here that was quite honestly the worst cake I've ever eaten. Had a disgusting stinky egg smell/taste and inedibly sour (and I love sour food). Two thumbs down for this place.


I had potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream. And crispy bacon. Juts what I was craving and I was not disappointed. Will be in the area again soon and this is where I am headed!


My friend and I got together for gourmet breakfast last week. The food was delicious and the coffee was delightful. It made our day!


These guys know how to do diner. Service is fast and experienced. Food is delicious. Get the special, whatever it is. You won't be sorry.

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